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Brett Kavanaugh’s Numerology–very interesting candidate

This is a very significant candidate for the Supreme Court.  On the face of it, it would appear the perfect Supreme Court Gavel Justice Law Legal Decision 3d IllustrationRepublican choice.  He was born in Washington, D.C. and really never made it any further than working in Washington, D.C.  In that regard he is definitely living up to his number 4 destiny number of tradition and order.  However, when you look more deeply into his chart, this is a candidate who, after more seasoning on the court, could become the swing voter that prior Justice Kennedy was.  I know the Federalist Society chose him and Trump loves him but his birth chart shows that this man will go through much change going forward and will become more open to the suffering of the human condition.

Sounds odd doesn’t it? His religion, as is the majority on the court, is Catholic.  With that in mind, you would think he would be anti-abortion.  I am sure he is but how he votes could be very different.  Extreme vetting is not really going anywhere as you will never know really how he will vote when in the Chamber.

His birth name is Brett Michael Kavanaugh.  He was born February 12, 1965 so he is an Aquarian and born with  Mercury and  Venus both in the sign of Aquarius.  In that respect, he works in the future and through the mind.  His moon is in Cancer so he is a great listener, sentimental, a feeling person who is rooted in habits from the past.  He can be very attached to the old ways.  You will, therefore, see him travel to the future and yet stay stuck in the past.  In that respect he could delay his growth by looking backwards.  Over time, though, he will move towards the future. That is one reason why I think he will become the swing vote for the court.

His life path and Soul number are both the number 8.  A prior lifetime is being lived over again.  He has taken an old blueprint and is reusing it.  This means he has to double down on this number.  The big 8 represents power, authority and an understanding of how the material world works.  It has to lead.  It really never can follow and I wouldn’t be surprised if, one day, he became the Chief Justice.  As hard as that is to believe.  Now people who repeat an old program can have a very difficult time learning the lesson of the number 8.  He will tread the dangerous ground of where power lies.  Power can also corrupt.  He has to watch out he doesn’t become too self-important, arrogant or domineering thinking that his way is the only way.  I do think there is enough other energy is his chart to help balance him out but he has to be very careful.

His missing number is the number 6.  This is all about commitment and responsibility.  It also has to do with family and service.  With it missing from his chart, he has to be willing to do what others have not.  He must learn to establish sincere relationships and not to stay so heavily guarded.  He can say the right words, looks good and all but he stays heavily guarded and it can make bonds superficial.  He must learn to establish sincere relationships and even sacrifice for that relationship.  In short, he has to let his guard down.  People sense this about him and it can lend itself to loneliness without understanding why.

His personality number is the number 5, the number of freedom and change.  He can’t stand boredom so it will be interesting  how he handles himself.  Having a 5 personality and a traditional number 4 as a destiny is very challenging and I am sure he is at odds with himself quite regularly.    A key to his chart is that he has the number 5 pinnacle.  A pinnacle is a time zone one is placed in.  One has to work, live and die in the energy of that pinnacle.  In Kavanaugh’s chart, he is in a number 5 pinnacle.  This is the time of constant change with a greater need for freedom and expansion.   There is more adventure in a 5 pinnacle and it will teach him what true freedom is, unconditional love.  He will learn to know unconditional love if only indirectly.  This number 5 pinnacle will last his entire life and as he gets older, it will only get stronger.   It can be a highly spiritual path.  It all depends if he chooses to take the higher road.

He does understand the suffering of the human condition.  I do think he had a lonely childhood.  He was definitely cared for well and his physical and intellectual needs were met but his emotional needs were not.  From this he learned how humans suffer.  Deep down he is a very sentimental and sensitive man.  Appeal to his feelings to reach this man.  As a true Aquarian, he lives much in his head and can be very detached but deep down his has a very strong emotional side.  What he doesn’t have is fire energy.  He doesn’t fire himself up at all.  He works, then works some more.  He loves work.  He is extremely observant and doesn’t miss much.  He also likes being a fine dresser.  In approaching him, dress well and look good.  He loves beautiful things and quality items.  No cheap, shoddy goods.

I think in the beginning you will probably see him vote with a conservative viewpoint.  It will change over time and my guess is, he will become more moderate the longer he stays on the court.  You will see him change his ideas and decisions based more on the emotions of a situation, the fairness of the situation and the spirit of the law as much as the practice of the law.  Stay tuned.

