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Incarnate and Excarnate–Part 2

Once we are born and experiencing our lives here, we rarely think about how to get back out of here or what

War Cemetery WWll

War Cemetery WWll

happens to us when we do.  Since the majority of us have no recollection of the planning of our lives, we have little understanding of the process of birth and death, also called “getting out of here”.  We all have to do it and it scares the silly out of most of the population…especially in modern society.

Here in the West, the USA to be more specific, we don’t do well with the dying process.  We have moved gradually to cremation of the body but we still are pretty clumsy with the whole process.  We give the grieving about 30 days of attention and then they are on their own.  It’s almost like a clock with perfect time.  A great rush of attention to the grieving, flowers, food, cards, funerals, memorials and then we move on.  Precision.

What is missed in most of this ritual is a deeper understanding of what just happened.  Since we are afraid of our own dying process, we tend to not contemplate it.  We’ll deal with it when the time comes.  The time does come and for many this surprise visit comes at the worst time.  For many there is denial, fear and many other stages of grief.  It can be sudden as in an accident or gradual over time such as in the elderly eating less and less as the body is in the process of shutting itself down.  The body has to shut down either suddenly or gradually to excarnate into a new life where this body is not needed.  Currently, cancer is an enormous tool of shutting down.

Lives on earth, at the current time, are, at the most, 120 years.  There are those who are walking on the earth who have longer blueprints, approximately 150 years.  There are those who have planned very short lives.  Sometimes a Soul will incarnate here for a very simple lesson and leave within a few years or even months.  Sometimes a Soul will want to incarnate into a very poor country where the lfe expectancy is very short.  In this way the Soul can best learn its lesson and return in a shorter period of time. Sometimes we need to stay here a very long time and will have blueprints that support that.  In many birth charts the Soul has much grooming time before it will receive its full purpose.  Each plan is so different.  It appears on the surface to make no sense of who stays and who leaves.  Sometimes the mean and ugly get to stick around for years and the good and the righteous are gone well before their time.

It seems so random but it isn’t.  Just as births are planned, deaths are planned.  We just never explore our own preparation for a life that will continue on out of here.  It is very important to remember a few things.  Everything you do or think is noted. Everything is “downloaded” or imprinted every 7th Soul Cycle (every 7th birthday).  When you leave here, only the physical body stays.  The “astral” body with all senses included will leave.  The etheric body that gave light and energy to the physical body so that it could stay will disconnect.  You basically leave intact with all your senses and abilities.  This should be very comforting to those who are about to return to other dimensions of life.  Remember this type of physical form is only needed here on earth to handle the dense energy of this dimension.  We become extremely attached to it, believe “it” is us and don’t think twice that it isn’t who we are.  It’s almost like a tool or outfit you have to use to manipulate the terrain here.  It should be well cared for and respected but it is not who you are.  Some of these outfits work extremely well.  Some are put together with non-working parts.  It’s all part of the plan.

If we could begin to really know that life in ongoing, we would be at ease with the dying.  We have been here as both genders and some of us have had more experience as one or the other.  We have had all kinds of lessons and will continue to learn more.  There can be several exit times in the planning.  Some choose to take a later one.  There can be some information in the numerology and astrology charts that point to potential times.  It is especially true of Vedic Astrology and the deeper aspects of the mystical Kaballah.

As you live your life, appreciate the time you have here.  Be filled with gratitude for it and trust that you are tied at all times to the unseen world.  Live your life with less angst and striving.  Value what is important and how you can stop adding to the suffering of your own self and others.  Life itself was always the gift.


6 responses to “Incarnate and Excarnate–Part 2”

  1. Carrie says:

    I just lost my brother 9/19- so was timely. Thank you!

  2. Karen says:

    Could you please expand on this, it’s not clear to me: “Everything you do or think is noted. Everything is “downloaded” or imprinted every 7th Soul Cycle (every 7th birthday). “

  3. Sharon says:

    Thank you, Gail. I was with my mother when she passed this plane, as well as my husband, which was a very sacred experience. I looked up Death Cafes after your first blog, as I was not aware of them. One of the quotes I used in my husband’s Memorial cards was, “Love never dies.”

    In 2014, I read Dr. Carolyn Conger’s thought provoking book, Through the Dark Forest, Transforming Your Life In the Face of Death, which was both inspiring and enriching with life-giving processes no matter what stage of life we are in. And the book, The Afterlife of Billy Fingers, is one of my all time favorites. I highly recommend both.

    Your blogs and insights are always appreciated.

  4. JUDE LUTTRELL says:

    As is becoming the norm…”Thank you! Very informative.”

  5. Pamela Hale says:

    Lovely and informative, Gail.

  6. Hello Gail,
    It has been many years since I heard one of your talks at the Parapsychology Club in Laguna Woods, but I have been following your site since.

    I want to thank you for sharing your information on death/dying and the afterlife — a much-needed conversation for our Western society. People may want to know they can attend Death Cafes all over the country to gain more information/insights surrounding these topics and advance preparations. I also want to let you know that I just published a book, LOVE REMAINS about a life experience with my partner and his transformation and transcendence as he left his body to his new home across the veil. A portion of the book is channeled about Bill’s journey with the intention that people will learn that we drop our bodies but our consciousness continues and the love we leave with our beloveds on earth, remains. Love never dies.

    I hope some of this information will be helpful for your audience. Thank you for all you do for humanity!

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