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ISIS–Raising Humanity out of Self-Destructive Adolescence

We are witnessing the upheaval of our worldwide civilization.  It encompasses a revolution in religion, theology, Mass Confusion Ahead Signgovernment, philosophy, science and the environment as well as societal and cultural customs.  It will mark a permanent change in how we live on this earth.  These are big, important times and what we do from here is extremely important.  ISIS has brought the upheaval to the front headlines.  We have constructed a civilization that is filled with anxiety from collapsing religious myths as well as intellectual and moral devaluations.  The Piscean Age clashes with the Aquarian Age.

I have said it before and will say it again, we have no choice but to evolve.  Whether you are rich, poor, 1st world or 3rd world, events will impact you personally and individually.  The mind of the world is changing.  We are all being torn from lives we once knew and it has been coming for a long time.  We no longer can handle today’s problems by using yesterday’s solutions.  We can bomb and bomb but it is the original whack-a-mole game.  They just crop up in other areas.  ISIS shows us our old way of handling world problems are ineffective.  It is very much the angry young male who has no belief in himself and places that belief into a group purpose outside of himself.  They have wrenched us away from beliefs and perceptions that we have come to rely on.  The randomness and violence of their acts demonstrates a grinding halt to old beliefs and new responses to conditions and situations we never dreamed of.  They are one of the instruments for the individual and collective world changes.

As much as you may deny and resist changes, you will have to start thinking about the bigger picture of our lives here.  Every system will be examined.  We are growing up.  We have not paid attention to our leaders’ shenanigans for a long time.  We have blindly accepted religious dogma for a long time.  We have ignored the corruption of our government and it’s leaders.  We have put ourselves deeply in debt and we still question the scientific proof of climate change and bad eating habits.  We cling to outmoded habits, worshiping celebrities, sports stars, likes on Facebook, fake news and political figures that pander to us and tell us what we want to hear.

This new existence will require releasing old hopes, wishes and dreams and establishing an awareness outside of yourself.  It will require understanding and acting upon your “true” purpose here.  Do not expect government and military leaders who basically are represented by old males to find solutions.  They are part of the problem.  In order for there to be long-lasting transformation it as if the situation must get so extreme with excessive cruelty, disrespect and unjustifiable indulgence at someone’s else’s expense before it stops and transformation begins.  We cannot do it the way we have been doing it.

Our own self-destructive behaviors are in the spotlight now.  We are growing out of our own adolescence where we thought someone else would always take care of us.  Where we lived with so much fear and anxiety that we became the biggest user of anti-depressants on the planet.  We can’t medicate our way out of this.  We must wake up and be accountable.

Stay tuned for more updates on this important time!



2 responses to “ISIS–Raising Humanity out of Self-Destructive Adolescence”

  1. William says:

    You have described the problems with our society here in the US. Other countries have not been so closed minded and resistant to change while at the same time plunging headlong into the future via technology and information. Many European societies understand how to let the past coexist with the future. The rise of humanism in Europe two centuries ago led most people to accept different cultures, religions and ideas without the xenophobia of our own brand of “exceptionalism” – a catchword loaded with arrogant swagger, but little else. Most Europeans keep religion in its place and don’t let it mix in with the politics and the social order. They seem to embrace the spirituality of religion, without worshiping the dogma.

    Fundamentalists of all kinds (evangelical Christians, Muslim extremists, Hasidic Jews) can only seem to grasp the dogma and manage to forget the spirituality upon which it was based. The dogma – the “rules” for lack of a better word, then becomes the end rather than a means to an end, which it was always meant to be in the first place. The rise of Islamic extremism has been facilitated by the fact that the aforementioned technology has allowed the extremist views (likely always held) to be played out all over the world (air travel), in real time (the internet) and with far greater loss of life (modern weaponry). Two hundred years ago, the sort of terrorism we are witnessing today could not have happened on such a scale. But the ideology was always there.

  2. Pammila says:

    Amen! and Bravo!

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