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Deeper Meaning of 2010 Elections

Deeper Meaning of 2010 Elections

What theater!  We haven’t had a show like this in a long time.  These elections are filled with those who have never

Deeper Meaning of 2010 Elections

Deeper Meaning of 2010 Elections

before run in an election.  From major gaffes to almost fist fights,  we continue to look like a bunch of teenagers.

Is it just a bunch of angry people flailing with barbs in the air and saying almost anything to get the voters attention or is there something more going on that we are missing?

America is in the formation phase of a third party. It has been brewing for a number of years.  There have been many fits and starts from Ross Perot to the Green Party.

As more and more people register “independent”, the third party becomes an unknown force.

This has nothing to do with the Tea Party which is nothing new for America.

America has always had its populist movements and the Tea Party is a recycled movement such as was the American Liberty League founded in 1934, the John Birch Society in the ’60’s and the Arkansas Project during Clinton’s term in office.

In reality the Tea Party has allowed itself to be captured and run by the Republican Party and the Libertarians.    It is not an independent party.

What is new is the strength of the independents.  As they grow in numbers, and they are, they will be a force in the 2012 and 2016 elections.

I would expect them to nominate a candidate for president no later than 2016.  There may be a dark horse candidate in 2012.  If so, it would give  Obama and the Republican candidate a real run for the money.

Whatever you do in this 2010 election, do not be swayed by the anger of the electors.   Think carefully and analyze what is the true information.  Do not vote against your own best interest out of anger or emotion.  Read that sentence again.

You will see protests, marches and other organized events starting in the spring of 2011.  Get a good pair of marching shoes.  The citizens are awake.

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