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Careless Empty Words Devoid of Meaning

Speaking the word of Truth does not mean talking BIG to the world.  Greatness is only attained by the constant LOUD NOISE TO CHILDthinking of great thoughts.  No man can become great in his outer personality until he is great internally; and no man is great internally until he THINKS.  These are the powerful words of Wallace Wattles “The Wisdom of Wallace Wattles”.  He goes on to say that “wisdom” is the source of greatness.  “Wisdom is the power to perceive the best ends to aim at and the best means for reaching those ends.  It is the power to perceive the right thing to do.  The man who is wise enough to know the right thing to do, who is good enough to wish to do only the right thing, and who is able and strong enough to do the right thing is a truly great man.”  The truth is that America is greater than the person who wants to make it “great” again.

Which leads me to our current President.  Unfortunately, this man has demonstrated time and time again through his words that he is careless in speech, speaks empty words devoid of meaning, operates and promotes fear through his words and the results are confusion in his and the country’s affairs.  His careless and rushed approached has resulted in superficial impulses and demonstrates how frightened he really is.  Hurry is always a manifestation of fear.  Trump’s fear is of losing his base and so he tries desperately to accomplish campaign promises within the first 100 days of office.  Never mind that many of these promises cannot be delivered in the first year or ever.  Never mind that campaigning is not the same as governing.  His fear and those who operate in fear around him will turn any strengths into weakness.  The Republican Party will desert him for the 2018 elections if he cannot raise his popularity figures.

For those who have supported him and turned a blind side to his coarse and vulgar words, to his continual focus on his self-importance, to his delight in being less-informed and his repetition of strings of words and superficial formulas, this will be a year of truth.  We will all see that.  It is important to recognize that the attack on the press is normal but to try and get the American people to dismiss, distrust and destroy the press is not normal.  It is the mark of a tyrant.  Be wise because Americans take much for granted in that they believe we have many checks and balances.  The press is the safety net of a free democracy.  As Trump tries to marginalize it, he continues to demonstrate his fear of it.  His accusations of fake news and lies only enforce the old adage “he doth protest too much.”  His alarm bells that immigrants have taken our jobs, raping our women and robbing old ladies is standard operating procedure and plays to his base.  It also creates tremendous fear in the immigrant community and fear in nations who do business with the United States.  He is creating problems where the focus should be on more critical issues.  He also cannot stop ISIS.  He can order more men and women in harm’s way only to find out later that it cost us dearly without the resolution we want.

Trump appears to be trying to dismantle the press, undermine the Judicial System and and the Intelligence Agencies in the United States.  He is about to attempt to change the economic figures of how much America exports to make it look as if we import more than we export.  Watch for this raving statistic if it sticks.  It basically is a shell game and will probably be called out for what it is.

As I have said, America is in a redux of its’ Revolution.  Unfortunately, we don’t have a George Washington to save us.  But, we the people do have an opportunity to speak truth to power and “alternative facts” and can apply our energy, time and money to exposing this administration’s “no clothes of the Emperor”.  That goes also for those who sit in Congressional seats and sleep with lobbyists.  America’s Soul has always been to a larger world service.  “It is for her to continue the pioneer’s role in carrying her own won freedom and her genius for assimilation and collaboration into the arena of world affairs and so further the ultimate establishment of the United States of the World”.   Corrine Heline, America’s Invisible Guidance.  Remember, able men, cunning men, resourceful men can be successful, but they are not great men.  America deserves a great leader.  Man or woman, we look forward to the future and the promise.



12 responses to “Careless Empty Words Devoid of Meaning”

  1. Loretta says:

    President Trump might be careless with is words, but let’s just compare him to Obama who was “Oh so careful” and eloquent with his words…unfortunately they were lies. “You can keep you current health coverage”…”premiums won’t go up”…”The US is not going to get involved in Syria” (as we later found out he was supplying money and weapons to the terrorists). Yet many people took the bait hook, line and sinker. I think it’s safe today at this point the American people are going to rely on what a president does instead of what he says.
    And regarding Trump bashing the media, well he is speaking for MANY of us who agree with him. They certainly did not attack Obama when he dropped bombs in 7 countries…or his ban on refugees from Iran…or his deportation of illegals. Funny how I had to go to an alternative media source to see the speech Obama gave in November 2014 where he stated that he would be deporting people who came to this country illegally. The MSM chose to ignored that which did not fit their narrative. So, NO, we do not trust the MSM. We are tired of their elite arrogance with their very biased narrative and they have been exposed as being the corrupt left propaganda machine that they are. We are not the dumb blind sheep they would like us to be and that is all coming to fruition…finally. So Trump thinks the media is out to destroy him and the media thinks the same of Trump. Maybe next we should have a discussion on the radical violent left, their riots and vandalism, and how they are trying to take down free speech in our country.

  2. Chris Foutris says:

    I wished throughout the election that the veil that had dropped over the eyes of so many would indeed fall away to reveal the reality hidden beneath
    …it didn’t enough to count. Indeed, it appears that many are clinging tightly to their misconceptions.
    The positive is, of course Dawn’s take…absolutely right. Activism is on the rise. Support of the truth is precious and must be seen and heard and secured and ultimately saved.

  3. Debbie says:

    Rubbish ! Mr. Wattles, obviously had a very high opinion of himself, his words & ego. Just one man’s thoughts- no more.
    More Progressive Libral, Brain Dead, Television Mind Control BULL SHIT !

  4. Carrie says:

    Unintended consequences for tRump Dawn. LOL!

    tRump is a dirty old man who likes to watch Russian prostitutes piss on the bed. And right now he is pissing on the planet. People will only take so much…..

