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Nancy Pelosi’s Birth Chart–What is her power?

In astrology the natural leaders’ signs are Aries, Leo and Capricorn.  There is a great deal of power in these three sun signs.  We look at many of those in office to see who are the natural leaders.  One of these is Nancy Pelosi, an Aries.  You can easily see her controlled power when she speaks and how she carries herself.  You understand why she was chosen as Speaker of the House and why she was able to guide the Affordable Care Act into passing by a challenged Congress.  She is a force to be reckoned with and you can see the distance Trump stays away from her.  He knows she can run circles around him.

What attributes does she carry to make her so successful?  She was born March 26, 1940 and will be 80 on her next birthday.  She still wears the 4 inch heels and walks like a fashion model.  Being born on a 26 day is a very powerful day to be born.  It gives her enthusiasm, courage and a desire for power.  It is a power born through learned wisdom and strength through self-control.  It gives her a wide-angle vision allowing her to see the whole while others get mired in the parts.  She is able to fortify her positions because she has learned to form and maintain enduring relationships through various interactions with others.

Nancy has a 7 life path.  This is her major learning lesson and the path she has chosen to walk.  It is the path of the intellect and the development of the mind.  Her path is one of the thinkers.  She analyzes and always wants to know how and why things are happening.  She is extremely psychic and can pick up the vibrations of other people.  Whatever you do, you don’t lie to her.  She sees through you very quickly and will size up a situation before you have even thought about it.  This is heavy stuff.  On top of this, her moon is in the sign of Scorpio.  Emotionally, she doesn’t let go well and has not forgotten things you don’t remember.  This is extreme staying power.  On top of that, she has a Mercury in Pisces.  Those souls who have this placement, know things we shall never know.  She picks up on hand gestures and voice inflections.  She is almost always right even though it feels against the grain.  When she said in her press conference this week “don’t mess with me”, she is giving you fair warning.

Her destiny is the number 11.  This is from adding up all the letters in her name.  This is the light worker, the inspired person, the peacekeeper and the person who channels.  She just gets up in front of the microphone and “stuff” just comes through.  She would make a wonderful diplomat for the U.S. if she was so inclined.  Her deepest wish would be to have peace but she will be the warrior to help forward the cause of peace.  Her soul number is 5, the agent of change with a need for freedom.  This is the life path of the United States.  She is helping to guide the country to make constructive changes.  Her personality is the number 6, the helper, teacher, counselor and guide.  These are the souls who want to take care of us.  She is missing the number 8 in the her name so she has had to learn to manage her energy, time and money.  This is one reason why she chose to be born on an 8 day, the number 26.

Most of her planets, her energy package, are in earth signs.  Very strong.  Her Jupiter, the luck factor in her chart, is in the sign of Aries–the same as her sun sign.  She was bound for success and she has achieved it.  Backing this all up was the Lord of Karma, the Saturn placement.  This lifetime it is in the sign of Taurus.  Her chart is just loaded with common sense.

My guess is whenever she leaves Congress, she will go on as a diplomat and peacekeeper.  She could have easily been a great President of the United States.  To find this much talent and power in a female will be scary to some.  They are not used to seeing such a successful female with this much influence.  You will hear many criticize her but deep down it will be because of their own insecurity and fear.  Let’s see how she corrals her members through the next election.


25 responses to “Nancy Pelosi’s Birth Chart–What is her power?”

  1. irene says:

    Nancy Pelosi wouldn’t know the truth if she tripped over it. Corrupt to the core. a total liar. She planned the “insurgency” Very evil woman. I hope she gets hers.

  2. KayCee says:

    Google: “Most disliked astrological sign” Result: Aries!

    Aries w. Scorpio rising explains a lot; basically puts her permanently stuck in a “fixed” -Scorpio
    “toddler” -Aries mode. As her fiery Aries makes her Scorpio water boil, her Scorpio water puts her Aries fire out. Therefore, by nature she is predisposed to a permanent state of frustration as evidenced by so many of her meltdowns. Watch out for her Scorpion stinger.

    Google: “Most disliked woman in America” Result: Nancy Pelosi.
    Idk about that, but I think she is certainly a contender.

