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America’s Pluto Revisits the Civil War

Stand with anybody that stands RIGHT. Stand with him while he is right and PART with him when he goes wrong.”  Abraham Lincoln

We all have witnessed the white supremacists march this past Saturday in Virginia.  We are allcivil war, newspaper article text having the opportunity to feel the effects of our own Pluto in Capricorn transit that started in 2008.  In some way we are revisiting the days of the Civil War and bringing out the parts of ourselves that need to be healed.

When America was born in 1776, the planet Pluto would direct the way that the United States would evolve as a nation.  We were born with the planet Pluto in the sign of Capricorn.  It’s South Node of the moon was in Aquarius and its North Node in the sign of Leo.  This means that the rebellion against British rule was necessary for this country to take charge of its own destiny.  By doing so it established the cycle it would operate in for its entire existence.  Because of this North Node being in the sign of Leo, it would reflect that what happens in the world would depend upon what happens in the United States.  It is true to this day.  It was destined to play the role of the leader of the “free” world.

Having Pluto in Capricorn would mean that the nation would have the evolutionary lesson of how to establish their individuality and authority within  a culture or society.  The society or culture represents a collective authority that dictates how individuals are expected to conduct themselves.  Philosophies become institutionalized and politicized.

Another lesson from this Pluto in Capricorn is to learn how to be responsible for one’s own actions.  Individuals who may have manipulated others to achieve their own goals will come back with subconscious guilt patterns as a result of prior lives misbehavior.  You see this pattern in the German people who have national Soul guilt as a result of the holocaust.

In America there are subconscious guilt patterns over the treatment of African Americans and slavery.  We are just coming to terms with this guilt as we revisit the same Pluto in Capricorn at our birth.  We have never had to deal with it as we will now.  The awareness of this transit enforces lessons of social and emotional maturity to grow up and get on with being a fully integrated world nation.  This transit must occur to enforce this lesson in our lives.

Guilt is an interesting thing to watch occur.  It can happen through an inner awareness of the failure to utilize a person’s potential or the same guilt can be projected outward as in blaming the bad conditions of their lives on society or on others in general.  What you were watching marching down the streets of Charlottesville this past Saturday was guilt.  It was a projection of blaming the bad conditions of their lives (mostly young white males) on society or on others in general.

If the United States will reflect upon the evolving nature of its structure and allow for structural changes, its outmoded behavior will weaken so that growth at various levels of reality can occur.  The rise and fall of nations occurs as its awareness enforces or discourages social and emotional maturity.

All the outmoded behaviors are now out there for you to see.  We even have a President who is part of the outmoded structure.  His reluctance to criticize the Far Right movement and his inability to accept blame for his actions or his mistakes reinforces the old ways with its inability to assimilate.  America is at a crucial crossroads where it is facing its own mortality.  There is a sense in America, because of our Pluto in Capricorn, that all of us have a deep “inner sense of what is ultimately right and wrong.”  ….We may not know exactly why something is right or wrong; our judgment derives from this inner sense or intuition.”  Pluto The Evolutionary Journey of the Soul, Volume 1, Jeff Green.

Will the South rise again?  Will the Confederate statues (there are still 700 of them out there) stand?  Will we revisit the modern day forms of Jim Crow laws?  Do we really believe that the white male in this society has been segregated and treated as second class citizens?  Will we speak up or will we remain silent?  It is America’s moment of truth.  It had to happen now.  The new structures will come out of the old during the remaining years of this Pluto in Capricorn transit or America will not be the world power it is today.  “The day will come when the United States ‘will fall from grace.’  One day it will not be the world power that it is today; it will be one nation among many.  This will force a restructuring of the national Soul so that a new collective self-image can evolve.  The national sense of security linked with being a world power will have to change as a result of this evolutionary necessity.”  “Pluto, The Evolutionary Journey of the Soul”, Volume 1, Jeff Green

The day has come, the path is being revisited.  We are on our way to a new collective self-image.  You are watching the action in the front row seat.  Do you like what you see?  Do you understand the national Soul of America?  Are you willing to do what it takes to help her take her place among nations?  It will not be done with bullying, lying, cheating and leaning on guns and religions.  It will not be done by blaming others for our own mistakes.  We are having to learn to be responsible and aware and that can be the hardest part.



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  1. Kris Saba says:

    It looks like Taliban has come to our country. Don’t remove works of art and rewrite history.

  2. Gail Minogue says:

    America will always be a world power but when this transit is done, it will be a power among many. Even today with all her military capabilities, she cannot use them as the costs would be too high. America is going through her first Pluto return. This means a complete look and evaluation as to what she is, has done and how close she has adhered to her original blueprint. This will establish a different America going forward but not until our current transit is done. The second half of the 20′s will show a very different way of structuring our way of governing.
    Regarding Russia, it is very difficult to do her blueprint. She has changed governments and land masses so many times, it would be hard to confirm her plan. The Russian psyche likes very strong leaders and gravitates to them. Looking at its history, you will see the pattern continuing. Putin is just another.

