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FEAR of Being Left Behind

Nobody talks about it and I never see it in the media outlets or read about it in articles written by experts in psychology,

The Fear of Being Left Behind
Keeping up with the Pack

but it is a palpable element of our society.  It is the “fear of being left behind”.  It seems to permeate behavior in our purchases, our decisions and our general well being.

This fear of being left behind is very, very primal. In prehistoric days, primitive man could not be left behind or he might be eaten by the greater-in-number predators.  As we huddled in our groups and had to keep on the move, we were regularly hunted by animals for food.  The weakest of the group was sometimes left behind as a tidbit for the predator so the group could escape and save itself.  Safety in numbers was and is still the rule.  The ancient custom of sacrificing something to the gods is a more advanced expression of giving to the-power-to-kill-us a morsel to gain good favor so we could escape misfortune.

Today the speed of progress is faster and gaining speed.  You are pushed to learn more, respond quickly and change rapidly.  Our communication device becomes outdated by the time we really learn how to use all its features.  We are asked to be in touch 24 hours a day.  We respond to emails late at night to catch up, we eat “fast foods”, we drive fast cars and we text and send photos rather than take the precious time to spend it with a person.  Time becomes the most important commodity.  There may be something we miss.  If we do, we may never be able to catch up.

In our technical Age of Aquarius, the mind and thoughts are featured.  The emotions must play catch up as we practice the art of the practical over the sentimental.  The truth of the matter is you will never be able to get it all done, learn everything you are supposed to learn and you will never catch up.  Getting left behind will not result in your being destroyed by the great push of technology and advancement.

We are all going to have to learn how to manage ourselves, our time and our priorities.  You may not have the smartest phone or the latest gadget but you will be able to stay in the group.  Those who manage themselves well and not react to the latest of everything or the hype of the latest version of everything know that there will be another version more advanced than the one being hyped.  There will be wave after wave of advancements throughout this Age.

We are not living in our caves hunted by lions, tigers and other four legged animals.  We must learn how to work with ourselves and what we know is best for us.  We will learn to be comfortable with rapid change and to keep a balance of activities in our lives  that are important to us.

If we do not get over our fears of being left behind, we will take away our joy, our peace of mind and feel alone outside the group.  Feeling left behind can be  a little bit like dying slowly.  That is not what the Aquarian Age is about.  It is okay not to have all the skills today.  Do not fight progress and do not be afraid of it.  Everything here is under construction at all times.  Invest your time in learning the benefits of technology.  We have the ability to be more connected now and it will be up to us to give up the fear of being left behind.

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