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Help–I’m Tired of Upgrading

The whole month of September was spent recovering from bronchitis and its’ lingering effects.  What a drag! It definitely gaveSleepless man me the opportunity to rest (enforced) and drop out of stuff for awhile.  I really had the opportunity to take a look at all the time saved and lost by technology.  Fortunately, I didn’t have any snafus but I did get to see how much time and energy we spend on our devices.  Everything is in routine upgrade.  We erase this message, we save this message, we get spammed, we have to get rid of our histories and cookies, encrypt, remember passwords, we keep up-to-date with social media, we get pinged, we text, we share, we’re on call all day, we get our information in bites and headlines and we waste time online.  We don’t have enough time to really upgrade ourselves.  Sometimes its’ nice to be out of range where nobody can reach you and you can be by yourself with yourself.  When I learn of someone without a smart phone, I really want to meet them.

No, I don’t want to return to the days of dial up and I love my smart phone and the photos I can take and the information at my fingertips–like really how good is that Thai restaurant.  But, some of it is just plain time wasting.  Worse, we fool ourselves into thinking we really are using our time well while we browse for the latest sale at Banana Republic or re-read the latest on CNN.

As we deepen into the Aquarian Age it will become even more technology driven.  Much of the science fiction days of the past will come true.  Just as the ancient “Buck Rogers” came to pass so will many of the bells and whistles of sci-fi movies.  We are mesmerized by the latest whatever.  It doesn’t matter what it is; we are like moths to flames.  It can’t and won’t be stopped.  But, it can be managed better.  Right now Amazon is doing drone practice in England where it is out of sight of the American public.  It won’t be long before we will have these little creatures flying the skies over your area.  How will we manage this upcoming delivery system?  Will there be broken skulls over misguided Amazon drones?  How badly must we have that box of Kleenex?  Can we expect 2 hour delivery of it?

What we must remember is that part of us is still in the old Piscean Age as the other part moves gradually into the Aquarian Age.  The old Piscean Age was more guilt ridden with power controlled in a pecking order, top down by patriarchal Kings, Popes and Lords and later dictators.  It was heavy on religious dogma but it had a compassionate side and was quiet romantic in its writings, verse and direction.  We are coming out of this religious phase of guilt and salvation and patriarchal leadership but we are also coming out of a more collective phase where time was expanded and technology was slim or none.  We owned what we needed not necessarily what we wanted and our closets were much smaller.  We didn’t have big storage facilities to store all the stuff we don’t need or use.  We didn’t eat in our cars.  We didn’t talk on our phones while crossing the street and we weren’t so distracted by the bombardment of products we didn’t know we needed.  I just read yesterday about artisan milk.  Yes, folks, you now can have special milk from special cows that don’t have the gene that creates gas.  The company, I believe, is from Europe.  There isn’t enough science behind this to support the promo but it goes with the rest of the “need this” product.

For myself, I am doing more simplification.  Yes, I buy from the internet and I am thankful I can find what I “need” online.   I am smarter about creating email addresses that are for a specific purpose so I don’t get inundated with stuff.  There is even a 10 minute email address service you can use on websites that require your email address to get the information.  The email address explodes within 10 minutes.  Yeah on that one.

The body, to maintain itself, requires a natural rhythm.  That natural rhythm is in nature, not in the device.  I have had a long month of assessment and reflection.  Maybe I am upgrading myself.  I actually had a dream about 2 weeks ago that I was being taken off of life support.  I realized then I was going to return to health and a more natural rhythm.






8 responses to “Help–I’m Tired of Upgrading”

  1. Nadia R. says:

    So true Gail! Was just googling “should you upgrade iphone 5S to ios10?”
    I hope you recover fully, thank you for sharing your insights!
    Purrrrrs and love from Brésil & me

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Gail, glad you had time to reflect on things. Sometimes we need to step back from life and take a break and our bodies cooperate and orchestrate the needed rest period.
    I had a “dumb” cell phone that I use only for emergencies for a number of years now. I just recently upgraded to a potential smart phone because AT&T is discontinuing service to the old phone. The new phone only sends and receives calls because of the GO Phone plan I have. It’s all I need. I still use a land line and email to communicate. I’ve never been a “phone person”. I can’t imagine walking around with a phone attached to my head like so many addicts do.

  3. Sharon says:

    (comment to Pearl)
    Dr. Gladys McGarey was my physician till she retired and she is still going strong at 95 and has a foundation that is thriving. I have used castor oil packs for years as needed. It is a Cayce remedy that really works.

    Gail, you are right on about simplicity. I am in that mode also. I only use my I- phone when I am going out and about, but do love the features of Siri for directions, camera for photos like today when I spent time with my great grandsons. I had a recent dream of living in a home “off the grid”–I believe it reflected being more self sufficient and a simpler life style.

    I am glad you are feeling better!

  4. Hi Jan,

    Technology will be our master and us its slave unless we realize the role we play. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Pearl, thank you for the great tips towards a longer, healthier life.

  6. Jan says:

    You have already met me and I don’t have a smart phone – lol – mostly because I don’t need one as I work from home and can find what I need on my computer. Why spend the money for another gadget that you don’t need? I keep my cell phone in my purse and never use it unless I am away from the house. I think the natural rhythms are important and am saddened by watching the entire populace relating to their smart phones instead of each other, even when they are out to dinner together! If technology is designed to support the human being, it’s wonderful. But when the human is controlled by the technology, we are definitely moving into a brave new world that may not be very good for our health. “Progress” is not always a good thing. Sounds like your enforced break was enlightening.

  7. Laurie Donohoo Pollack says:

    Glad you are feeling better. I thought cell phones were ridiculous. Now they are a life line and a good security measure! Thanks!

  8. Pearl Nicolino says:

    Hi Gayle: Here is one person who does not have a SMART PHONE!! I have only a cell phone I use when I go out in my car. I go to Yoga every wee and the teacher asked if anyone used Castor Oil. I raised my hand. I have used it for castor oil packs for 40 years. I now put a drop in each eye at bed time. I have a book written by Dr. William McGary. They have used the castor oil packs at the ARE Clinic in Phoenix for 50 years.
    I am also one person in the 90’s that does not take any prescription drugs. I still cook fresh vegetables and eat very little red meet. I drink milk and have for all my life.
    A secret for r health and long life is giving up all the past hurts and disappointments in the past. Be well my friend.

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