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America will be fine long term–Get Involved

Looking forward and looking back are always emphasized at this time of year.  The year of the monkey, 2016, certainly was

Symbol of the Aquarian Age

Symbol of the Aquarian Age

really a doozy.  It’s amazing people have much skin left on their hands as there has been so much hand wringing.  Gnashing of teeth as well.  It has been an exhausting year.  It could look as if the sky is falling–but it isn’t.  Long term, the United States is going to do very well and future projections look good.  We just have some corrections to make as we move forward.

One of the things that America has not addressed very well is its’ dark side.  This effective Pluto transit in Capricorn that has been running through America’s chart since 2008 and completes in 2024 will make us focus on our own dirt.  We revisit a time when America last experienced this transit from 1762 through 1778 when our democracy was created.  Now we are testing the principles that were created during this period.  We are resolving unfinished business from this same time.  Pluto always exposes and this time is no different.  Many things are painful to see and hear but we need to address them.  We are looking at the shadow side of power, greed and our own bias.  The government itself is being exposed for what it is not and what it’s limits are.  Big government will continue to erode as we are given fake news, crazy messages and inefficiencies.  There is lots of unfinished business left over from the earlier Revolutionary days.

You can see what needs to heal and change.  We have elected a person who will help expose dirt, show us the fake news, expose our brashness, and basically weaken both parties.  It looks like an old-fashioned keystone cops movie and it does have consequences.  One of these consequences is very positive, Americans will start to get out of their apathy.  Greater power will start flowing to the local level.  In fact this is the area where you want to be involved.  The effects of forwarding emails to your list and feeling that you have accomplished something is delusional.  Going to your local representative’s meetings and bringing a group of friends to show you either are for or against their actions is powerful.  Remember, all, repeat, all elected officials live for getting elected and maintaining their power.  It is important to get a critical mass of people together.  Remember we won a Revolution by active participation of the citizens.  They didn’t fake it, they lived it.

As we do this, we will get better at self-governing.  It will become very important over the next four years.  Get your neighbors involved.  It will now take citizen participation as the government structure itself is crumbling to rebuild, in time, a new structure.  It might feel as if it cannot protect you.

You will start to see deep changes to the way the US operates.  Some of these are essential to our future success.  Certainly the school system needs changing as only 50% of our inner city high school students graduate.  The kids who do graduate are not necessarily job ready.  We have allowed this to happen.  In Germany, for instance, two-thirds of 15 or 16 year old’s go to vocational school.  These vocational schools work with local businesses so the kids get a certificate that leads to a job.  (Bloomberg Businessweek, December 26, 2016).  Remember too, that 145 million people work in America, 125 million of them work for private enterprise, 20 million work for government.  We hold our firemen, police, teachers etc. in high regard but if you didn’t have the 125 million workers, you can’t pay for the other 20.  Business has to be acknowledged for its enormous benefit to our society.  We just need to understand the difference between outright greed of some businesses and the help smaller and mid-size businesses need to prosper and grow.

It’s all uncertain but it all is progressing.  Charlies Munger, Warren Buffet’s partner for many years has stated it quite well.  He made some famous comments back in 2011 that I think are worthwhile repeating:

On Adversity:

“Quitting under adversity or while being frightened just brings contempt.  Living with adversity is the best chance for opportunity.  There will always be panicky people.  If someone else panics and you’re calm, people will remember the calm one:

On Lifetime Learning:

“You have to be a lifelong learner to appreciate this stuff.  We think of it as a moral duty.  Increasing rationality and improving as much as you can no matter your age or experience is a moral duty”

On Public Pension Plans:

Public pensions are quite dishonorable.  A police officer who earns $50,000 a year can work all this overtime in his last year and, because of it, collect a $100,000 pension for life.  Of course, people think it’s OK because he’s an honorable police officer.  But it’s evil and overaggressive.  It’s wrong to have people behaving like that”.

On Unemployment:

“I would be flabbergasted if jobs bounce back.  Unemployment will be a considerable problem for a considerable amount of time.  But it doesn’t have to ruin your life.  I was raised during the Depression, and people dealt with it.  People with gumption today will deal with it.”

On Humility:

“I like people admitting they were complete stupid horses’ asses.  I know I’ll perform better if I rub my nose in my mistakes.  This is a wonderful trick to learn.”

The long term prognosis for America is very good. She will remain the bastion in a world of chaos.  Going forward 10, and 25 years, she does very well.  She just has to complete this Revolutionary period.  Act as if you are a citizen in a Revolution.  Get involved.  Going to conferences is nice but better still is your active participation at the core of governance.  The local level.  We have great imbalance in almost all areas of governing.  If you want this changed, and my letters and comments from you say you do, you must act differently.  It is not enough to listen to the choir, go where you can influence.  The sooner the citizens are actively involved and out of their apathy, the sooner some of this shock and awe behavior will diminish.

We are progressing.  We zig and zag and perhaps retreat for a while, but we are always evolving upwards.  America has a job in the world and isn’t “making America great again”.




