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Queen Elizabeth’s Numerology Chart-the dignified

Once you see her chart, you can understand the presence, power and status that she was able to maintain in her life and in history. She was born on April 21, 1926, which gives her the 7 Life Path. Her name is long and powerful in itself– Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor. There are no missing numbers in her birth name. There is an excessive amount of the number 1’s. Numbers in our birth names tell us of the abilities we are bringing in from past lives. In her situation, she was born with tremendous strength to be able to stand on her own two feet with all the 1’s. She also has an excessive amount of the number 5. Six 5’s gave her the ability to adjust to the changes, good or bad.

7 Life Path persons long for privacy and space. They need time in nature and have curious minds. They also don’t cater to fools very well and I am sure she saw through the charlatans and manipulators who have crossed her path. She maintained her privacy to the end. She didn’t waste words and only told you what was needed to know at that moment in time. She reeked of presence. She is the last of her lineage where tradition, dignity and loyalty were essential elements of one’s character.

However, underneath all that public face was a creative, events-hosting person. She loved pageantry, extravaganza and I am sure she loved knighting celebrity figures like Elton John, the Rolling Stones etc. In her heart of hearts, the entertainment world fascinated her. She did well with the limelight because emotionally it fit. For all her tradition, customs, she had a wild side which always had to be kept in check but could be exhibited by her adoring husband Prince Phillip. He was the person who could say the things she couldn’t. He could take the fall. He adored her and was willing to walk steps behind her throughout life. For her, he was truly her soul mate and when he died in 2021, a part of her ended here. It is no surprise that she crossed over in her own life in 2022.

Her destiny number of her entire name is the number 3, the creative joyful one. I do believe her staying power here was this ability to become happy no matter how sad or bad the conditions were. I am sure she had a hidden desire to paint, write or simply perform. In a way by all her performances, she lived out this destiny. She gave joy to others and helped them see the brighter side of unbearable conditions. Once you are raised during a war and have been seasoned by it, there is an inner strength that stays forever. It also made her frugal and frustrated with her son, Charles, who was the opposite of frugal.

Her personality and soul numbers were both the number 6. This is the Mother figure, the responsible one, the person who tells you what you should do, the caretaker and the teacher. She did this all the time in dealing with her citizens, her children, their marriages, scandals and divorces and, of course, the leaders of her nation. The last letter of her first name is an H, Elizabeth. The H carries the characteristics of landing on one’s feet and being heavenly. She literally did and was.

She is the last of a long line of traditionalists. There will be no others who will follow this path. The monarchy of Great Britain will be maintained but it is weakened and diluted. The Empire died officially in 1950 with the loss of India in 1947. She got to experience all of it and the transition to a smaller nation and the transition out of the European Union. She is the last monarch of the last British empire. There is no longer the empire and, going forward, King Charles and the rest of the family will be down played in pagentry and budget. The country has moved on from its’ empire upbringing.

In looking at her astrological chart, her Sun is in the sign of Taurus-the strongest earth sign. This gave her that stubborn ability to stay the course when necessary. It is an extremely grounded sign. Her rising sign is another Earth sign, Capricorn. This gave her the longevity, the tradition and the ability to get through anything. Capricorn rules bones and bodily structures, particularly the knees. She had surgery on both knees in the early 2000’s. It is not surprising that one of the chief complaints you would read about lately were the knee problems. The entire bone structure of her body was being affected by the Capricorn influence. My sense is her structure was leaving and when Phillip died, a large part of her structure went as well. Catching covid earlier this year gave her the opportunity to create conditions where she could depart this lifetime.

There is an overriding sense of mistrust in her chart. This happened when she was a child. Someone very close to her let her down so no matter what she might say, instant trust wasn’t established. Prince Phillip became her confidante whom she could trust and who would not betray her. She kept a distance between herself and many family and friends who could sense she didn’t trust them.

If it feels as if a part of all our history has ended, you would be correct. The official Monarchy will never be the same and, gradually, over time, it will weaken. With Prince Charles now King Charles and 73, his stay-in-power will not be that long. It will be up to Prince William to create the new modern Monarchy figureheads that England will tolerate.

Elizabeth was one of a kind, on her assignment and she did it well. The world now moves on. Alas, we still need dignity, perseverance and country over personality. A few of her fine attributes.

5 responses to “Queen Elizabeth’s Numerology Chart-the dignified”

  1. Benny says:

    I’m a life path 16/7 and I love researching older 16/7’s. Even the ways they die I have imagined myself. I had a spiritual awakening earlier this year and the movie “The Secret” woke me up to how our inner dialogue and imagination creates our reality/future reality

  2. Doron says:

    She was also a direct descendant of the prophet Muhammad

  3. kris Saba says:

    I wonder how she felt about Princes Diana. The entire royal family was jealous of her because the public paid so much attention to her.

  4. Lauren Cole says:

    I loved this! Thank you Gail! She really did get the memo and absolutely fulfilled her role! What a life! I do not envy King Charles as surely he’ll be seen as the one letting the air out of the monarchy, necessary as it is. Watching all of this as we move into the Aquarian Age.

  5. Haley says:

    THIS IS SOOOO Spot On!!

    You are sooo Good Gail

    and VERY respectful of Her Royal Highness….God Saved The Queen!! Elizabeth

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