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Retirement is a Fading Dream - Sep 28, 2016

I was speaking with my younger attorney the other day and he was remarking how the current baby boomer generation (those born just after World War ll) is the last of a group that had it really good. He went on to say they didn’t realize that they had to really save for retirement and plan ahead. He was implying that they thought the dance would go on forever. He sees them now as clients who don’t have enough in retirement and never thought that much about living this long. They had all the opportunities not available to the younger generation and somehow squandered their moment in the sun

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Incarnate and Excarnate–Part 2 - Sep 20, 2016

Once we are born and experiencing our lives here, we rarely think about how to get back out of here or what happens to us when we do. Since the majority of us have no recollection of the planning of our lives, we have little understanding of the process of birth and death, also called “getting out of here”. We all have to do it and it scares the silly out of most of the population…especially in modern society.

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Incarnate and Excarnate–Part 1 - Sep 13, 2016

I have been doing more studying on important 7 year Soul cycles that we all experience during a lifetime here on earth. I have always found them fascinating and accurate. They help point out to us when we will be experiencing deeper changes in our Soul and Spirit. Even though there seems to be much chaos going on in everyday earth life, there is an order that is ongoing and dependable. We can use this rhythm to help ourselves understand our own destiny. One of humankind’s great losses has been its disconnect from the world of Soul and Spirit and its emphasis on the physical body. Because of this disconnect, we fear death, have no understanding of life after death, what the death process actually is, what happens well before conception, during pregnancy and the important 3 month period that follows the birth process.

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Dying Piscean Age, Trump and #2 - Sep 6, 2016

I’ll be so glad when this election season is over and we can stop the poll numbers and ads and crazy rants and she said, he said and lots of gotcha moments. This almost takes us back to the original elections when our founding fathers basically threw anything they could at each other.

No matter the outcome of this election, the Piscean Age is ending. We are seeing many examples of its death rattle. This election is showing you the past and the bridge to the future. If you can, try to see this as a transition time as we leave an old way of thinking, living and believing behind. The old Piscean Age served its’ purpose in creating a collective. The biggest tool to do that was “fear”. We move forward into the new Age of Aquarius filled with fear and learning how to release it and let it not control our lives any more.

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