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Managing Yourself Rather than Your Time

No matter how challenging or changing  are the times, it will be your attitude that will deliver you to happiness or despair.  It is

Managing Your Attitude

Managing Your Attitude

important to control your attitude and you must learn how to do this.  We invest all this time, energy and money into “feel good” endeavors yet we have not learned how to manage ourselves or our attitudes.

Abraham Lincoln said long ago that a person is as happy as he/she makes up his mind to be.  If you can learn this simple truth, you will never be at the mercy of outer circumstances.  Jobs, people, health, freedom, money, houses may come and go but it will be up to you to manage yourself through these circumstances.  Become aware of the affects of the world on your mind.  What is it doing to you?  Do you know?  What have you allowed to happen to you by your attitude?

I have several clients who are in cancer treatment, in cancer remission or have died from the cancer.  This news comes as an enormous shock to the individual and man-made thinking will play a huge role in the attitude of the cancer patient.  I have one client who has been working with his cancer for 18 years, has never had surgery, but manages it as you would diabetes or high blood pressure.  There comes a time when self-management must be activated in order to work with the cancer rather than be its victim.  So much power is given to the cancer that people succumb as the environment expects.  Recently there was a New York Times article entitled “Why Everyone Seems to Have Cancer”.  George Johnson, New York Times, January 5, 2014.  It is so prevalent in our society as we live longer.  We are accustomed to hearing about people getting it rather than hearing about someone’s heart attack.

Yet, there are books about cases of individuals who have eliminated cancers with proper nutrition, activity and above all, the attitude of wanting to live and acting as if it is possible.  The old adage “act as you would become” has real power to it.  It all depends on your attitude.

Our new Aquarian Age is building on the self mastering the self–not group think.  Many of us long for the good old days but we cannot go back to them and why would we?  How do we break away from this “group think”?  We must keep ourselves informed and keep our feet on the ground.  Learn to become more self-reliant.  We can get information from many sources and this is a good idea but at the end of the day, it is your life you are living.  You will live or die with your decisions and you will clear up the mental chaos that bombards your mind from the outside work.  Watch what you assume.  Make less assumptions and take note when you are deceiving yourself.  If you can control your attitude, then it doesn’t matter that the markets are up or down or your lover just left.  You manage yourself rather than the times.


3 responses to “Managing Yourself Rather than Your Time”

  1. Gail–(Use this if you want, but it is to you really, because you know me well enough that you already know I have a habit of doing the best I can with what I have. You already know about that some time back my Inner Voice kept telling me to go back to a work I had done before, and I tried to laugh it off, and during that time I had a serious accident to my body, while I tried to ignore the “Voice”, yet I sort of went along with what I was doing eventually turned into things I wanted to laugh off, but I kept trying, and what I thought wasn’t doing anything “really” until it finally struck home. During this time I moved to another state, anf I suddenly found myself doing what I was told to do with great success. And in the early process, I asked people to tell me a doctor they would recommend to heal my “broken” body, and when I went to him I found it successfully slow but sure heip, though I still have pain remaining, but it’s lessoning, and the knowledge that I will be healed when the time is right. But interestingly enough, not long ago I had what I thought was a “day dream” but wasn’t, about a childhood drowning when I came back to life, because another voice told me that what I was watching was true, because the puzzling memory was not the right time.

  2. Jan says:

    Great advice for tumultuous times!
    Thanks, Gail….a good reminder for all of us.

  3. Kim says:

    Great blog, Gail! Thanks! 🙂

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