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Secrets and Spies in America–1760 all over again

The ongoing investigation and announcements of NSA vigilance of American and foreign citizenry is right on time

drones.... soon in OUR backyard ?

drones…. over the mountains

and no big surprise.  They, the NSA, have been collaborating with private contractors since the 20’s.  They really began during WWI but took on the official name of the National Security Agency on November 4, 1952.  This gives the organization a Scorpio sun sign, (deep and hidden), born on a 4 day, (hard working and detailed) and number 5 life path, changing and free (particularly of legal restrictions).  Harry Truman began the current NSA but it has been data mining since the 20’s and working with companies like Western Union, RCA Global and ITT.

BloombergBusinessweek” magazine has done an excellent job (June 17, 2013) of the recent Booz Allen Hamilton discovery.  A few of their statistics are stunning.  They state that 99% of Booz Allen’s 2012 revenue came from the federal government.  76% of the employees have security clearances.  48% have top-secret clearances and they have 24,500 employees.  That is quite a few people from one firm having the ability to access secret information.  Another stunning figure is that 70 % of the US intelligence budget goes to contractors–not government employees.  In fact Booz’s first military contract was awarded in 1940 when the Navy hired it in preparing for WWII.  There is so little Americans know of their spy agencies.  It makes it ripe for Edward Snowden and Bradley Manning (Wikileaks army contact now going through trial) to get your attention regarding this area.

Enter Edward Snowden and Scorpio

Another tidbit of information regarding Edward Snowden is that he is the perfect candidate to take on the role of the messenger.  In his own birth chart, he has at least two key planets in the sign of Scorpio (in mythology the keeper of the underworld), his Saturn (Lord of Karma) and his moon (his emotional nature).  Snowden was suspicious of others from birth.  He shows in his chart that there is a basic lack of trust brought on early in his life by a betrayal.  He learned to question and dig deep.  As I have mentioned in previous posts, America is being forced to look at the dirt under the dirt.  This digging up of the shocking and the absurd will be increasing so do not be surprised when more information comes out about individuals, the government and the corporations that control them.  We have a powerful transit moving through America’s chart, Saturn in Scorpio, activating all these types of activities.  Scorpio rules Pluto, lord of the underworld.  It doesn’t care how it looks or what one thinks, it will keep digging it up.  Nobody or no institution is spared.  Look for more dirt rising to the surface on our leaders, our government departments and agencies (the IRS scandal), our heroes and heroines.  You will also find that parts of your own personal life will be shown to you.  Even yesterday, a group of former federal aviation investigators want to reopen the investigation of the Long Island airplane explosion that killed a few hundred people.  These 6 former investigators are saying that they believe the plane did not explode internally but was actually hit from outside by a missile (perhaps a government exercise gone astray).

Did you know that in 2009 NSA built a system based on Hadoop, a software program for processing vast amounts of data that Google and Yahoo had popularized?  Bloomberg goes on to say that the agency also set up its own open-source project for data mining called Accumulo.  Those who have contributed to the effort were employees of Silicon Valley startups (Hortonworks), cybersecurity firms (Endgame) and, of course, Booz Allen Hamilton.  Bloomberg Businessweek (June 17, 2013) article details more but it basically is saying that the NSA has benefited from the open-source software that is the foundation of the internet.

In the June 15th, 2013 issue of “The Economist“, there is an excellent article entitled  “Secret, lies and America’s spies”.  It talks about how Americans are divided over the merits of surveillance.  The crux of the entire problem doesn’t lie with having a spy network but that we, as Americans see the legitimacy of spying in a democracy to be dependent on informed consent, not blind trust.  “The Economist” cites the following concerns:

The size, scope and cost of the security bureaucracy-some 1.4 million people have “top secret” clearances of the kind held by Edward Snowden.  They ask the question “is that sensible?”  The WikiLeaks story and now the Snowden expose exposes weaknesses in the system.

