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Donald Trump Revisited for 2015

So many people asked for an update after reading that long piece I wrote in 2011– and recently republished

How much things have changed in 4 years.  This time, America isn’t laughing much at him but instead are taking him more seriously with his bluster.  He certainly will continue to say things that are simply unheard of in a presidential campaign.  What he is showing you is America’s deep discontent with the politics and government of this country.  It has been building for years and is finally showing up in Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump.  Americans trust little in their leadership and are tired of the ruling parties.  They want panderers to stop treating the citizens as if they were all on Thorazine–a strong anti-psychotic drug.  In walk the wild men of politics Donald and Bernie.  Bernie is, still, however a long-time politician.  Donald is not and will never be.  He makes the long list of GOP candidates look foolish and part of the old order.  Will he last and will his press agent or PR persons tone down the Donald?  They will try.  Here is what you need to know.

You are not dealing with anyone dumb.  This is a man graduated the head of his class at Wharton School of Finance  Granted he was born into wealth–supposedly his family had a 23-room estate in Queens–but so were the Kennedy’s and the Bush family.  Both had long lines of wealth and power behind them.  Both had deep skeletons in their closets.  This time with Trump you have the beginning of a dynasty.  His father made his wealth in real estate and helped establish Donald in the business. He was in real estate as a teenager.  He was also the youngest of 5 children which places him in a unique situation with a “why not” attitude.  He also came in with a protected life.  His life path is the number 4 but it is composed of a 40/4.  The zero gives him Divine protection earned from prior lives which he had many.  He has no missing numbers in this lifetime’s plan so he is wise, worldly and is a teacher for others.

The big mouth comes from his 8 personality and the moon in Sagittarius and 3 planets in Leo.  He speaks the truth–as he sees it and puffs it up for emphasis.  His statements about a wall at the border definitely will get your attention.  Getting Mexico to pay for it?  It sounds so ludicrous but it registers with voters.  The existing politicians can’t or won’t come up with any solutions and they have had years to work on it.  Each is terrified to alienate a voting group.  Donald has nothing to lose but the presidency.  He can return to his original business endeavors.  As the old Janis Joplin song, freedom comes with never left to lose.  Our current politicians are beholden to just about everybody.  Their super PACS, their unions, the minorities, the wealthy donors and the corporations.  They also rely on the government for their jobs and above all else the power that comes from office.

Donald is going to continue to run as long as he is getting the reception he now receives.  The GOP contenders have exhibited comical behaviors and comments regarding his antics.  It’s hard to compete with a helicopter landing on a field and giving children rides while he speaks to the audience in Iowa.  Iowa loved him–who knew? There is something to be said about a man who has been divorced twice, married three times, had bitter divorces and yet his first wife Ivanka, runs some of his companies and never bad mouths him in the press.

You can expect to hear more from Donald.  He will throw out pieces and see reactions but he definitely has ideas of his own.  He can negotiate and he has good reasoning power.  His companies have many strong women in high positions of power.  When he says he loves women and he can do more for women than any presidents to date, he means it.  Whether he can work with Congress is a totally different animal.  He likes winning and will drop out of the race if the wind changes.  For now, the wind is at his back but transits changed in August, 2015 for him.  He now has to get more serious, more measured in what he will do.  He loves the USA totally.  He is truly a patriot and it will come through.  He has strong Cancer planets that go well with America, a Cancer nation.

He is in a No. 1 Personal Year in Numerology.  He has to lay the seeds for this election NOW.  He should keep laying them through this year into early next year and then he has to do his best to work with others and develop the patience needed to get elected.  Can he do it?  Yes.  Will he do it or will the ego get ridiculous, it depends on whether or not he feels he can win.  The next 2 1/2 years are more serious for him and I think he will become more serious as well.  Remember, if he thinks he can’t win this election, he will be out.

3 responses to “Donald Trump Revisited for 2015”

  1. T. Peterson says:

    A lot less on “Donald” and using your abilities to open hearts and minds to the bigger picture….

  2. Judith says:

    Thanks for the update. I’ll be paying attention to how Donald’s campaign unfolds!

  3. Beth says:

    Thank you Gail for this insightful assessment of “the Donald”. He certainly has captured an audience and sometimes I wonder if that’s all he wants, to turn the tide by expressing his views and getting the voters and politicians alike to consider what hasn’t been addressed before. This promises to be a very interesting political season. Can’t wait to see what happens . . .

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