    Who cares if she can wear heels? What did she do for the country besides sow derision? In lieu of dispensing Covid recovery checks she pursued hoax and impeach.

    And the whole Aries ego thing w. the ice-cream drawer and the hair salon, please. During mass unemployment due to pandemic a bit Marie Antoinette for my blood. When the vandals hit her house, I felt sorry for the poor pig. (in the driveway)

    Alison above says a lot! Her name means “truthful one”.

  3. wendy says:

    Nancy Pelosi makes me cry; she’s doing such a great job and is God fearing, puts most women to shame with her ethics. Luv to Nancy

  4. Maria says:

    Hi there!
    For those who find Pelosi deplorable, I bring here Good-news. Actually, she is just beginning her downfall, and as old as she is, she will never recover again. As she is addicted to Power, she will do anything to cling on and on. But, transiting Saturn is already defying her natal Saturn. Jupiter will pass on the same degree at the end of the year, possibly shrinking her power in the House and the reelection of Trump. Another difficult influence is Uranus in transit in Taurus, opposing her Scorpion Moon right now, and will touch later on her other 3 planets in Taurus which will create Havoc in her life.
    The matter of the fact is that the many tramps she has launched to Trump didn’t work!!!
    Even today she has invited the rioters to put down the statues of official buildings. One can tell how desperate she is… I wouldn’t like to be on Nancy’s Shoes, (not boots)… Everything will turn sawer for Nanci, from now on…

  5. Margaret Mary Leusch says:

    Do not judge lest you will be judged .!!

  6. Elisha says:

    Pelosi is a bully and an idiot! She and the rest of the left-wing group should be removed from their govn’t positions – “impeached” if they could be!
    I don’t care about her numerology chart or what it may describe her personality to be.
    We are all individuals – regardless of our Numerological, Astrological or any other mystical type study. What defines us are the choices we make and whom we affect in the process.
    This country has been SAVED by Trump! Our economy is booming and we are the envy of the world. Had the Chinese not been put in their place they would have taken over the U.S. …and blogs like this wouldn’t even exist!
    But, apparently there are too many ignorant fools watching the “fake news” and having their brains eaten up by these radical, socialist thinking animals that want to destroy our democracy and force us to think and do as they say! Even my words will be muted and criticized because they don’t meet their idealism. So…wtf happened to “Free Speech” anyhow?? That’s the OLD government – run by OLD fools with OLD ideas and OLD news. Isn’t that what we’ve always believed about politicians – that they are ALL corrupt?? So then, there’s your answer to WHY Pelosi and all those other idiots hate Trump. He’s no Politician, just a God fearing patriot that LOVES his country and wants to take it back from the government! WE THE PEOPLE – that’s who should decide what’s best for US!!

  7. susy smith says:

    Wow! What a dissertation! I had assumed she was just a bitch. Her recent behavior is deplorable.

  8. Gala says:

    Great reading, Gail! This is truly who Pelosi is. You are right on spot about her.

  9. Linda says:

    I appreciate the thoughtful and different perspective presented by Allison, Deborah and others and happen to agree that what a person chooses through free May not always align with despite positive astrological and numerological influences in their chart.

    Pelosi comes from a wealthy family of influence and that already stacks the deck for her to potentially use her gifts and talents with bias. Not all people of wealth are necessarily biased, but her actions are most certainly not benevolent or focused on the greater good. I agree, she is dishonest and is steering the US Congress to advance an agenda that has nothing to do with the interests of our country or its citizens. Sadly, the mainstream media is part of the same faction advancing an agenda that allows corrupt politicians to look like the good guys or martyrs for a cause. It’s an illusion and it’s beginning to crack under the weight of the truth being revealed by brave souls who are waking up to the corruption and shining a bright light on what’s really going on. Many world leaders who have tried to bring forth peace and prosperity have been destroyed in the past by this power-grabbing minority that misuses their power to fill their own pockets. At what other time in history did American politicians have millions and billions in assets? They are clearly using their positions to exploit the plights of society and pretending to represent the masses when in reality, they are perpetuating criminal activities in secret and getting paid to advance themselves and private interests.

