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Taking Out the Garbage and Cleaning Up Our Act

Sometimes it’s the small things in life that are important….like hot water, flush toilets and a comfy bed in a cool room.  I Low section of a young woman carrying garbage bag in the kitchenconsider getting rid of the garbage and getting a fresh bag a real nice feeling.  It certainly makes the kitchen smell better and it’s good for feng shui as well.  The same applies to our life and  the times we are now experiencing.

As I have mentioned in previous articles, we are experiencing a  big, long cycle of exposure, destruction and transformation.  It began in late 2008 and continues its pressure until the summer of 2023.  So nobody is getting out of this without being touched in some way.  Those whom you think have it easy, actually don’t.  If you could hear their stories as I do, the human condition is being tested and nobody is spared.  One of its key features is exposure.  It shows up as mics being left on when a political figure thinks they are off.  It shows up as VW cheating on emission tests and mileage.  It shows up in your foods, your pharmaceutical industry, your government, your religion and other important areas of our society.  It literally shows us the dirt under the dirt.  On top of that, we have unusual weather patterns to make sure we know we can direct but we can’t control.

It is inviting us to get rid of our own garbage and clean up our acts so that we can move forward and progress.  Progress is not measured in money, success or safety.  It is measured in consciousness.  Is that rising for you and for us as a collective?  Certainly the wars in the middle east make one wonder if we have progressed at all.  The importance of keeping our consciousness high and healthy through these times is essential.  The onslaught of awfulness will still bombard us but when our consciousness is high, we can find peace and calm in the eye of the storm.

It is important to get rid of your garbage both literally and figuratively.  We all have it.  We need to clean out our houses, garages, offices and our thoughts.  This cycle won’t tolerate business as usual.  We have seven and a half more years of it.  Self-deception and denial won’t work.  Every day you will read and hear about more scandals and more extreme conditions.  It feels as if we are being psychologically attacked.  Progress of the human condition is taking place and  destruction of the old way of doing business is its outcome.  Keep taking out the garbage.  Over time, there will be less of it.

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