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Less Golfers an Aquarian Age Trend

Golf and Aquarian Age, how do they relate?  I have often spoken of the new Aquarian Age and its qualities of feeling rushed,

Fading Away

Fading Away

never enough time and rapid technological advancements.  It also has the quality of the practical over the sentimental; hence, steel, glass and cement buildings versus old-fashioned gingerbread house trim, stained glass and lovely old craftsman homes.  Here is where we see golf as being a sport of an era that is moving on out of popularity.  It requires lots of times, usually attracts an older audience and is definitely expensive not practical.

Bloomberg News has reported that about 400,000 players left the sport last year (according to the National Golf Foundation).  Almost 260,000 women took up golf but some 600,000 men quit.  All companies attached to the golfing industry are suffering–be it manufacturing of equipment, golf clubs, country clubs that feature playing golf or golf gear.

This trend is not short term.  It speaks to many issues.  One of these is the advanced technological progress in the manufacturing and production worlds.  We need less middle managers.   As companies downsized and labor was let go, the need for middle managers also decreased.  In the Aquarian Age human labor skills are being replaced by machines.  Golf courses have notoriously been known as quiet, private business sessions.  Lots of “deals” have been settled on golf courses.  How do you play golf with computers and robots?  The middle managers are a dying breed.

The younger generation are not golfers.  They don’t have the time to chase a ball around the course and they are more open to negotiations in groups rather than secret pacts made on the golf course.  They use their mobile devices and social media to communicate their business.

Golf will not be the only victim of Aquarian Age characteristics but it is one of the easiest to spot.  The Aquarian Age is not slowing down for anyone.  The drop in religious attendance is another trend but we’ll save that topic for another day.

One response to “Less Golfers an Aquarian Age Trend”

  1. Roidina says:

    Hi Gail.
    Maybe if we have fewer golfers, we will have less need for golf courses. In California, that would be a good thing with our current drought conditions.
    May I make one suggestion, please? Less is for non-count nouns, and few is for count nouns. Sorry, don’t mean to be critical.
    Please have a wonderful holiday season.
    Good wishes,

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