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Cancer–Starting to Understand It’s Needs–Part 1

The word cancer originates with the Proto-Indo-European word for “to be hard”. It came to mean crab in reference to the animal’s hard shell.  Later, early physicians, when describing certain tumors which had spidery extension from the main malignancy, called them crab-like, or cancerous.  The cancer cell also has a hard shell.

Cancer, if it has not already struck you or someone close to you, is spreading among the population.  Some family member, close friend, co-worker, boss or even yourself maybe is in treatment, recovery or has succumbed to the disease.  For the money that has been thrown at cancer, the marches, the pins, the teddy bears purchased, the ongoing cancer drives, we know more about how the disease functions once it begins but we have no cure and really don’t know how we get it.  We try drugging it into remission, we cut it out or we burn it up.  Yet, given time, it seems to morph and return.  It could be a year, 5 years, 10 or even 20 but unless we are aware about the personality of cancer, it returns.  It’s like a weakened warrior who is knocked out from the blow but over time wakes up and gets his strength back.  Only this time, it is stronger because it knows how to circumvent the treatment and create new routes to travel.

I once heard that cancer is an emotional disease.  I would agree with that but it is not only an emotional disease.  It can be triggered by an emotional event but takes time to show itself–usually 18 months to 2 years from the emotional situation  Nobody knows the causes of cancer but we do know some things and we should pay attention to what they are:

Avoid sugar.  Cancer loves sugar.  It feeds on sugar.  Eliminating sugar cuts off one of cancer’s food supplies.  Avoid the artificial sugar substitutes.  NutraSweet, Equal, and all products with Aspartame.  This chemical is metabolized to formaldehyde and methanol–both of which are neuro-toxic.

Keep your body alkaline pH.  Cancer loves to be in an acid environment.  Just loves it.  Bring on the meats and grains (acid forming).  Bring on the coffee, chocolate and cancer will thank you and keep growing some more.  Buy the ph strips at the pharmacy and check on how you are doing with your own levels.

Oxygenate your body.  Cancer loves and thrives in low-oxygen environment.  You have to learn proper breathing techniques and movement.  Keep moving.  Breathe and move and learn simple breath techniques.  Get a high quality trampoline and use it.

Stop using your microwave.  You are a nut-case to heat your foods up in this equipment.  So much has been written about the dangers of microwaves and reheating foods–why are you still using it?  Dioxins are one of many chemicals that cause cancer, especially breast cancer.  When using the microwave with any type of plastics, the combination of high heat, fats and plastics releases dioxins into the food and eventually into the cells of the body.  Plastic wrap is just as dangerous.   Stop using it.  Pretend you only have a stove, use it.  If you have to use it or wean your way off of it, use tempered glass only.  Stop with the paper and plastic coated containers from the Chinese restaurants and fast-food restaurants.  They also leach off.  Remove the food and put it into tempered glass containers.

About 20 years ago there was an article in the Wall Street Journal regarding an experiment they had been done with water and microwave use.  They heated plain water on a gas stove, an electric stove and in a microwave oven.  They cooled the water and then put bean seeds in each glass of water (kids do this all the time in school).  Both the electric and gas heated water sprouted.  The water that had been heated and cooled from the microwave, grew nothing.

Emotional events trigger cancer.  I have talked to so many clients that have had cancer or are in cancer treatment or tell me about someone close to them who has died.  There is a similar pattern to their news.  They all can pin point an emotional event that had occurred in their lives about 18 months to 2 years prior to the diagnosis.  One woman had to watch her son be imprisoned for 42 years on a murder charge, she developed vagina cancer within 18 months, another had lost two children 18 months earlier and developed breast cancer, one got breast cancer within two years of the death of her husband.  We may not look at our lives this way but it imperative that you look at the emotional component of this disease.

Cancer is a disease of the body, mind and spirit.  Depression, helplessness and hopelessness suppresses the immune system.  No matter where you are with your finances, your marriage, your environment, you must be aware that your body is listening.  It is intelligence and believes what you feel.  You cannot afford to wallow in emotions that feed cancer.  The Chinese speak of the Chi (qi).  When you are sad, the qi disappears.  When you have fear, qi goes downward.  Breast cancer can be caused by emotional changes such as depression, hesitation and worry.  These all block the channels for the qi.

More on cancer and its findings–in the Explosion of Cancer Part 2






2 responses to “Cancer–Starting to Understand It’s Needs–Part 1”

  1. Dawn Fleming says:

    We so appreciate your wisdom Gail. Great article, will try to avoid that (convenient) microwave!

  2. Sandee Mac says:

    Great article Gail… Mom ….who ate very healthy, studied Metaphysics, thought “positive” and did so many of the other right things to combat it, after 18 months died from pancreatic / liver cancer. I am absolutely convinced , it was because she absolutely refused to work on and release some resentment and other toxic emotions. Healing trapped and toxic emotions from this and Past Lives has now become a significant part of my healing work. It is absolutely critical. Keep up your great work!

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