    I so appreciate the different opinions and hope more people will see through the veil of deceit. Truth, fairness and compassion have been the focus of individual and collective evolution for centuries and must prevail as we continue to shape the future and create a world where honesty is revered and the greater good becomes obvious and not exploited or distorted by lies and corruption. It all begins with each one of us. We can either ignore the truth or help advance it by looking closely and considering all viewpoints as we measure actions and not words. Condemnation without looking at all points of view creates bias and bias does not support the greater good.

    In the name of truth and peace…

  10. Jan says:

    Thank you, Alison. I think you are spot on.

  11. Gail Hovland says:

    Thank you Gail for all you do. I have learned so much from you. I agree with you Nancy I’d indeed a light worker helping to guide us to the next stage .
    Perfect, No! We all have our dark “side” that’s why we are here learning . I read all the comments and I am sad for the negative and unforgiving thoughts .
    We all have so much to learn. 2020 is going to bring so many new challenges , for this 71 year old especially.

  12. Lisa Canning says:

    Regarding Elizabeth’s assertion,I checked Google.

  13. Elizabeth says:

    I need to correct a statement in my earlier comment regarding Nancy Pelosi. During GW Bush’s presidency, she was the Ranking House Member on the Intelligence Committee (not the Judiciary Committee, as I stated). I apologize for the misstatement.

  14. Nadine Appel says:

    Thank you. I enjoyed this very much. The info was fascinating .

  15. Elizabeth says:

    Thank you Gail, Allison and Deborah. I agree that women are judged more harshly than men in our society, it being patriarchal. Having said that, to hold Nancy Pelosi as an example of a powerful woman as a great leader is very misguided. She is part of the corrupt two-party system that has brought misery to so many people in this country. Consider, on last Friday night she was in a town hall meeting on CNN wherein she explained that she was a member of the Judiciary Committee during the George W. Bush presidency, wherein she was privy to information that Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction. Yet, the country was being lied to in order to invade Iraq based on this premise. Why didn’t she make this fact known to the country and speak out? I’m sorry, but in my mind, this makes Nancy Pelosi a war criminal. Over 4,000 of our servicemen and women gave their life for a lie – not to mention that millions of Iraqis were killed/ maimed/tortured or displaced. I honestly do not think Nancy Pelosi is a great leader. This country needs women of integrity, leadership and the courage to speak out when the country is being fed lies and BS.

  16. Gail Minogue says:

    One thing to keep in mind, our society is ill prepared for powerful women. They have to perform to a higher standard. Tap dancing backwards in heels applies perfectly. We tend to judge women much more harshly than men. There is definitely a double standard of comparison. Women can be the harshest critics. We are not yet used to power and are still learning how to respond to it. Women cheer strong women but they also see them as a threat to their own level of success or lack of it.

  17. Eloisa says:

    Thank you Alison, Deborah & Gail.

    Great food for thought. The potential on a person’s chart does not taken into account “free Will” we may have potential for good but we can use that same potential for negative purposes.

    I lost respect for Pelosi when she claimed…We have to “pass” Obama Care to see what is in it. Huh????

    These are issues we should consider with an open unbiased mind. Thank you all.

  18. deborah says:

    Thank you Gail and Alison: i was waiting for someone to speak of the other side of Pelosi. I picked up and see that yes she does come across strong and the sign /her number is powerful, but is it for the greater good ? or taken advantage since she is in office. Many times having power can be destructive and go to their heads. I see her as a Gestapo and sure enough that is now being describe in the news…look for that word. She is taking this personnel and making bad impression she just can t get over it. Like beating a dead horse. I m positive this will be her last time in congress. She wants to make sure she go down in history before she exist. Also, just let people know , that “Affordable Act” is the worst, was not thought out and push thru carelessly . Its unbreakable to make any changes how it was set up. For example: some may not mine, but if you are on a plan you are also paying for Vision/dental and Maternity coverage, you need it or not. Why would a Female age 50 need this benefit? person can save at approx $200/mo if those items were optional at time of enrollment which were in the past, but now its locked in. I happen to be a Calif Ins Agent and seen all to benefits/plans, change and then change and then. Just food for thought.

