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John McCain’s Numerology Blueprint

We have just experienced the funeral of John McCain, patriot, warrior, peacemaker and worker of the light.  It’s Senator John McCaininteresting how these light workers arrive in just random human forms.  This worker helped the inner workings of a government whose imprint of change on the world vibrates over the earth.  We tend to think that “light workers” or those with higher assignments here on earth should be consciously awake and aware.  Many of them are but many are still a work in progress.

John McCain’s life began on August 29th, 1936.  He was born John Sidney McCain III.  We do not consider placement such as the 3rd or 4th etc. in a name.  This is considered simply an earth placement of where he fit within a family group.  His life path is the number 11 (derived from the total numbers of his date of birth).  The 11 is considered a Master Number and those who are to live it are on an assignment or mission in their lifetime.  It is also the number of inspiration and vision and the soul who carries it for their learning lesson is to develop honesty and integrity.  They cannot work for selfish purposes without disastrous results.  Truth is a primary objective of this Master Number.  An inner directed life is the source from which they draw strength and wisdom.  It is interesting to note that Presidents Reagan, Clinton and Obama all are Master 11 numbers.  We see in Clinton’s situation where he experienced disastrous results for lying.  All were very inspirational in their speeches.

John was also born on the 29th day which gave him more intuition and creativity.  His mind would think in pictures and he would almost draw information down from the sky.  In some way he knew that he was in the hands of destiny and had to surrender to the higher forces that were shaping his life.  11’s are normally late bloomers.  They really don’t get going until the mid to latter part of their lives.  He had to develop character and sound judgment before he could tap into his potential.  Certainly being a prisoner of war for 5 1/2 years would develop characteristics no one could dream of.

John’s first vowel was the letter “O”.  This indicates a person who needs to be the boss, in charge and in control.  He couldn’t stand to be micromanaged (you see the same characteristic in Donald Trump).  He did not like to be told what to do but would rather be asked to do something.  His well-known temper would exhibit itself when someone wanted to control him.  The letter “O” as the first vowel also exhibits a person who prizes loyalty and doesn’t forget.  McCain would not allow Trump to attend his funeral as he did not want to give him the opportunity to gain from his appearance–among other reasons.

McCain’s destiny was the number 4.  This is from the sum total of his entire name.  Here we combine the destiny of the number 4 with the Life Path of the number 11.  The number 4 destiny is to become the bedrock of society.  He was to turn the dreams of the numbers 29 and 11 into reality.  His approach to life and problems would be methodical and systematic.  He was a builder and wanted to see results for his peacekeeping and compromising style.  He kept at it relentlessly to bring it about.  He could literally put his nose to the grindstone.  The number 4 destiny would help an individual become more moralistic, trustworthy and have high integrity.  It can also make a person stubborn and rigid and we saw that too.  There is something special about a 4 destiny and children.  They relate quite a bit to the innocence of children and see themselves in them.  He respected the simplicity of children and their idealism as the 11 Life Path is very idealistic.

John’s early childhood was not the most nurturing.  His physical needs were certainly met but there was an indifference to his emotional needs.  It is as if he was spoken about in the 3rd person.  For example, if the child was right there in the room, the parents might speak to each other and ask themselves what he would like for dinner.  It was lonely.  Later on in life, this would give him the gift of understanding suffering and he was great at knowing how to relieve it.  He would have been terrific working with mental patients as he almost knew how they suffered.  For him he needed healthy escapes to relieve the stress of imprisoned-like conditions.  The irony is that he actually found himself in a prison being tortured and yet, given the opportunity to escape, did not take it.  His true self kicked in and he turned down the offer to get out before other prisoners due to the connection of his Admiral Grandfather and rank of his father.

John’s karmic challenge was the missing number 2 in his name.  There was no letter “B”, “K” or “T”.  A missing number 2 person has to learn to be diplomatic and tactful.  They have to learn to be part of the team.  It is about patience and cooperation.  When it is missing the person can be very impatient or be the doormat.  The reason John had an 11/2 Life Path and was born on a 29 day was to bring in the qualities and learning of the missing number 2.  It is routine for a soul to be born on a certain day or have a Life Path number that coincides with their karmic missing number.  You could see John lose his patience and flare up and then see him try to calm down and compromise.  He definitely became much more of the light worker during the latter part of his life as he was cordial to the opposition and tried very hard to bring sides together.  No 11’s make wonderful negotiators and arbitrators.

The fact that John left this earth plane within a few days of his birthday indicates he completed the life he was born to live and his assignment.  It is very common to have a soul leave close or on their birthday.  Whether we think they left too soon, they left at the right time for what they needed to learn and what they came here to do.  The soul knows what it is doing.  For those of us left behind, it seems odd at times to think that a person was unable to finish a project or a condition by leaving too soon but if they leave at or within a week or two of their birthday, they completed here.

John really represented America as pictured by a WWII warrior even though his war was Vietnam.  His qualities and character are closely attached to what we call the “greatest generation”, WWII veterans.  His light and work here is finished for this lifetime but everything he learned here went with him.  For us, he was an example of our flawed but better nature.  He tried to instill truth or awaken truth in us.  He was loaned to us for awhile and he has returned home to his rightful owner.






7 responses to “John McCain’s Numerology Blueprint”

  1. Coleen says:

    I too saw John McCain as a lightworker in the conservative ranks. I didn’t always agree with him, but I knew he was a man of integrity. Thank you so much for this enlightening piece! and all the others!

  2. Gail Hovland says:

    Thank you Gail. A wonderful article that helped me understand a man who was so different from myself,
    including politics. At times I would see him on TV
    and I would think he has light around him. I had no idea why I even thought that. After listening to the eulogies and reading your blog, I got it. I know intellectually we are all different and we can all make the world s better place in our own way . Now I understand emotionally . I believe he made the world a better place and I am Thankful !

  3. Kathy says:

    This was a really well written and comprehendible article. I always did have a good intuitive feeling about him even though he represented much I did not agree with. I sensed his integrity though.
    Thanks for the interesting bit about dying around your birthday. Now I’m looking at the people in my life that have died around then.
    Overall I appreciate this work you do and think it is just as relevant and worthy of examination as any.

  4. Sherri T says:

    Lightworker? Maybe a little research into the REAL John McCain is in order. Hardly a saint. I’m hard pressed to even consider using his name and “lightworker” on the same page let alone in the same sentence.

  5. Karen says:

    Thank you for this article… I was really wondering about his life path. On the news today they showed his service at the cathedral and ended it with a recording of him and it was so beautiful. For a person who had endured more challenges than most he talked about how lucky he was. Inspiring. As a plus, I learned that we were born on the same day and month, not year. So we have some similarities. Interesting about dying near one’s birthday. I’ve had some challenges lately and I wasn’t sure I’d make this birthday so when the 29th came and went I was very thankful to be here. Does this mean that if someone passes and it’s not near their birthday, then they could have changed their situation?

  6. Jim says:

    Excellent piece. It gives much understanding to a man who often seemed quiet and complex. Few probably thought of him as a “light worker,” yet you explained so well how even someone considered to be a conservative can be a light to show the way.

  7. Marianne Steenvoorden says:

    Thank you Gail. Very nice to read.
    Be well.

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