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Keep Your Eyes on the Prize - Sep 23, 2015

What is the prize? Do we actually get one in this lifetime. Did we ever think about it? We definitely think about goals and seta man holding up a gold trophy cup as a winner in a competition up our plans to achieve something. I distinctly remember the old “Crackerjack” boxes where there was a prize buried in the bottom. You couldn’t eat the candy coated popcorn fast enough to get to the prize. I do think most of us want something more in life, more money, more success, better relationships, good health, a new car. a better place to live and a good night’s sleep.

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Repair and Recovery–Setting Up a New Life - Sep 15, 2015

We are all experiencing a sort of collective hangover from horrible transits, a major solar eclipse and the end of Saturn in Diversity of the MindScorpio. Hang on to your sanity, your sense of humor and your wallet. If you think the world has gone mad, it has. Don’t look for the old institutions to save you, they are also hung over from neglect, greed and too much sauce. These last 10 days and this week are really humdingers. Many people feel assaulted by bad news. The last few years have truly tested our strength and our courage. Many have had life altering events from deaths, illness to financial reversals. Since September, 2012, most people have been tested to the utmost. The last hurrah of crazy was this past weekend and the grand poo-pah is this Thursday. It ends with many knocked down for the count. When Thursday, the 17th arrives, rest and gradually come back to life. As we come out of this long hard period, we meet a Mercury Retrograde which lasts through October 9th. Be easy on

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Managing Ourselves Better–Can We? - Sep 8, 2015

No matter what you do or how good your plans are, things happen. They seem to happen at the most trying time and they do,LOUD NOISE TO CHILD many times, come in 3’s. Today I discovered rusty streaks of water running down the walls of the stairway. It looks like the air conditioner piping broke in the attic. It’s expected to be 95 degrees in Los Angeles today. They are announcing a “heat alert” on the radio. This comes on top of two other event that one had no control over. This is definitely a test! First you consider the hot night ahead, then the amount of money needed to correct this hits you.

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Wisdom–from the Writings of White Eagle - Sep 3, 2015

“When you learn to love, wisdom grows within you.  We always couple wisdom and love, because true love brings wisdom.  You cannot separate wisdom from love.  To love truly is to put the spiritual good, the growth, and the evolution of your brother or sister first.  You want to see him or her growing in

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