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2015 The big No. 8 year

“I am One that transforms into Two,

I am Two that transforms into Four,

I am Four that transforms into Eight.

After this I am One again.”

—–Egyptian (Hermopolitan) creation myth

There are many changes coming in the new number 8 year.  I’ll be speaking and writing about them during the early part of

Universal Year #8--2015

Universal Year #8–2015

2015.  The overall flavor for a number 8 year is material progress.  Many of the large-scale plans that have been sitting in Congress or in your own cabinet, will come out this year to be put in motion.  The year will start out as somewhat unstable as reorganization takes place but new businesses will be formed and there should be a general upswing in the economy.  We can expect more advances in engineering and technology and a payout for long-deliberated and prepared sectors of the economy.

The number 8 is all about power–both the abuse and use of power.  This number also rules karma.  You/we will reap what we have sowed.  The number 8 year is the culmination and harvest of the last 7 years.  Here comes payback for good or bad.   Be extremely careful about what you say and do now as unseen eyes are watching.  Do not cheat on taxes, parking, signing etc.  Have good judgment and be responsible.  It is important to see things in broader terms.  It is a business year and if power is abused, there will be a price to pay.  The unseen has a remarkable ability to collect either through health challenges, emotional challenges or financial challenges so use your ambition wisely in an eight year.  The tendency is to push through with your plans no matter what.  Be wise, be strong and stay connected.  I will continue more next month on the sectors of our society that will be of focus in 2015.




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