8 responses to “America will be fine long term–Get Involved”

  1. Chris Foutris says:

    Point 1) I receive a public pension…as a PUBLIC SCHOOL TEACHER for 35 years-years that I paid in to along with SS–but cannot receive SS as it is seen as “double dipping” by the same people in my state who blithely dipped in again and again (never paying back-mind you) into mine and other teacher pensions so that our state makes us out to be villains in our state’s financial woes. Teachers aren’t in it for the money…but we deserve our pay and …We knowingly deferred many raises in salary for the benefits of our pension. Ironic, isn’t it?
    I have a Masters plus 60 post grad credits…so while my pension is commensurate with my last 5 years of earning…I am only getting what I ( and my predecessors before me ) earned.
    Point 2) I wholeheartedly agree that coming together in small local groups is the way to thwart this challenge of a leader…(Michael Moore limned this out recently) and have already made inroads to support my local county movers and shakers and be involved granularly.
    Point 3) And I was just talking to fellow educators about this yesterday. Although our district did have a good partner in skill-based occupations in lieu of college…we teachers faced some opposition in our community. Everyone is focused on how many students go on to two and four year institutions, but don’t readily support students whose talents lay elsewhere. I clashed more than once with administrators who could not for the life of them acknowledge that our community’s social strength was enhanced by a vibrant class-to-work ethic. My argument was always that a college degree was wonderful, but you, we, I need skilled people to fix our pipes, build our homes, cut our hair and repair our cars, and we do a disservice to our students and adults whose talents lead them to those vocations.
    Point 4) For the last time: GOVERNMENT and EDUCATION and BUSINESS are NOT the same and cannot be run on the same model.

  2. Gail Minogue says:

    Hi Debbie,

    America’s destiny is not about making herself great again. She has always been a great nation and a beacon of hope for the world. Campaign catch phrases appeal to many who think that America was once great and no longer is. She has issues and corrections to make as she evolves into the ideals of civil and personal liberties. She is to become the melting pot of the world and cannot be satisfied with self-accomplishment alone. Her call is to greater world service using her hard won freedom and her genius for assimilation. She will continue to self-correct but she has, at all times, an over-shadowing invisible heirarchy that assists in her progress. Her chart at birth is extremely fortunate. In times of trouble or crisis, her direction remains the same. She remains a land of mystical symbols and dedicated souls who helped birth this sacred land. She was always great.

  3. Sharon says:

    I agree with you, Gail, about getting involved locally. And I appreciate Marianne Williamson’s article and the conference that also will facilitate people doing so nationally.

  4. Debbie says:

    Of course it’s about making America, Great Again.
    Just like on an airplane when it’s in trouble, if you as the adult don’t put your mask on first & get your breathing under control & oxygen into You….you won’t be able to help someone, smaller that depends on you.
    ….and right now…America, does need to be Great Again. We need to take care of our children, seniors, inner cities, education, health care, hunger & military…when we are doing better…we can do better for others.

  5. deborah says:

    reading this, confirms what to expect in the future. i like that. i also feel in my bones, change. can t always satisfy every one. i have some ideas i d like to see to help slow down our government and your tax spending. altho i do see our taxes for state s will go up, due the the Obama ACA which has put the federal in a deeper hole, this is all way past due and allow many behind issue s get away with it. our government needs some shaking up and get rid of those creeps that lie and fool the people. the new Admin. will have a larger mess on their hands.

  6. scott says:

    easy Carrie, maybe before you RE-act and have resentment look deep into the entire pension issue…its so easy to be a critic! but then again I suppose you believe Socialism is the answer and blaming selfish white males…WOW guess this anger challenge will continue until we have open and INTELLIGENT discussions, balanced decisions, social justice & effective social programs…these things are possible…but guess this reply could go on for thousands of pages…should i give a one sided biased answer or delve deep with balance, discernment and compassion…only to be ignored by the ignorant and lazy not willing to spend the time to learn the truth hidden deep within…guess I will save my words for those who are open, who listen and then share, not attack.
    best wishes from one of those rare white males…falsely accused as angry or now even selfish…I am quite happy with life and generous (in a tzedakah sort of way)
    wishing everyone a happy and healthy New Year

  7. Hello,
    Of course, not all public pensions are huge. Charlie Munger Sr. was speaking to behavior in particular pensions where there has been abuse. Charlie Munger wasn’t a Trump or Sanders support.

  8. Carrie says:

    I resent the implication that public pensions are huge! It is an exaggeration, if not a outright lie! Sure the police and firemen have worked out quite a good ole boy deal for themselves!( selfish white males)!!
    But most on public pensions are struggling! And it all pales in comparison to the one percent like tRump not paying any taxes! This is republican propaganda! The changes that were brought about by the Roosevelt administration brought my parents out of poverty and into middle class life and sent three kids to college. It was what Bernie has been talking about! We Berniecrats. Just took over the local Democratic Party. Eventually we will get the whole state!

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