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15 year old shooters and the connection to the 3rd soul cycle

Over several years we have been experiencing school shootings that are mainly acted out by young men and consistently Special Force Training Military Camp Secret Service Agent Handsoaround the age of 15 years.  Why is it so common to see this age pop up for the shootings?  Sometimes we see the young man at 14.  Other times we see the young man’s age at 16.  It is usually right in this window of 14-16.  What can we understand about this critical age that is completely unknown to psychologists and others who try to study this phenomena?

As I have repeatedly said, we have invisible systems working at all times.  We dismiss these as babble or we have no conception of what is an invisible system.  We welcome invisible radio waves, wind etc. but we dismiss many other invisible mediums.  One of these is the invisible Soul system that operates in 7 year cycles.  It begins at age 7.  Each Soul cycle last one year.  So the first Soul cycle is completed at age 8.  This first cycle is intended to assist the new Soul in adjusting to the environment and people who will be directing and guiding the first 7 years of her life.  The personality is being molded and the family of origin is extremely important during these first 7 years.  The Soul is still very dependent upon this group.

After age 8, the Soul along with its personality begins to step out into the world to start the workings of its independence, making up its own mind and joining with others outside the family of origin.  The child would become active with sports, friends, all kinds of activities and the pulling away from the family of origin to begin the world’s journey.  This next cycle, the 2nd cycle, lasts 7 years and takes the child to the critical age of 14.  At fourteen, the personality and Soul begin to learn how to handle emotions.  This is the critical and difficult Soul cycle as the child must now try on emotions and manage itself in the outside world.  This 3rd Soul cycle critical year is age 14 -15.  This 3rd cycle of learning how to work with emotions takes the child to age 21 where it will begin its 4th Soul cycle or the age of 21-22, completing the 4th cycle at age 28.

What should be known about this early cycles, is that each one of these is effecting specific glands that are activated during the Soul cycle year.  Sometimes these glands operate and develop perfectly but other times they do not.  The activity of the gland can dictate the behavior of the person.  It is not uncommon that from the age of 14 to 21 that young adults have serious emotional and behavioral problems.  Parents and professionals should be aware of this zone of change and prepare themselves for it.  Of course, we use reasons of the terrible teens or that their children have disappeared and in their place is a monster.  If one can understand this is 7 year transition to develop the emotional system for the person, we can be more understanding and better yet prepare and understand these children prior to reaching this critical age.

Another note on this subject, boys are extremely sensitive creatures.  In our society we still do not allow crying, or sensitive behavior on the part of boys.  In many respects, they are more sensitive than girls.  Girls may be more emotional but boys are extremely sensitive and, for the more part, are not allowed to express their emotions without being bullied, ridiculed or punished.  It is an aware society that can help our children and prepare and support young males as they journey through these tumultuous years of the 3rd Soul cycle.   I am not surprised by these shootings.  I am deeply saddened that we still don’t know of these important cycles and their effect on us.  The cycles are ongoing every 7 years and each of us is affected.  You should know the cycle you are in so you can assist yourself in your Soul’s journey.






3 responses to “15 year old shooters and the connection to the 3rd soul cycle”

  1. Terry says:

    Thanks Gail

  2. Gail, thank you for this. I’m well aware of the 7 year cycles. I learned about these from my core shamanic teacher, Alberto Villoldo. Each 7 year cycle coincides with the development of a chakra, beginning with the root chakra that has to do with safety and security. The second chakra is about power and the desire to connect. And the third is about our sense of self, our boundaries and our standards. My own feeling is that damaged 14 & 15 year olds never reconciled the first round of their encounter with power, so they have no boundaries and sense of self, and so they may project this outward or inward. And, we seem to be a second chakra, adolescent country as well, trying to find a sense of self and settle into our standards. Would love your thoughts on this!

  3. Excellent article, as usual.
    Several years ago you wrote about young men being drawn to terrorist groups and a specific cycle from The I Ching. Any changes or next forecast from that angle?

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