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Carrying Yourself with Honor

“Burn not your house to scare away the mouse.”   English proverb

“Summertime and the living is easy.”  To quote the words of  the song “Summertime” from the play Porgy and Honor Concept Colorful Word ArtBess.  “Fish are jumping and the cotton is high.  Your Momma’s rich and your Daddy’s good lookin, so hush little baby don’t you cry”.  Really?  You wouldn’t know it from the angst going around in society right now.  Unfortunately, my Momma wasn’t rich but my Daddy was good looking.  From the sounds of it though an awful lot of us are crying.  Couldn’t we just plunk ourselves down in the cool movie theater and pig out on iced drinks and popcorn for the next several years until this hard rock Pluto transit passes.  Would that we could.

The challenge will be, though, for us to carry ourselves with honor through these tumultuous times.  This should be our main motivation as this period will affect our growth and transformation for a very long time.  It is literally impacting our personal and social evolution.  We will not have this enormous transit in our lives again and it may be several future incarnations before it every occurs during a lifetime.  Consider yourself blessed as well as challenged.  A Pluto transit in Capricorn is serious, transformational and relentless.  Our whole world, but particularly the United States, is being affected.  You should feel now as if everything is being shaken to its core.  It is.  Will we remain as a republic when this is over? How will we remake this country from 2024 onward.

The best behavior you can do now is to carry yourself with honor.  Show gratitude, even for the smallest things…like being able to walk to the bathroom unassisted.  Avoid grandiosity and zealous beliefs.  They won’t get you anywhere but emptiness and frustration.  Always keep the big picture in mind.  How you respond now to the challenges in your life and the opportunities of this time frame will remain with you through many incarnations.  Don’t blow it.    Remember a controlling spirit breeds a lonely heart.  Never shut the door on anyone unless they are outright abusers and/or have a gun.  Learn tact, patience, diplomacy and persuasion.  Above all patience.  Stop trying to fix your family, your friends or your partner.

Learn to discern between those who are sincere, productive, creative and optimistic individuals versus those who are righteous, self-righteous, nut jobs, blowhards and those who promise “miracles”.  Above all stop being angry and indignant.  I get the strangest emails from ordinarily nice people who have allowed themselves to become mean-spirited, righteous and fond of name calling.  Most are from women and I wonder what happened to their sense of honor.

If you have been dumped from your lifeboat during these times, surrender to the rapids and let them carry you around the rocks rather than you fighting them and getting smashed against them.  It is hard to ignore what is going on in our society and our government.  Remember, we have gotten the leaders we deserve.  Ouch!  Do they carry themselves with honor?

Some of us will be more severely challenged than others but all of us are being affected.  You are being invited to change and transform yourself.  It only will be more painful if you resist.  The old-fashioned word honor is seldom heard but it underlies everything.  Do you, are we carrying ourselves with honor?




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  1. Caroline Leban says:

    Thank you Gail for that reminder. We do need to be grateful first thst we live in a democracy and that we can make a difference. We travel a.lot and it has made me so aware of the importance of keeping your shoulders back,.head up and being pleasant to others. People can be so rude,
    Making others around them miserable .
    Skwaysbworking at being a better person. Thanks Gail for your wisdom and always being these for us. Caroline

  2. Kris Saba says:

    Your article reminds me of the vocabulary of the Kabbalah. I like to study it from a metaphysical perspective. Life long goals:

    Understanding Wisdom
    Strength Mercy
    Glory Beauty Victory
    Thanks for a insightful article Gail

  3. A very timely post, Gail. This is a very challenging time and it is good to be reminded to remain calm, focused, to carry ourselves with honor. Thank you for this important post. Your wisdom and insight are very helpful to us as we make it through this difficult Pluto transit, and Pluto transits are both slow moving and profoundly life changing.

  4. partHi Everyone and Gail,

    There are two books I am recommending, especially for the upcoming event at Idylwild (I am still on the fence but it appears I might come).
    The first book is RenWomen: What Modern Renaissance Women can teach us about living fulfilling lives. The theme of this book underscores what Gail has been saying about the rising role of women in the world. The “A” list is impressive!

    The second book is The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know is Possible by Charles Eisenstein. The author was featured on Super Soul Sunday last week. This book, published in 2013, is so prophetic about the current turmoil in our society, it is almost scary. When asked if America has been “broken open”, the author said “No–not yet. There is more to come.” The author also made the point that Martin Luther King made: NOTHING good can come from hate. The good part? This is all part of our evolution as a global society.

  5. Wonderful, Gail! I was just saying that very thing to a friend last night about gratitude getting us through this time . And being in the present moment -both for an awareness of what to be grateful for and for our physical safety . I always enjoy your posts!

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