Another worry is our ties to foreign countries.  In response to the PRISM revelation we are told that Americans have nothing to fear, that it touched only foreigners.  Isn’t this a bit insulting to countries that are our close allies?  Isn’t it a bit cynical?  We are supposedly respecting the rights of ourselves (are we?) but lets our allies be “snooped” upon.

Still another worry is that governments acting outside public scrutiny are not to be trusted.  James Clapper, NSA’s director, told Congress in March that the NSA does not gather data on “millions of Americans”.  He now says that he answered in “the least untruthful manner” possible.

Still another worry is that governments tend to be opportunistic.  We all know of Dick Cheney, exploiting the rules to gain new powers that could then be kept secret.  Congress did not know about this until much later.   Judges sit in secret courts, issuing secret data-collection orders requiring recipients to secrecy.  A few secretly briefed lawmakers oversee the process and legal opinions that are given out are also kept secret.  Look no further that the no-fly list.  Those on this list are not told what they have done wrong and it is almost impossible to clear their names.  Currently 13 desperate American citizens are suing the government to clear their names.

People want to know what their spies are doing in their name.  If the intelligence community wants to have public backing, they need to let the people know what their spies are doing in their name.  The public requires public scrutiny.

Arise 1760

Now what does all this, at this time, have to do with 1760?  If you have been reading my posts for the last few years, I

We are returning to our roots

We are returning to our roots

have been talking about this monster transformational transit affecting America’s chart.  This transit began in earnest in 2008 and continues on its path until 2024.  Certain events and contractions will happen during this transformation.  We are revisiting the last time we had this transit back in 1760.  It lasted at that time until 1778.  It was all about birthing this country and setting the scene for the American Revolution, the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.  At that time the last thing on the colonists’ mind was revolution.  Most of the colonists were happy and proud to be part of England.  As time went on though, a series of inequities began to take place.  The first well known protest was in 1763 regarding a taxation Stamp Act.  The regulations and restrictions increased along with the oppressive requirements from King George III.  The country became deeply divided over loyalty to the crown or siding with the patriots.  (sound familiar?).

Here are just a few of the indignities the King placed on the colonists:

1763-Banned colonization of British subjects west of the Appalachian Mountains.  Ordered those who already had colonized the Ohio Valley  to abandon their homes and move back east.

Sugar Act of 1764-Americans should pay for the costs of the French Indian War.  Tax on any sugar or molasses that came into the colonies.

The Currency Act–Parliament banned the colonies from printing their own money which would make it easier for them to pay off their debts.

Also–James Otis, a lawyer from Boston, began to push the idea that the British had no right to tax the colonies since the colonies had no direct representation in Parliament.

The British also changed the legal status for many crimes in the colonies to guilt until proven innocent in the Vice-Admiralty court.

Stamp Act of 1765, A tax was placed newspapers, pamphlets, licenses, legal documents and playing cards.  Due to Americans boycotting these items, the Stamp Act was repealed in 1766.

Townshend Acts 1767–Duties placed on imported glass, lead, paints, paper and tea.

Writs of Assistance–To fight smuggling of items covered by the Townshend Act, British customs agents used the writs like search warrants.  They began to search homes and confiscate any items they deemed necessary.

Need I say more…the Intolerable Acts of 1774 punished the colonists for dumping the tea.  The coercive Acts came in four parts.

It closed Boston Harbor until the tea was paid for…….Cancelled Massachusetts charter and made it illegal for the local government to meet unless the Governor called for the meeting……… Moved all Loyal British trials to England to ensure a favorable outcome……..The Quartering Act which required colonist to house British soldiers and feed them in their homes.

There is so much more but they all led to the Lexington Concord event  in 1775.  Point being it was years of disregard for the citizenry.

We were a bunch of rag tag militia.  No uniforms, homemade weapons, some guns and ammunition made us a laughing-stock army.  The British never really understood the deepest need of Americans–freedom, liberty and little government.  Nothing has really changed.  Scratch the surface and today’s Americans want the same thing.  Complaints are rising about not only the secrecy of the government and its corporate ownership but also all the rules and regulations that bind us.  The entitlement programs, the wastefulness, the lobbyists, the corporate control of legislatures, the hollowing out of the middle class, the insincere promises of candidates, the entrenched politician who is on the public dole for 40 to 50 or more years in Congress,  are all layers upon layers of insults of the electorate who must pay for it all.

