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Remember When You Were Silly?

I was at the hair salon yesterday and was so grateful I still have a good head of hair to get

Are we being silly?

Are we being silly?

cut and colored.  I love my new style and someone remarked that it looked fun and silly?  How good is that?  As I finished up the appointment, someone yelled, remember to be silly.  What a concept?  Remember to be silly.  When was the last time you were really silly?  Do you remember how much fun it was?  I think I will try to practice being silly a few times this weekend.  It seems most of us have all gotten sooooo serious.  We’re serious about the future, frightened too!  We’re serious about what could happen to our money, our jobs, our lack of jobs, our health, our kids, the roof over our heads,  our government, our relationship and bazillions of other things we can worry about.  I wonder if we ever think about whether we are silly enough.  Probably not!

So here’s my point!  Stop living so much in the world of appearances.  It will scare you to death.  Start living in a world you cannot see, the world of substance and supply.  This is the world from which all matter of appearances has come from.  This is the world of Divine “stuff”, the world of creation and the clay from which all things are formed after being directed by our thinking.  Start working with this invisible supply and create from it.

Most people give lip service to this or they don’t believe it.  We do not understand that the rules governing the invisible world are as tough and demanding as an IRS audit.  The more you think you can get away with avoidance or evasion, the greater the penalty.  It’s job is to deliver the results of what was created by the taxpayer.

Always remember that this unsteady and almost sinkable “ship of fools” is really evolving.  Though we set sail looking dangerously unprepared for the journey, we still are afloat.  The waters are choppy but the ship is still upright.  The humans on the ship keep getting seasick, they are tossed about, some fall overboard, the ship almost sinks numerous times and yet she stays afloat and moves forward.  Our human condition continues to advance regardless of the current times we live in.  Never forget this and do not permit your mind to dwell on the inferior, the mean or the dissatisfaction as these mental images go into the formless, invisible world and send back to you dissatisfaction, inferiority and meanness.

Do not waste a lot of your time thinking or talking about the corrupt politicians or the corrupt Wall St. bankers and corporations as there are laws in motion that will change the system as it exists now.  Instead, fix your attention on the best, to surround yourself with the best so you can become the best.   It is essential, if you really believe in what you cannot see as being the “real world”, that you program this invisible world with the ideas and thoughts that return to you what you want to be, have and do in your life.

Two essential ingredients are your faith (not in a deity or a religion nor in a “sky” God)  in the invisible world and a deep sense of gratitude for all you are constantly being given.  Faith and gratitude are the quiet, powerful tools of manifestation.

So, I am grateful for the hair on my head, my ability to drive to and from the salon, the gifted people who make me look good, the love they share.  I am grateful for the trash man who came today and picked it all up.  I am grateful for my gardener.  We were so worried last week when he didn’t show that he might have been deported.  We called and called and nobody answered but we kept the faith and he appeared yesterday after being very ill.  It goes on and on the things we take for granted and never think about.  I have faith that the invisible world is working with me right now to bring me what I have asked for even though there is the opposite showing up in my life.  It can scare you but once you really work with what you cannot see and understand that IS the real world, you won’t be scared in this world of appearances.  Enjoy your earthly visit but it is just that–a visit.   You will understand that when you leave here but why not make it easier on yourself to continue to work with Divine substance and manifest through your faith and your thinking while you are a visitor.

So now, it is time to allow yourself to be silly. Learn to laugh at yourself, do something silly just because you can.  Humans have a silly bone–or so I am told.



4 responses to “Remember When You Were Silly?”

  1. Gail Minogue says:

    Hi Debbie,
    I totally agree with you. Sometimes the most stupid things become the best things to be silly about. Then the laughter feeds on itself and you start to laugh all over again. Two people can burst out laughing just because it just is so silly! We all need to be able to laugh until we weep in laughter.
    Silly blessings as well to you Debbie and to us all.

  2. Debbie says:

    I LOVE being silly…you know the moments you start to cry because you are laughing so hard . Some of the absolute BEST moments in life !
    Thanks, for a positive message !
    Silly Blessings !

  3. Sharon says:

    I love being goofy, silly, funny, and luckily my friends enjoy having those kind of memorable moments—sometimes planned, but not always, One time many years ago, my husband and I went to a Disney store in the mall and he bought a goofy hat and I bought Minnie Mouse and we put them on. And we also cracked up every time we looked at each other. And at traffic lights when we were stopped, people in other cars started laughing too! We got so much mileage out of them through the years. So my advice to the above comment, there’s lots of ways to “lighten up” and play…have fun seeking it out!

  4. Rev. Lowell says:

    As I read your post, I had a very strong awareness that I don’t believe I have ever been “silly” and don’t believe I would know how o, or would even see the value of such behavior. It is definitely NOT something that was permitted when I was growing up so I have no basis of understanding of that kind of behavior.

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