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We Are Showing Our Age! - Jul 9, 2019

So much of what is happening around the world has to do with enormous planetary changes that affect us here on earth. It seems hard to believe but all of us are under the spell of the grand transitions that take place in the heavens. No matter how trivial, such as writing checks by hand and mailing them with the post office or using online banking and paying everything through a click on your phone, it is tied to the heavens. Sounds crazy doesn’t it. We are so disconnected from anything outside the realm of what we have learned, we don’t even consider a whole transaction is taking place that is completely invisible to us

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Numerology Blueprint of Pete Buttigieg - Jul 4, 2019

Peter Paul Montgomery Buttigieg was born January 19, 1982. This gives him the entry to this world as a Capricorn with a Life Path of the number 4. The worker, the producer and guy you want to hire as he will get the job done. Well, at least, he’ll give it all his has to produce measurable results. Believe it or not, four’s are very traditional. Notice how he is steady, almost unflappable and able to climb the sides of the mountain just as the Capricorn mountain goat. Tenacity. Four is considered an earth number so this gives him a very grounded outlook.

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Numerology of Kamala Harris and Pete Buttigieg - Jul 1, 2019

Many of you ask me about all these democratic candidates. Most will fade from view but a few who will be the semi-final contenders. Among these will be Kamala Harris and Pete Buttigieg. This week I am featuring Kamala Harris. These are really unusual candidates. Female and black and the youngest candidate to run for President and gay. Interesting duo and a sign of our times. I took a look at both of their Numerology blueprints and some of their astrological aspects. Also their timing.

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