  19. Alison says:

    I would like to please ask everyone to consider a different perspective and vantage point concerning our government and current state of affairs. I believe that if you think about it objectively with an open mind, you will see what I am stating here is based on logic that can be further supported with a plethora of evidence anyone can find for themselves with some moderate, internet research, making sure to avoid the mainstream sources that are only a cacophony of lies that act as an echo chamber for each other in order to keep you misinformed.

    Please consider this: Pelosi is about as corrupt as you can get. Her chart may show she has the potential to be a great leader, but no one’s chart makes their future or destiny set in stone. Anyone can squander their talent and opportunities if they choose to go down a dark path, and she certainly has. Nancy Pelosi’s decisions and actions , in reality, are merely based on greed, self-serving, and usually damaging to the country at the expense of the nation’s citizens. I guess the main stream media’s thick veil of propaganda and deceit isn’t so transparent to everybody just yet, but more and more people are beginning to see the charade for what it actually is everyday. The ineffective and broken two-party-political-system is strictly adhered to for the purpose of creating an ‘us vs. them’ team-sports mentality to keep the people distracted and bogged down with anger and hatred for each other so the corrupt leaders are able to maintain their power by means of divide and conquer tactics. The Democrat and Republican politicians are not on opposite sides, they are all in the same club which is exactly why all the major debated issues are the same as they have always been and nothing of real consequence gets accomplished or progresses forward in less than at least a decade’s worth of time. I’m not here to be a Trump cheerleader or claim he’s the good guy, but he is the least corrupt president we’ve had since JFK, and we know how that ended so tragically. Donald Trump is an outsider who doesn’t play by the same rules with different motivations which is why all the past and present D.C. warmongers despise him. This bread and circus show of impeachment isn’t really about removing him from office because it’s completely baseless and they realize they’ve already lost the 2020 presidential election. This is about pandering and grand-standing in order to get their cronies as many seats in the senate to gain control of both houses to neuter the executive branch of government and thereby, in effect, making President Trump completely powerless. Oh, and of course to also keep attention and any chance of accountability away from themselves for all their consistent, heinous criminality. This just scratches at the surface of what is the truth of our time, but everything is getting crazier, more intense, and coming to a head because, just as the wise Ms. Gail Minogue has been sharing, we are leaving one age, the Piscean era for another, the new Aquarian age. And just like any major transformation that successfully takes hold, a deep cleanse must be underwent in order to detoxify and make way for the beneficial replacements that will serve us better in our evolution to a healthier functioning society of higher consciousness. It’s a kind of alchemical process and every step along the way is not always a pleasant one. Realizing the reality you’ve been taught to see is not what in fact the reality you exist in is, can be shocking, frightening, and then infuriating, but choosing to rise above the ego’s need to be right and the one calling the shots is entirely empowering and eventually worth it for anyone on a spiritual path. My intention here is only to helpful and informative, not condescending nor from a doom and gloom place of pessimism. Seeing through the mass-produced and scripted bullshit we are bombarded with to gain a higher and wider perspective allows for truly being able to think for yourself is so satisfying and rewarding in itself, I would never go back to the falsehoods I lived in before even though it might have been much easier in many ways. I truly believe we are about to begin the upswing of our evolution and am here to enjoy the ride.
    Cheers and blessings to all,
    very sincerely- Alison

  20. Karen says:

    Wonderful to know this about her. Also reassuring, because since Pence also was aware of what Trump was doing in Ukraine, that means if Trump is impeached Pence would be liable too. That brings Pelosi in as temporary President until the next election and it seems she’s made for the job. Either way I’m thankful for her service to our country. Thank you Gail!

  21. Sharon says:

    Wow! What a chart!!! Very reassuring to have confirmation of this kind of leadership and vibration during these tumultuous times. Thank you so much for sharing! I loved her response yesterday in the press conference….she’s not a person to “mess with” and walks her talk.

  22. Omega Edwards says:

    I can tell that she is a strong woman and she can read Trump like a book.

  23. Anne says:

    Yes, so interesting! Powerhouse, Pelosi!

  24. Maawiya says:

    Thanks Gail!

    Powerful stuff!

    These charts you have been doing are very helpful to navigate the news and current events. It helps us understand what is going on behind the scenes.


  25. Jennifer says:

    THANK YOU Gail!!

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