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Repair and Recovery–Setting Up a New Life

We are all experiencing a sort of collective hangover from horrible transits, a major solar eclipse and the end of Saturn in Diversity of the MindScorpio.  Hang on to your sanity, your sense of humor and your wallet.  If you think the world has gone mad, it has.  Don’t look for the old institutions to save you, they are also hung over from neglect, greed and too much sauce.  These last 10 days and this week are really humdingers.  Many people feel assaulted by bad news.  The last few years have truly tested our strength and our courage.  Many have had life altering events from deaths, illness to financial reversals.  Since September, 2012, most people have been tested to the utmost.  The last hurrah of crazy was this past weekend and the grand poo-pah is this Thursday.  It ends with many knocked down for the count.

When Thursday, the 17th arrives, rest and gradually come back to life. As we come out of this long hard period, we meet a Mercury Retrograde which lasts through October 9th.  Be easy on yourself during this time.  You can begin to raise your head and catch up but lay low until this period passes.  You are in recovery from the hard years.  I hear over and over again how many are hanging on by a thread.  I especially hear the increase in numbers of cancer over the last three years.  It sounds almost like an epidemic.  It is not age specific. There will be time to set up a new life for yourself.  You will recover–slowly.  Be as kind to yourself as you can.  I really encourage you to develop a rich inner life as we are in very stressful times and they are remaking the way we live and work as human beings on the planet.  Without a deep spiritual connection, you can be tossed around by the changes that are here now and more to come.

This is not a polarizing connection as we watch in the media.  A rich inner connection can calm us, empower us and heal us. We really will begin to see ourselves connected to the whole.  If we try to cling to the man-made supports (pensions, real estate, jobs, our drugs, opinions etc.) we will see ourselves bounced around as situations change and scare us to death.  The world is in evolution and revolution.  Old orders are dying.  The seeds of the new orders are just being planted.  It looks like a giant squid moving all the tentacles and squirting ink.  Nothing is still except the greatness of your inner life.  Invest in it and give yourself time to process all that is happening to you.  It will bring rich dividends that are not dependent on the stock market.

3 responses to “Repair and Recovery–Setting Up a New Life”

  1. What a beautiful message of hope and healing and sustenance! I’m finally beginning to see the light at the end of a big black abyss I thought I fell in, and yes, I am starting a new life all over again. Oh Joy and Rapture, I can hardly wait to see what happens next! 😉

  2. Teri Cable says:


    I would like you book a session with you in the near future. I am a friend of Dawn Fleming:). My cell is 850.258.1021.

    I’m very excited to meet you.

  3. K St James says:

    Thank you for sending this out to all. After today’s news I thought the world has gone totally crazy and I wonder when it will end. Now that I got your email I really calmed down. I do have a very strong spiritual base and have told everyone that I meet that is the answer or else I have no idea how you cope. Intellect will not help you through all of this. The stories I hear that are not on the news are just as taxing. Again, thank you for this comfort blanket to snuggle under for at least awhile i know there are more revolutions to come as we are not done yet but maybe it can ease up a bit for us to catch our breath.

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