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Chaos, Revolution and Rebirth

The seeds sown back in 1776 are sprouting at last.  It only took a couple of hundred years but here bigstock--196232251they are.  We are back to that time of our country where we will expand upon our perspective of what is happening to America politically, culturally and socially.  This important cycle of repeat began in 2008 when America was forced to revisit her past, experience chaos, revolutionary behavior and eventually find rebirth and transformation.  We are in the midst of it now and will be dealing with troubling confrontations and competition as we have never experienced.

Inside this cycle that completes itself in 2024 it can produce an inspired leader or a controlling, dominating fascist.  It will feel as if the very existence of America and its’ citizens  are being threatened.  There really is no peace for the society until this period has past.

We are witnessing again the very deep streak of conservatism that has always existed in the United States.  It just seems more prevalent as we experience both Saturn, the Lord of karma and the ruler of big business and Pluto, death and transformation planet running through America’s birth chart.  Until Saturn moves into the forward thinking and enlightened sign of Aquarius in January, 2021, we will stay under house rules.  The government becomes more restrictive, punitive and stingy.

Back in Revolutionary War days, it was King George who put the squeeze on the colonists.  Beginning in 1760 and ending in 1776 a series of punitive and punishing orders were exacted upon the colonists.  New belief systems pertaining to liberty and personal freedom began to take hold.    It took 16 years for them to finally develop the courage and strength to declare their independence.  Many things following this period, such as the war and the formation of the Constitution, were all under the sign of Aquarius, the enlightened one.  However, what remained was still a strict religious and racist bias.  The streak runs deep in America.  The heart of her is conservative, a Christian religion and deeply racist.  None of this should surprise you when you read today’s headlines.  We are back where we started and on the brink of a new revolution.  This one is not similar to the old but still a revolution of ideas, cultural changes and an internal political struggle.  All must now rise to the surface for us to improve upon the old Declaration and Constitution.  It is not to eliminate it but to transform to the evolutionary process that is happening to us all.

America was founded to usher in the age of Aquarius and to show the way how to assimilate the human race.  We have done very well in this process and we have welcomed the tired masses.  We, in the process, have been enriched.  Now, we must return to the earlier lessons and really learn them.  It seems we are going back in time.  This period is temporary as America wrestles with itself and brings out the worst of its qualities for it to heal itself.  If you consider that this period is 16 years long, we have a ways to go before it is completed.  However, by 2021 the glimmer of light begins to appear.  But now, we remain in a dark place where we must experience our creation.  People are just now beginning to get weary of the constant drumbeat of chaos, loss of protection through executive orders and the backslapping of the world’s dictators.

Always remember, this is a passing, necessary cleaning of house of what we ignored, dismissed or self-deceived.  We cannot operate alone in the world as a bilateral partner who will only work with certain individuals.  The world is growing past our doorstep.  We cannot go backwards.  We can think about the past but we cannot live in it or try to recreate it.  That is called Disneyland or Williamsburg, VA.   The people of the United States, represented by the Moon in her chart, are Aquarians.  She cannot be a hostage nation taken over by a tyranny of the minority.  She is a number 5 life path in Numerology and must be free.  She can temporarily visit bondage but it will not last.  The cast of characters running the operations are temporary and will exit the stage when their roles are finished.

Always remember, we are now in the year 2000’s.  The number two is a feminine number.  We are only into 18 years of a 1,000 year cycle.  It is just beginning.  It’s power will reach well past those sitting on thrones and wearing the emperor’s new clothes.  Remember, the government is putting its squeeze on its’ citizens just as King George did during the last revolution.  That one didn’t last and this one won’t either.

Remember, in the words of Wallace Wattles, “This is not a bad world but a good world in the process of becoming.  Beyond all doubt there was a time when there was no life upon earth…the globe was burning gas and molten rock…. You can work to complete an unfinished society, instead of trying to renovate a decaying one; and you can work with a better heart and a more hopeful spirit.  It will make an immense difference with your faith and spirit where you look upon civilization as a good thing that can become better or as a bad and evil thing that is decayng…..One viewpoint will make you grow greater and the other will inevitably cause you to grow smaller….It is all perfect, though incomplete.  It is all the handiwork of God; behold, it is all very good.”

5 responses to “Chaos, Revolution and Rebirth”

  1. Kayce says:

    I think your observations are well stated. There is a never-ending mass of chaos on the news daily. Not much of a timeout for one to take a deep breath and relax for a period of time. History often repeats itself and as you have stated it seems so once again. I feel there will be difficult times until the veil is lifted from many eyes of the American people and who they support and listen to. That being said I agree with you that it is a time of cleansing and as good as that is necessary it is a time where much stress can happen to those who cannot really have a voice or be heard when they do speak up. Those that do not have money enough to be listened to by those who are in control of where money is needed or to be spent. However, out of this may come a new form of religion that really practices God principals and where people can use their magnificent abilities to create a new life for themselves and others. Once that energy gets rolling, used and appreciated our chaos can dissipate and hopefully cease. There will probably be evil and good in conflict for many years yet before people let go of fear and find that they can make a difference by the way they think and feel. There is so much new information from very intelligent and well-informed people who have made turnarounds in their own lives and can show scientific proof that there is a way to overcome adversity by ways other than shouting down the opposite ways of thinking. Old worn out ideas that are not welcomed in the Aquarian age of change. I do believe that we can go faster than we did in 1776 or maybe I am just an optimist who desires it to be so sooner than later. Instead of fearing the next 16 years maybe people will take a new lead and start to use the power that they have within them to create a new world for our education systems, medical systems, and certainly our political systems with people who care about something other than just the dollars made by manipulation of those systems in place at present. I remain hopeful for a magnificent creative time to come to pass.

    Thank you for your thought-provoking and researched blog.

  2. Karen says:

    The last part of this sentence gives me the willies: “Inside this cycle that completes itself in 2024 it can produce an inspired leader or a controlling, dominating fascist. ” I pray for the first. Thank you for the words of Wallace Wattles. That along with all the other things you said give me hope.

  3. Kris Saba says:

    Yes, our country and our world is still in a renaissance. We are in a time of progress with scientific discovery and a second coming of Christ which is now, as God’s spirit is waking up anyone who willing to listen. The second coming is not literal, but it is God’s spirit which is more prevalent than ever.

    No longer will people believe the media as S Heard said so eloquently.

    “The majority of the media (which are owned) will be held to account for their lack of due diligence, conflict of interest and censorship of truth. ”

    There is finally some accountability for the media.

    So take heart the world is not so bad, but evolving into something better.

  4. S. Heard says:

    We see America quite differently. We are not in a dark place. The Age of Pisces (illusion, lies, separation & victimization) are over. The great rebuilding of America is right on track with the Aquarian Age (i.e., the builder). Information will not be held from the people – for this sign welcomes the dissemination of knowledge. America is once again, embracing it’s independence and it’s inventiveness (Pluto will transform our government). The majority of the media (which are owned) will be held to account for their lack of due diligence, conflict of interest and censorship of truth. Creating lies and illusion for the masses to follow, is on it’s way out. We will never go back. God will once again be acknowledged in our courts, schools and businesses. Christians will stop being persecuted (Piscean age). Each country can work together to make their individual land great and true their people (invested interest). Saturn will give us the structure we need to make sure we build on a solid foundation (not stingy).

    I wish you well during this transition.

  5. Pam Hale says:

    “This is not a bad world but a good world in the process of becoming.” These are words to remember. Just as we later celebrate our growth looking back on our hard life lessons, it’s good to know America will too. I’ll be trying to hang on to that attitude, and hope I live long enough to see the progress!

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