  3. Gail Minogue says:

    Hi Chris,
    Interesting take on all these statues and monuments. It all started back in 1894 by the United Daughters of the Confederacy who wanted to commemorate Confederate soldiers and promote the “Lost Cause” movement. It really took off in the 1920’s at the same time as the Jim Crow laws. They wanted to memorialize the war and “maintain a truthful record” of the noble and chivalric achievements of their veterans. They also wanted to teach the next generation “a proper respect for the pride in the glorious war history.” It was sort of a mythical depiction of the Civil War and Confederacy. According to author Kristina DuRocher “like the KKK’s children’s groups, the UDC utilized the Children of the Confederacy to impart to the rising generations their own white-supremacist vision of the future.”
    Their organization was very successful at raising money to build monuments, lobbying legislatures and Congress for the reburial of Confederate dead, and working to shape the content of the history textbooks.
    Along with the Sons of the Confederate Veterans, the UDC dedicated themselves to “celebrating the Confederacy and rather thinly veiled support for white supremacy….I think that also is the….. again not very deeply hidden agenda of the Confederate flag issue in several Southern states.” Historian James M. McPherson.
    Today the United Daughters of the Confederacy still has offices in Richmond, Virginia and membership of close to 20,000. They donated $50,000 for the construction of a Confederate memorial hall on the campus of Vanderbilt University in 1935. By August, 2016, the university returned $1.2 million to them after it was agreed to remove the word “Confederate” from the building.

  4. Gail Minogue says:

    Pluto transit ends in Capricorn February 2024. We still have lots more change coming. Things will start reversing themselves once it is over.

  5. Chris says:

    Just heard a military advisor on TV mention that in addition to the statues/memorials that should be removed/relocated/etc. There are 5, count ’em, 5 military bases named for CSA officers…two of them are Bragg and Beauregard (you can Google the others) So, when the military, who moves slowly on cultural stances, suggests that it’s time for those forts/bases be changed and should instead be re-named for Medal of Honor recipients from those states…it’s a big deal. BTW when is the Pluto transit over???

  6. Sharon says:

    So far today 12 business leaders have resigned from the White House business councils with some making public statements condemning Trump,
    while others have publicly exited, as well as the very public condemnation. It is heartening to see this kind of corporate leadership who will not tolerates bigotry and domestic terrorism. It’s heartening to have a front row seat (as you put it, Gail) of those standing up for America and the very soul of our country.

  7. Debbie says:

    …and it must also explain the guilt of angry male African Americans, in our country, that kill, burn, loot & cause violence to their own race & in their own neighborhoods because of their own African ancestors, that sold them to whites & spaniards, worldwide in slavery.
    If you have ever been to some of these sites, (I have) you would know this. Whites (US, Dutch, French, Itailian, English, Itailian, Spaiards…you name them, all came to buy them…but the affluent African Blacks, sold their own & if they were rejected to be bought…the wooden floor beneath them went open & they were fed to sharks.
    There’s some guilt…Big Guilt !!!!!

  8. Gail, I have been saying this without knowing about the Pluto transit. We are, indeed, riding the beam of a powerful evolutionary impulse. In order to make changes, the remnants of the old paradigm are making noise because they are afraid. Deep down, these folks now they are no longer supported by the universe. We have a tremendous opportunity to take responsibility at the individual level do anything in our power to foster the healing needed to shift from the love of power to the power of love. Instead of complaining, if each one of us does something that supports the evolutionary impulse towards healing, equality, peace, justice, resources and freedom for all. In a none violent way, we will open to the healing needed to tip the paradigm. Thank you for a wonderful post. For the renaissance to flourish, the dark ages had to succumb. We are at the verge of a new renaissance. I rather use my energy becoming an agent of change than blaming and projecting guilt. Sending hugs, love and protection to all. We can do this!

  9. Debbie says:

    ….and that responsibility means taking your life in your own hands & not thinking that someone else OWES you something.
    I don’t blame the President anymore than you can blame the last President for widening the racial gap, further than it had been in the last twenty years & at the same time lining his own pockets, while doing absolutely nothing for his (he’s 35% African American) race.
    Start practicing Chinese, you’re going to need it.

  10. Debbie says:

    One mans quote means only that to him

  11. Sharon says:

    Thank you for sharing. Totally feel the soul of our country is at stake!

    I live in Az. and Trump is already opining he will pardon Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who was found guilty of racial proving by the Justice Dept. and was to be sentenced in October. It’s unheard for any president to pardon someone this early in their presidency and even before they are sentenced. White Nationalism continues, as well as the swamp filling up and overflowing with white male power, money and influence.

    I highly recommend watching this interview on cultural evolution:
    We must evolve…while we still have the opportunity to create a new and higher vision.

  12. Karen says:

    The excerpt you quoted talks about America no longer being a world power, and I believe that in the past you said
    that America always would be one. Am I misunderstanding something? Does the Pluto cycle end in 2020? It’s interesting the purpose and time that these statues were placed. I read that Lee realized he was wrong to fight to keep slavery and didn’t want anything built in his memory. He didn’t want to be buried In his uninform and his men didn’t wear their uniforms at his funeral. My hope is that we find a way to heal our country.

    Since each nation has their own life path if you ever feel inspired I would be interested
    In learning about Russia including (because Putin jails, etc. his opponents) will be ever leave office?

  13. P Truman says:

    I would seem that there is a universal male guilt for the thousands of years of denigrating, raping, killing, maining, and using women a pack animals and disposable. There is a collective guilt in male race that needs to be healed as the more feminine aspects in the universe are arising to her rightful place as a co-equal, balanced Yin and Yang instead of over arching male supremacy. The energetic loving impulse has begun and nothing can stop it for it is its own time to come into being. Divine Mother/Father God is awaking and arising and signs of it are everywhere. Bless p

  14. Elaine Sonne says:

    Excellent perspective. Thank you.

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