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Prince–the Performer leaves the Stage - Apr 26, 2016

It’s always interesting to look at the blue print used by a Soul at entry point. As you know, we all arrive with one. It’s the invisible plan that awaits discovery. A few of us discover it but most of us let it sit on the shelf and ignore our inner selves–usually until a crisis hits. The crisis hit Prince and he exited out of here. What was his plan? Why did he leave now and was it on time–or in the bigger scheme of things, premature? Prince was to have even bigger fame the longer he stayed here.

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To Hell and Back and Still Standing - Apr 19, 2016

The current conception of the ideal is to have the perfect day where you can speak, do, think and act from your highest potential of who you are. Sounds good to me! We try our best to be patient with situations, tolerate difficult people, go the extra mile to get work accomplished and then from nowhere comes the hit. It can be a phone call that changes your life forever,

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Rules of Trading Applied to Life - Apr 12, 2016

Many years ago I attended a lecture on trading in chaos and uncertainty. The times have changed since then and the markets are very different. We now have algorithms and electronic trading but there are rules that we still apply. Here are a few that can be used for trading and for success in life:

The safest time to make a move is when there is the most uncertainty.

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