10 responses to “Brett Kavanaugh’s Numerology–very interesting candidate”

  1. Linda Schlobohm says:

    Gail~ very interesting as always. I learn each time I read your posts. I was not happy with his “performance” on TV, but I will be more accepting if he is appointed….which most likely will happen. If he can stay on the higher road, maybe he will be an asset. I pray this is the case as we need more “higher road” people. Difficult for the better people to stand up in this political climate. Warm regards, Linda

  2. Gigi says:

    How are you feeling about Kavanaugh now?

  3. Jude says:

    I am reminded daily that our world is one of excessive and constant change and thanks to the internet we are privy to every second of every day as to what is transpiring. Keeping this in mind lends to making it more easily understood that nothing stays the same, ever, and how important it is for all of us to stay open, progressive, fair and conscious as to how our universe works diligently to keep the polarities out in front of us in order to help us to continue grow and evolve.

    I also see a grand detriment in categorizing ones existence on this planet as secular…nowadays we are immediately typecast as either Republican or Democrat and depending on what side of the street you live this will either keep you locked inside with your posse or throwing imaginary darts across the asphalt. I have been guilty of pointing fingers and turning away and must remind myself that it is the dance that we are in right now and learning these most complicated steps is what is necessary for us to be able to perform our highest and best selves.

    We are not how we vote; we are not just Catholics or Democrats or authors; these are things that we do. Lest we forget we are human beings/spiritual beings with hopes dreams and desires, First. Once we stop judging we will be able to see others more clearly and with more of the gift which God/Spirit, whomever and whatever gifted us this life…we will be able to learn how to see with our hearts.

    As always, thank you Gail.

  4. Carrie says:

    I believe he was involved in Bush’s torture memo. This is what the rethugs are hiding. He will never change because he is protected from the consequences.

  5. Hi Gail,
    Great to have the information on Kavanaugh, who many of us are very concerned about, however he is also considered to be a “shoe in” because it is believed he already has the votes to be confirmed.
    I too have a 4 destiny AND 4 life path and also my astrological Moon is in Cancer (not to mention being born and raised in the very conservative Red state of Oklahoma) and I am about as liberal as you can get so I don’t think that it is a foregone conclusion that he will continue to be “very traditional, stubborn, and predisposed to seeing things through a narrow lens.” His stellium of Sun, Mercury, and Venus in the progressive, visionary sign of Aquarius will, as you suggest, give him the push to move forward in his thinking. I am hopeful for that. With this, as with everything that happens I remind myself that there are no accidents in the universe.
    Thank you so much for your very timely and helpful take on the current events and the people who are in the forefront of what is happening.
    Blessings to you.

  6. Coleen says:

    Thank you Gail! If Kavanaugh is confirmed, this info will help me feel better about the future, but not necessarily the present. A lot of damage could be done before he wakes up and takes the high road! That being said, have you done the numerology on Mitch McConnell? Would love to hear your analysis on that character!

  7. Gigi says:

    Excuse me, I meant to say “qualities” often characterized by the term “Staunch Republican”

  8. Gigi says:

    Thanks, once again, for your insights, Gail. I just intuitively knew that he was a “4” destiny. I mostly agree with your points according to the numerology and astrology that you present. Having said this, I am unimpressed with the idea that he will change his “4” ways. His Cancer moon definitely predisposes him to reach back, clinging to ‘old’ habits and operate from past conditioning .. and can so far as to “live in the past”, so-to-speak. The two things together, 4 destiny and Cancerian Moon can produce a very traditional, stubborn, seeing this through a narrow lens, often characterized as a staunch …. Republican ! As a footnote, this may be popular knowledge, I dont know because I don’t delve too far into politics, however, I sense that Mike Pence had much to do with this nomination .

  9. david wasserman says:

    I would ask 2 key questions:

    1] Do you think he will vote to overturn ROE V WADE?

    2] Do you think he would vote to protect Trump from criminal prosecution?

  10. Gail.
    As usual, you present some very powerful and convincing arguments that seem to be well thought out on your part. If Kavanaugh is confirmed, which I hope he is not under the current circumstances of his appointment and how the Republicans are pushing to get him approved, not because they truly understand his Judicial positions and his political leanings, but simply because they want to push the Obama Supreme Court nominee (Merrick Garland) back in the Democrat’s face…. saying you can’t do to us what we did to you because we have the power…. Mitch McConnel and other who supported that action will have a lot of difficult karma to address with that action when he passes (they pass)….
    For an unindicted co-conspirator of a FELONY offence to be able to appoint a Supreme Court Justice is an unconscionable perversion of the legal system for personal and political “points”…. I don’t care which party you are….. I have been a lifelong Independent refusing to support any party.

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