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Your Personal Year in Universal Year 2012

Each of us has a personal year inside of the universal year.  2012 is a No. 5 Universal Year.  It probably is not your personal year as well.  Your personal year is much more specific and is an indication of how to direct your life this year.  You discover your Personal Year by adding your month and day of birth together.  You add that number to the No. 5 year.  For example:  If you are born July 3rd, you would add 7 + 3 = 1.  Now add the No. 1 to the No 5 Universal Year and you will get your Personal Year No. 6.   If you happen to have a 5 Personal Year in a 5 Universal Year, it is an intensely strong year of the number 5.  The following description will assist you in how to respond to 2012:


It begins in January, however, the old energy from the previous year can linger for several months with the new Personal Year.  Those born later in the year feel its effect later in the year.  It is normal for years to overlap.  The first two months of each year always clean up energy of the old year.  Things do not move out much before March.

1) Personal YearThis is a year of new beginnings, planting new seeds, making new contacts, going out and networking.  Don’t sit home and wait.  Develop a plan for what you want in the next nine years and start working on it.  This is a powerful year for what you plant will have a great affect on the eight years to follow.  It is a time to make those changes you have been thinking about.  Move, change jobs, focus on your birthing of new ideas.  Relationships should stay in the background until next year as you focus on what you need to do.  Stay busy, explore.  Be independent.   Be brave.

2) Personal YearAfter a busy year, this year you are entitled to some peace and quiet.  The seeds you planted last year are growing.  Now is the time to study and gain the knowledge that will help you with the plans you started last year.  Patience is called for this year.  Much tact, diplomacy and compromising is asked of you.  Attend to details be calm.  Companionship will be very important to you this year.  You will not want to be alone and it is a good time to establish some type of union in your relationships or a very important new relationship.

3) Personal YearThis is a year when you will expand upon the things you have started two years ago.   You will change your appearance, be more social, entertain many people and enjoy yourself.  Be active and keep things on the light side.  Short vacations are highlighted.  Don’t lose sight of your goals but be primarily concerned with focusing your creative gifts this year.  Creativity will be increased and you may find yourself being more artistic and expressive. It can be a more enjoyable year.  Watch your weight.  Since things can expand, so can your body.  It is an okay year to move.

4) Personal YearAfter a year of fun, now you roll up your sleeves and get back to work.  This is your year to be productive and organized.  No goofing off.  Even if you feel stuck and overworked, keep disciplined and don’t quit or leave your job unless you have something better to go to.  The more effort you give the more will be your reward.  Look over your plans again and correct errors in them.  Solve problems now.  You are building for the future.  Work and productivity are your focus.  Be orderly, methodical and structured.  Not the best year to move unless you have a fabulous job waiting and an ironclad contract that pays you well if the situation changes.

5) Personal YearHere comes your freedom year.  You have earned the right to vacation and and make changes.  Look over everything that needs change.  Is it the job, the relationship, the way you think?  Get out and experience life, seek change.  However, changes must be useful ones.  Look at your whole life style and make changes accordingly.  Don’t become too restless but make the changes now.  This directly affects your residency and often your job.  Be willing to get out of your rut and make constructive changes.  You may not have all the information you might normally receive to make a decision.  Take the risk.

6) Personal YearThis is the home and family year.  Your emphasis is in these two areas.  Make them the center of your life now.  You will have more responsibility with them and you must guard against feeling overburdened.  Finish whatever you start.  No half-baked loaves of bread.  Plan time for the family and things that need to be done in the home.  There may be an adjustment in the home such as an addition of a new family member or someone goes off to college, marriage or divorce.  You will be needed and feel loved.  It can wear you out if you say “yes” to too many requests.  The community service work is also emphasized now.  Watch your energy.

7) Personal YearThis is an inner year, time to get in touch with yourself.  Not a socially active year nor is it a time to push for things in the material world.   Wait for those next year.  An excellent year for you to reflect upon the past six years and evaluate what you want to keep in your life, what changes you need to make and put closure on some things.  Take time to be alone, especially in nature and to keep your own counsel.  You might want to take some higher education classes this year.  Go to a spa, it’s a year of quiet.  If you push business too much, you will wear yourself out and be disappointed at the end of the year with what you did not accomplish.  This is a year of investing time in yourself.  Restore yourself and spend time alone.

8 ) Personal YearThis is your big business year.  Concentrate on going after what you want.  Ask for that promotion, raise etc.  Call the client you have always wanted to get.  Don’t take “no” for an answer.  Keep at it.  Be forceful and determined.  Tend to the details of work and money.  Be very efficient.  This is the year of rewards.  You must have the nerve to ask for what you want.  Your ship is in, so don’t be at the airport.  Harvest!

9) Personal YearTime to clean up and clear out.  Let’s get rid of things in your life that no longer should be there.  Is it a marriage that needs to finally end.  A job that has long outlived its’ usefulness or a house that needs to be sold?  You will feel that many things are coming to an end.  Some people will move out of your life.  Be patient.  You are getting everything in order.  Remember, that also includes cleaning out your closets.  This is not a year of new beginnings.  If possible do not start new businesses, jobs, relationships etc. now.  It is a year of endings, not beginnings.  Travel overseas if you can and do some type of charitable work this year.  You are going on to new and better things next year.  Clean up your life, including your debts, and avoid depression by helping others in need.  Do not buy a new house, car etc. in a 9 year.–That goes for new relationships.  It is not the year for it.

4 responses to “Your Personal Year in Universal Year 2012”

  1. Kate Lewis says:

    Happy New Year Gail. My personal number is 5! I’m ready to make the changes for a spectacular year.
    In March, I’m going to Best Friends Animal Sancuary in Kanab, Utah (in the heart of Zion National Forest).
    I will volunteer there for 8 days to help out with and train the dogs in the 2,000 acre refuge where no
    animal is turned away. BF is the place that took all of Michael Vic’s Pits and rehabilitated them. Many of
    them found their forever homes because of BF.stellar efforts. I may want to pack it all in and move there
    to spend my “golden years” surrounded by DOGS. That would be my heaven on earth.

    Thank you for this information along with all of the time and effort you put into your newsletters. I look
    forward to them. Be well and God bless. Kate

  2. Midge says:

    Hi Gail,
    It is Midge Simms from the Chicago area. Just verifying my personal year as a “5”.
    Birthday of January 4 1+4=5 Personal Year

    Thanks again for all your knowledge.

  3. gmt clock says:

    I’ve gone ahead and bookmarked at so my friends can see it too. I simply used Your Personal Year in Universal Year 2012 as the entry title in my bookmark, as I figured if it is good enough for you to title your blog post that, then you probably would like to see it bookmarked the same way

  4. becky says:

    I am a 5!!!! Sept, 14th! WOW!!!!

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