Why was America created?

Due to this massive transit, we get to revisit our reasons for our own existence.  Are we a government “by the people,

The US constitution

The US constitution

for the people and of the people”?  We get to experience very similar setups directly relating to the period from 1760 – 1778.  Look at the Snowden incident as an opportunity to see what we are doing.  Same thing goes for Bradley Manning and WikiLeaks.  Notice how many Congressional members are making noise about the NSA incident.  They have become the theater of the absurd.  Instead of engaging in honest debate over our security programs, they are engaging in outrages and puffery.  Sensationalism and fear need to be replaced by facts.  Certainly our counter-terrorism activity is necessary and we need to have a sane national security program.

To see what’s ahead, look at history during the last time this monster took place.  We have not had the experience since 1778 so we cannot assume we know how deep or wide it will travel in our lives.  We do know that it is a necessary experience to continue to strengthen this country.  America was always designed as an experiment that would demonstrate to the world how to assimilate people.  We must first learn to do it well at home and then be able to teach the world (by example) how to assimilate.  This is very long process  and many more future lives away but it is all coming together and building a greater, wiser America and a more enlightened world.

Alexis de Tocqueville in his 1833 book “Democracy in America” observed and warned in his book about the government becoming “an immense tutelary power….absolute, detailed, regular…covering society’s surface with a network of small, complicated, painstaking, uniform rules through which the most original minds and the most vigorous souls cannot clear the way.”




5 responses to “Secrets and Spies in America–1760 all over again”

  1. Pam Hale says:

    Very well-thought out and concise, important article, Gail. Thank you.

  2. Nancy says:

    Hi Gail –

    Dane Wigington is becoming the best on the issue of geoengineering/chemtrails … and the link below gives an in-depth presentation (Powerpoint) about how the planet/weather is changing because of the manmade geoengineering that is going on today. This type of “oversight” seems to fit right in with your “monster” article about the USA again dealing with Saturn in Scorpio. Very interesting…. Your thoughts?

  3. Karen says:

    Hi Gail,

    As always, I thoroughly enjoy your newsletter. I usually understand everything in them, but the words “future lives” in the following sentence confused me: “This is very long process and many more future lives away but it is all coming together and building a greater, wiser America and a more enlightened world.”

    Do you mean we’d have to come back into a future life to see it, or it’s coming in our future, or what? Am I anywhere close? lol.

    I happened to catch Bill Mahr this past week and when he was talking about the mass amount of people that have access to everyone’s information it felt wrong and scary.

    He also showed pictures of some people in the Congress and/or Senate that have been there for 60 years… or until death. I belive having limitations on how long they can be in office, just like the Presidency, would better serve the people.

    Thank you for all the information you shared with us, and also for reminding us that the U.S. is about change, and when we come through this we will be better than where we began.


  4. Linda Langston says:

    Gail. Thank you for using facts to connect the dots in a way that cannot be convoluted. Much appreciated.

  5. Cheryl Cuttineau says:

    Hi Gail,

    Long time, no see, but I always enjoy reading your newsletter.

    2012 was not my breakout year, but the floodwaters pushed me through the door these past 6 months: horrendous changes in my J-O-B, car blew up, both cats 22 and 24 had to be put to rest, medical leave for 2 months due to left foot injury, and my last day on the J-O-B was 6-6-2013. My Independence Day was 6-7-2013 as I work on my “next assignment.” Finances are tight, I adopted two little rescue kittens as my new “family,” and as soon as I get the $$ together I will call you for an update consultation(probably August sometime).
    Looking forward to the Super Moon this weekend but NOT the next Mercury Retrograde! Hope to re-connect with you soon! Blessings, Cheryl

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