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Nothing Happens By Chance

Most of us marvel at the randomness of life.  We are amazed when something unexpectedly good happens and stunned when something really awful happens.  We ask why.  We speak of the unfairness of it.  We rejoice in the wonder of it.  We cannot explain how this could have happened.  Sometimes we connect to the serendipity of it; such as when we have thought of something we wanted long ago and suddenly it appears in our lives.  We are shocked that it could have arrived in such a fashion.  We rarely connect the dots of a major tragedy and what could have led up to such an event.  How often have we read or heard of a wonderful family being wiped out in a fire or traffic accident?  How often have we heard of someone winning an enormous sum of money with the odds millions to one?

We live in an orderly universe that continues on life after lifetime.  It appears random but it is precise.  It is mathematically designed with perfect precision.  It works under universal laws, the laws of rhythm, polarity, correspondence, balance and motion to name a few.  It contains specific shapes of the cube, the circle, the sphere, the diamond, the hexagram, the triangle etc.  Nothing is left to chance.

So how is it that we experience these seemingly random experiences?  Do we attract certain conditions to us?  Are we balancing out old karmic lessons?  Are we completing agreements from before birth.  All of these are possible.  We just do not realize it when we choose to be born.  We may, through our mental work, believe that life is just hard and limited.  We then out picture this in our lives.  We may have brought with us from past lives a pattern of not knowing our best work.  We may go from job to job.  We may meet someone in this lifetime who maims us or brings us great physical harm.  Yet, we cannot see the link from prior lives to this person.  It is as if there are invisible crumbs on a path that leads two complete strangers to meet at an intersection in their vehicles.  Because we cannot explain how or why they would meet, it doesn’t mean there is no explanation.

Once you learn to operate in the unseen world along with the seen world, you will come to learn how important it is to guide yourself wisely.  To keep your thoughts uplifted and wise.  To not be too hasty to judge the seemingly despicable.  Also, it is not wise to envy as we do not know the prior lives of that wealthy person.  They may have had many former lives of deprivation.  This life could be their relief life.  We just do not know enough.

Flower Newhouse in her book “Here Are Your Answers” brings us the question of cancer with an interesting take on this disease.  The question was presented to her as to “What generates cancer and is the bad karma cancelled of everyone who dies of cancer“.  This is sort of an unspoken question as we hear so much about cancer these days. It, too, appears random and is always shocking.   Her answer was interesting and I have heard it before.  Again, it is up to us all to ponder and see if any of her answer might ring true “Yes, to a large extent it is.  They can create new karma in the coming life, but that is not likely.  This is because very eager, selfless persons select cancer because of the fact that it rids them of all their bad karma.  There is a great deal of indifferent karma–neither good nor bad–that still remains within one’s life chart.  Choosing death by cancer is a very courageous thing to do.  I always say a prayer of gratitude for the persons who go out that way because they knew what they were doing when they entered life, although they forgot entirely about it and didn’t want it when it finally arrived in their physical form.  Sometimes some of those souls are touched by the ministrations of Divine Grace.  In those situations they would have a remission cancer.”

Enjoy our lives– both seen and unseen– and remember we live in a world of polarities.  Some days you are the windshield wiper and sometimes you are the bug.


2 responses to “Nothing Happens By Chance”

  1. janine Allio says:

    So, so heart warming to read nothing happens by chance.

    i had a reading by you years ago and it was so helpfull and now I am so depressed and have insomnia and sleep only a few hours.

    I so believe in Karma and i fear I will not survive this. I do not want to go out like this, slowly and in total fear. Medication really messed me up. Finally I am grieving for my mother and daughter.

    I need help. What would be the best reading for me. Do you do senior discounts?

    I am thinking this was not the place to unload all this…I am hoping you can help with some insight.



  2. This is a thought-provoking article. Something to really reflect upon. Just today, I read that noted astrologer, Jeff Jawer died of cancer yesterday. A person who was a wonderful spirit died of cancer the last week in January at the same age as my mother, who died of cancer years ago.

    Thanks, Gail for this article.


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