  5. debbie says:

    About the news. I saw a documentary on Fidel Castro and when he visited USA, it was filmed a visit at the NYTimes. He pointed his finger at everyone in the room and said “All lies” You (NYT) write the news to sell and they are lies. When i saw that, i of course thought of Trump. Every one knows if they live long enough the news is not what i Should be. These Journalist would be Sh__ _ or disappear . Its a risky line of work. And its controlled. Have to listen/read all sides of the coin, not what just comes in front of you, on the internet, TV? Be open to both sides of the discussion and up to you to determine what is YOUR TRUTH.
    Jan, i see that also about him. Then if you understand Gemini, he sure shows it. Multi- task . Trump is a business man. Was not raised/bread to be a politician.
    So his MO is of course different. He does not sugar coat his thoughts. He needs to be , yes less OUT There, but with time he will fit the role. Gemini s can play many different roles, if they have to.

  6. Kris Saba says:

    Jan- I agree with you.

    His cabinet is very high caliber and I think he could need up being a great president.

    Take for instance the latest nominee, H.R. McMaster. He wrote a scholarly book that his well researched about the Vietnam war. Dereliction of Duty.
    He also was involved in Desert Storm, so he is not just an academic, but has real experience.

    Rex Tillerson who has been appointed as Secretary of State is an Eagle Scout and is known as a brilliant man and ethical man. While he was working for Exxon he refused to except bribes.

    Kris Saba

  7. Gail Minogue says:

    I always recommend the website for checking out all truths, rumors and fact. It is a seasoned site and helps separate true facts from fake rumors. I could write about the weather or a number and the climate would be socially, politically or financially received by the reader. Blogs are for opinions so opinion away and thanks for commenting.

  8. Sharon says: (last night).

    And now 26,000 mental health professionals have signed a petition that Trump, 45th president, is unfit to serve. This was observed before he was elected and “notable” authorities, who are psychiatrists and psychologists, wrote articles of concern, but they were mostly ignored by mainstream. It was not that hard to spot to those in the mental health field.

  9. Jan says:

    Wow, Gail. Here’s another viewpoint: Trump appears to be a highly extroverted entrepreneurial personality. They tend to think out loud on their way to reaching a conclusion. They also speak metaphorically rather than literally. This may be confusing to others with different thinking styles. (I do agree that he needs to be aware of that. However, many people believe his cabinet choices are of very high caliber and demonstrate wisdom and astute judgment.) Most people already distrust and dismiss the press, which I think is unfortunate but I do think Trump is quite accurate to challenge their bias. Take a look at who owns these organizations now and their relationships with the extremely liberal entertainment industry. The press historically was guided by people who appreciated journalistic ethics, not wealthy liberals with their own “progressive” agendas. The judicial system and the intelligence system have already been undermined to a great extent and Trump seeks to correct that. I know people I trust who have firsthand knowledge of these matters, so this is not just my opinion from afar. I am sorry to see this blog turning into a forum for political discourse.

  10. Anne says:

    I have only one comment. FAKE PRESIDENT!

  11. Dawn D Fleming says:

    Spot on Gail! I’ve always been a “glass half full” kinda gal, so I chuckled when I saw this on FB. I’m not the author, but had to Share it!

    I can’t believe I’m saying this, but it looks like Trump is actually making America great again. Just look at the progress made since the election:
    1. Unprecedented levels of ongoing civic engagement.
    2. Millions of Americans now know who their state and federal representatives are without having to google.
    3. Millions of Americans are exercising more. They’re holding signs and marching every week.
    4. Alec Baldwin is great again. Everyone’s forgotten he’s kind of a jerk.
    5. The Postal Service is enjoying the influx cash due to stamps purchased by millions of people for letter and postcard campaigns.
    6. Likewise, the pharmaceutical industry is enjoying record growth in sales of anti-depressants.
    7. Millions of Americans now know how to call their elected officials and know exactly what to say to be effective.
    8. Footage of town hall meetings is now entertaining.
    9. Tens of millions of people are now correctly spelling words like emoluments, narcissist, fascist, misogynist, holocaust and cognitive dissonance.
    10. Everyone knows more about the rise of Hitler than they did last year.
    11. Everyone knows more about legislation, branches of power and how checks and balances work.
    12. Marginalized groups are experiencing a surge in white allies.
    13. White people in record numbers have just learned that racism is not dead. (See #6)
    14. White people in record numbers also finally understand that Obamacare IS the Affordable Care Act.
    15. Stephen Colbert’s “Late Night” finally gained the elusive #1 spot in late night talk shows, and Seth Meyers is finding his footing as today’s Jon Stewart.
    16. “Mike Pence” has donated millions of dollars to Planned Parenthood since Nov. 9th.
    17. Melissa FREAKING McCarthy.
    18. Travel ban protesters put $24 million into ACLU coffers in just 48 hours, enabling them to hire 200 more attorneys. Lawyers are now heroes.
    19. As people seek veracity in their news sources, respected news outlets are happily reporting a substantial increase in subscriptions, a boon to a struggling industry vital to our democracy.
    20. Live streaming court cases and congressional sessions are now as popular as the Kardashians.
    21. Massive cleanup of facebook friend lists.
    22. People are reading classic literature again. Sales of George Orwell’s “1984” increased by 10,000% after the inauguration. (Yes, that is true. 10,000%. 9th grade Lit teachers all over the country are now rock stars.)
    23. More than ever before, Americans are aware that education is important. Like, super important.
    24. Now, more than anytime in history, everyone believes that anyone can be President. Seriously, anyone!

    Keep up the great work and words of wisdom Gail!

  12. TMac says:

    Yay Gail! Speaking truth to power!

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