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Stumbling Forward is Still Moving Forward

Sometimes it feels as if we take two steps forward and three back.  However, we still keep moving forward and that’s a good thing.  Even though right now it is just a a series of bumbling and jerking, we move the ball a bit further and further.  In spite of ourselves, we are progressing.  It’s easy to be discouraged, frightened (petrified) and exhausted.  So many changes are taking place and everything appears uncertain.  Where, why and what has happened?  This is what big changes look like.  The rug is yanked out from beneath and we have to attempt to save ourselves and regain our balance.  My motto is “don’t borrow trouble”.  Do not go around the block to meet it.

Jane Goodall, the famous primatologist, said “I think people are seeing that we brought this pandemic upon ourselves by disregarding the warnings of scientists,”  She was quoted in the Wall St. Journal, July 11-12th–as part of her 60th anniversary of her groundbreaking study of chimpanzees in the wild.  Her great hope and many of ours should also be that we recognize that raising animals in unhygienic factory farms or trafficking and selling them in crowded markets makes it easier for viruses to jump from animals to humans.  I mention this for we are ripe for more viruses to visit our species as we continue to ignore common sense practices and scientific warnings.

Ignorance and arrogance are nasty bedfellows.  Unfortunately, there is an excessive amount of them going on right now.  We have all heard the saying, if you have your health you have everything.  You then can have potential to create income, participate in daily activities, enjoy travel, enjoy relaxing etc.  It is hard to do with poor health.  So why, knowing what we now know, do we continue to thumb our nose at common sense masks, social distancing and regular and irregular washing of hands.  Is this such a big deal that people throw tantrums in stores, restaurants etc.?  Can we mature or must large swaths of the population stay immature and get ill, make others ill or cause death just because we wanted our liberty, our constitutional right?  It looks like a group of righteous idiots having “old folks” parades, young folks having flesh-pressing parties and in general behaving like two year olds.

We’ll get through this period but not until the intensity of this transit completes its job and gobbles up some more people.  It is officially scheduled to end the end of September but the effects linger on.  We have thought we could outsmart it by wishing it away.  That sounds almost insane.  Some leaders should be tarred and feathered for their incompetency.  I just saw a photo of Trump today finally wearing a mask.  I call those who are late to the party “late bloomers”.

Now think about it, this pandemic swooped down and grabbed our old way of existing.  It threw it out the window.  We really don’t know, and people who say they do are just faking it,  the direction of the economy.  We thought we were in a paycheck-producing job.  This is a product of the Industrial Revolution.  You produced something and you got paid.  Self-employed people are in the same boat.  This prosperous situation allowed people to live with a job and support themselves.  To know how serious this time period is, we have no idea of what new jobs will be created.  Will we be called back from furloughs?    Will furloughs eventually end and now unemployment begins?  What counts for unemployment?  What happens to independent contractors?  Businesses are closing and many will never return.  Data is showing that unemployment is not getting better, it is moving sideways.  Corporate America is highly leveraged.  How many corporations will go out of business or become what is called “zombie” companies.  They appear alive but are actually dead.

Behind the economic uncertainties are the rise in covid patients.  Who will safely go back to school?  No matter how you slice it, no teacher wants to expose his/herself to in-room instruction without extraordinary measures in place.  Who will pay for that?  Some of the political shenanigans coming out of Washington and the States remind me of the old Abbott and Costello routine “Who’s on first”, What’s on second” and “I don’t know’s on third”.  They keep ducking and playing around afraid to take the lead and mandate and enforce much of anything.  It shows the immaturity of the country and the head leaders who just won’t lead.

Since people love quoting Abe Lincoln and pointing to his ability to withstand the heat of both the North and South, it is important to remember he had wisdom.  He knew the right thing to do at all times and under all circumstances.  He also had the will to do the right thing and the talent and ability to be competent.  He was able to see through superficial arguments of the pro-slavery men as well as the impracticality and fanaticism of the abolitionists.  It is similar to our current times.  What it takes is wisdom, competency, talent and the will to do the right thing.  A gentleman from Australia called it “collaborative competency”.  The US is lacking collaborative competency.

We will get through this period as we stumble forward to 2024.  Most of us are so used to creating income a certain way that we cannot fathom how to survive any other way.  It is now time to really connect to support from the unseen world and really expect divine assistance.  We keep focusing on the “how” of our lives when we always should have been focusing on the “what”.  What do you clearly want?  Can you work with the invisible world for your assistance?  You will be having to do more of it through this period.  Not only that, you will also have to take better care of your body.  If you want to stay healthy through the next three years, learn nutrition and do NOT fall for goofy fads or products that guarantee to  fix a certain ailment.  Learn foods and the energy of foods.  The less processed the better.  Protect your immune system.  Don’t do dumb things and think you can get away with it.  You are being thrown back upon yourself to save yourself.  You have all the abundance of the universe to help you but you must learn to connect and expect divine assistance.

This man-made world will always change.  You cannot depend upon it.  You can depend on your personal power and your connection to the Divine wisdom.  It has nothing to do with religion.  It has everything to do with your true essence and your true self.  Go around the block and meet it.


