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Cancer and Foreign Treatments–3rd in a Series

The incident of cancer is touching more and more lives here in the United and many other parts of the world.  Each of us knows someone who has died from it, is in treatment or is in remission.  I almost never hear of anybody being “cured”.  Then there are those who are the “survivors” of cancer.  Just the term “survivors” conjures up some pretty negative images.  Our society talks as if it is the “war on cancer”, I’m going to “fight” or “battle” this disease or how about “killing” it.

We watch our friends and loved ones who have been diagnosed with this disease and we know the stages they will go through for treatment.  Here in the USA it is pretty standard chemotherapy or targeted chemo or radiation or surgery.  All or any of these might work for awhile but the damage to the rest of the body can be extremely harsh and have lifelong repercussions.  Still we follow the course of treatment told to us and put up with the losses to taste, salivary glands, nerve damage (a friend didn’t even know her leg was broken in two places until she could see the sole of her foot when she was able to turn it towards her, her leg nerves had been so severely damaged by chemotherapy as part of her breast cancer treatment) or how about blindness from radiation causing macular degeneration to accelerate and leave the patient unable to see.

We have some wonderful medical care in the USA but we are not using treatments that have proven themselves successful in other parts of the world.  Many countries have been successful curing this disease but we never hear or read about this on our news or in our media.  It is as if there is a blackout on cancer treatments outside the USA.  Our AMA, Cancer Society and FDA have become silent, except for scare tactics on what other treatments could be options for a diagnosis of cancer.

That is why I encourage you to look outside as well as inside the United States for cures and treatments.  Doctors in the US will never say you are cured.  The law suit threat is so high that you will never hear these words.  You may say it but not the doctor.  Your cancer doctor probably knows what is going on in the world of cancer but cannot tell you as it could set him/her to lose his license.  You can, however, search for a physician who treats the whole cancer patient with integrative medicine.  There are great things going on in Germany (30 centers) and in China.  Even Latvia has a successful treatment that is well known throughout the Baltic countries, Russia and the Middle East.  Investigate what else is happening in the world of cancer treatment.

You will be the one making the decisions on your own body and your health.  Find out as much information as you can on alternative treatments that are successfully being performed outside the US.  Use your own mind and gut to make your decision.  In many ways America is far behind in the area of cancer treatments.  Much of the American concern for treatment outside this country is that the costs are not covered by insurance.  You may have to mortgage your house, fill up your credit cards or take money out of retirement to pay for it.  But, you may find that you will have years to recoup your investment, watch your children and grandchildren grow up and have treatment that doesn’t kill you off.  Many relatives of those who had cancer and died tell me that their parent, child, spouse couldn’t handle the radiation or chemotherapy treatment and died.

If you need resources in this area, please contact me as I have been gifted with unusual connections, information and contacts.  You can check them out and make informed decisions.  The diagnosis of cancer is not a death sentence, nor is it a war.  It is serious and must be addressed but the treatment should be appropriate and above all else, not “kill” the patient.


2 responses to “Cancer and Foreign Treatments–3rd in a Series”

  1. Roberta Pulido says:

    I know you from Oak Park Unity Church going back to before you moved to California. My family is a long time friend of Richard Billings and I am also the sister of Anita Bernas (Larrabee Herbs Health Food Store). I also am a long time reader of your Newsletter, I would like to take you up on your offer to share your information and contacts about cancer treatments. My husband has been treated for prostate cancer for the past few years. We have been told that the cancer has progressed to his bones. We have been trying to find doctors that go beyond the drug treatments and we are to the point of the doctors recommending treatments that we feel are questionable in the results and side effects.
    I would appreciate any information you could share that could point us to better alternatives we could try.
    Thanking you in advance, I am
    Roberta Pulido

  2. Judy Griffin says:

    You have spoken on one of my favorite subjects….alternative cancer treatments. Fortunately, I have not been touched by the disease personally, though my mother passed with pancreatic cancer 20 years ago. I wish I could have helped her then, with the knowledge I have now.
    There is a medical monopoly on cancer treatments in this country and a CANCER INDUSTRY….. Don’t get me started. I don’t want to go on a rant, so I will just give an example of my own experience with skin cancer (basal cell and squamous cell carcinomas). I went for referrals to 2 dermatologists and wasn’t impressed with the deep cutting and disfiguring techniques they offered. Two years ago, I treated myself successfully with an anti-cancer salve made mostly from bloodroot. I used it on my face and extremities. I am now treating my husband who has some cognitive impairment and can’t sit in one place and be cut on for hours in a doctor’s office (MOHS technique). The salve I bought is made in Equador. The cancer industry and dermatology hierarchy does not want to have people curing themselves of skin cancer at home, obviously. I just wanted to make this simple point in support of your much needed message to your newsletter readers. Thank you for offering to share your knowledge about this.
    Warm regards,
    Judy Griffin (RN, but with a greater respect for natural treatments)

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