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$.99 cents Store Bridal Registry–Sign of the Times

Did she register at the $.99 Store?

I was reading the Los Angeles Times yesterday and I noticed the big $.99 Store advertisement.   With the usual inexpensive items there were more fresh food products.  Amazing stuff if you know how to shop wisely.  I could buy 2 pounds of bananas for $1.00, very fresh broccoli for $1.00, celery, various bags of fresh fruit all for $1.00.  In the upper right-hand corner of the ad was the Bridal Registry.  That’s correct.  Along with registering for your wedding at Bloomingdale’s, Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, you can now register at the $.99 Store.

What a sign of our times!  The store is very smart in picking up the need for wedding guests, who may be unemployed or underemployed, to be able to give gifts to the bride-to-be.  You can buy 10 plates for $1.00, or how about 2 bowls for a dollar.  Hey, you can even give the bride and grooms “food”.  There are lots of cans and packages of food and bathroom supplies.

The recession continues.  Yes, there is a very, very slow recovery beginning but, so far, except for a few key areas in the United States (like Silicon Valley in California) people remain out of work and underemployed.  As I stated in a recent post, 70% of America’s employed are in in service type jobs–retail clerks, lab technicians etc.  These are hardly the jobs that will help people buy houses and new cars.  The contraction continues across America.    It is a time to shop the $.99 Store for your wedding gifts.   How about some candles–just in case the electricity is turned off.

One response to “$.99 cents Store Bridal Registry–Sign of the Times”

  1. Ben says:

    funny ! loved the 99c registry joke ! LOL !

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