20 responses to “Stumbling Forward is Still Moving Forward”

  1. Greta Morford says:

    Thanks for your sharing and I just realized I have been receiving your vision and the teaching for 14 years. It was no accident as I have continued to grow with spirit along my path and through our sharing I have been enriched with your love and guidance and your periodic teachings. I send my blessing.

  2. Ed Bengtson says:

    Gail sincerely thank you, for being the insight and voice for the Divine… Much Gratitude for your wisdom during these weird times that we’re all in… Thank you for helping us to settle down… Blessings to you & your family…

  3. Carol Hein says:

    Thank you Gail ~ your wisdom assists me through all that is going on at this time.

  4. Gayle says:

    AMEN to HOPE! Thank you Hope for sharing truth and clarity.
    Gail you obviously use your platform to share your BIAS opinions. I used to admire you and the work you did…I no longer trust your “supposed knowledge” of the times and what is to come. Your jabs at our President and those who don’t have the same convictions as you only further the division and expose your prejudice.

  5. deborah says:

    yes i read someplace the ending in September, in fact i believe there will be something happening in DC 9/26/20 for an event. Like a Prayer of many people gathering .

  6. Barb Harris says:

    Thank you, Gail. Always nice to read your posts.

  7. Connie Worth Phone says:

    I always look forward to your blog. Thank you so much for your wisdom.

  8. Jeannine G says:

    Thank you Gail
    We need many more Abe Lincoln’s in this world – now more than ever!

  9. Linda McCoy Schlobohm says:

    Your comments are always enlightening … encouraging… facts are facts. Tough times do force many issues… change is never comfortable.
    Keep sharing! Linda

  10. Linda Schlobohm says:

    Your comments are always enlightening … encouraging… facts are facts. Tough times do force many issues… change is never comfortable.
    Keep sharing!

  11. Wisdom…is this something that only a few people have or is it that we all have it we just choose not to access it? Going inside and bringing up the truth from the ultimate loving space of who we really are is the way that we will get through this with collective competency. Great blog. xo

  12. Hope says:

    Interesting you don’t mention the BLM protests and large gatherings of many people….that was fine and not a concern ( corona virus)…BLM is also a product of George Soros and the money goes to the Democratic party not to Black people. One cannot live life without viruses and bacteria, they are part of us.They are within our bodies. We need to accept them and not fear them. And Yes boost the immune system. Trump is not at fault. When he stopped airlines from China he was called xenophobic( late Jan – with no help from the WHO)….while Pelosi was in Chinatown in SF telling people to come out and celebrate. hmmmm

  13. Joan says:

    Succinct and spot-on. Many thanks Gail

  14. Gail,
    Thank you for putting the obvious in articulate language. Unfortunately since it doesn’t praise Trump for his “brilliance”, it will be declared “fake news”, and I am glad that it won’t bother you.
    The incompetence, myopic thinking, and down right callous and insensitive attitude of the Trump Party Republican leaders is unbelievable and unconscionable.

  15. Barbara Borkowitz says:

    Thank you Gail for your wisdom and thoughts. So good to hear from you.

  16. Doug Willardson says:


  17. Beth Shahar says:

    This is such a great article Gail and I really appreciate it .
    thank you so much for your wisdom and intelligent writing. ❤

  18. Corporate America went out and got DRUNK in 1980 and has never stopped!!
    PO Box 462 Moffat Colorado 81143

    To The Democratic National Committee July 4th 2020
    430 South Capitol Street #3
    Washington, D. C. 20003

    Subject: Democracy 2020

    Dear DNC:
    Cc: Club Mooniac, Tribe of Mooniacs, and The Family

    When one approaches the ripe old age of eighty and the winds smell of revolution and bridges burning, well, it is time to deal with the end of life scenario. I am a Social Worker with a financial background who uses the arts in the healing process, and as such have always advocated a bottom’s up approach to economic development, and like the salmon, I’ve been swimming upstream to spawn to no avail. Someone obviously must demonstrate to our President Donald the purpose of The Social Worker – The Artist – The Poet – The Musician – etc. Thus, we at propose the creation of an old fashion Town Hall Meeting where legislation is created and passed on to the appropriate governmental body i.e. Congress state and national, and the local city council and county government. The legislation that we are proposing created reads as follows:

    Unless at least 50% of registered voters vote in any Election (local-state-national), the election will be declared Null and Void, and the Election will be required to be redone.

    Thus we are seeking your (the Committee’s) endorsement and that of all democratic candidates currently running for office. The ones already in office know better. Other legislation with respect to the emerging Hemp Industry will also be on the agenda. Your cordial attention to the matter of Democracy in America would be most appreciated.


    William T. Dawson
    General Noswad For Vice President

  19. Dianne Poole says:

    Thank you Gail. Turning inside as my true self and intuition help with using the tools you give us. Observing, not absorbing all of the turmoil as a good friend shared with me. Supportive and loving post.

  20. Heather S Holmberg says:

    Thank you, Gail. I am surprised at the connections I am making just staying focused on the ‘connection’ first and recognizing that we are in a new way of doing everything. The old just seems ancient now.

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