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Stop Borrowing Trouble - Apr 26, 2020

I remember several years ago a friend mentioned this to me.  Stop borrowing trouble.  Don’t go
around the block to meet it.  These words have saved me from myself many times over.  Maybe I am wrong, but in my experience we seem to all love to scare ourselves and go out to the future and expect the worst case scenarios.  We are really doing it now in spades with the corona virus scare.  This is not to say that it isn’t real or deadly but we are focusing on the “how” we will make it moving

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Death and Transformation–Looking Beyond the Pandemic - Apr 16, 2020

Here in California we have passed the first month of our lock down.  It seems to have helped.  In Los
Angeles you will not be admitted into any essential business without a face mask.  In short, if you step outside your house, you need to be masked.  It is hard to see a world moving forward in light of these conditions.  As we test more, we will raise the number of sick patients.  It seems like the world we knew is gone.  In actuality, part of it is.  Part of it died and is in the process of transformation.  We just don’t know how it will change.  There are hints and signs of what we can

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The Less We Think of the Next World-The Greater Mess We Make of This One - Apr 4, 2020

I love this saying.  It’s another Irish proverb.  You know those Irish.  They have sad songs and merry wars.  There is an element of truth in their ditties.  We keep thinking this world we are now living in is the cat’s pajamas, the real deal.  It seems so and we become very attached to all that goes here. We are attached to our stuff, our patterns, our loved ones, our rituals, our religions and our comforts.  We panic at the thought of running out of toilet paper, hand sanitizers, hand and counter wipes.  I saw a woman

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