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We Are Showing Our Age!

So much of what is happening around the world has to do with enormous planetary changes that affect us

Pouring Knowledge

Pouring Knowledge

here on earth.  It seems hard to believe but all of us are under the spell of the grand transitions that take place in the heavens.  No matter how trivial, such as writing checks by hand and mailing them with the post office or using online banking and paying everything through a click on your phone, it is tied to the heavens.  Sounds crazy doesn’t it.  We are so disconnected from anything outside the realm of what we have learned, we don’t even consider a whole transaction is taking place that is completely invisible to us.

Of course, the ancients knew of these transactions and could measure and watch the heavens to be aware of what would be coming and how to work with the unseen forces.  Not today.  We have astronomy, physics etc. and we can measure and travel into space but we do not know of the other way to view the heavens and the messages it tells.

One of these messages is the changing of the great Ages.  In our present time, we are changing out of the Age of Pisces and going deeper into the Age of Aquarius.  This is based on the changing from the constellation of Pisces into the constellation of Aquarius.  It is all based upon the precession of the equinoxes. The precession of the equinoxes refers to the observable phenomena of the rotation of the heavens, a cycle which spans a period of (approximately) 25,920 years, over which time the constellations appear to slowly rotate around the earth, taking turns at rising behind the rising sun on the vernal equinox.

Into our viewing area for approximately 2,200 years will be the constellation Aquarius.  We are gradually being led into this Age as the old dies off.   We are becoming more Aquarian.  This can give us all qualities that some of us are not comfortable with.  As a whole, we do not like change.  We are afraid of it and usually cling to what we know versus the unknown.  For example, the ending of man-made religions brings with it intense clinging to the old teachings, rules, laws, rituals and customs.  These are our comforters from the Piscean Age when mostly all our man-made religions were formed.   We cling even tighter when things become too unsettling.  Witness the extremes around the globe in all the religions.

You can easily see it here in the United States in the abortion fight.  This is supposedly a religious rule–or so the Bible tells you.  But it is the same Bible that Catholicism, through its “Doctrine of Passive Conception” allowed abortion up to the 5th month.  It was not a crime, definitely not murder, to have an abortion up until that month.  The fetus was without a soul until the 5th month and could be destroyed without punishment.   It wasn’t until 1869  when Pope Pius X announced that God had “misinformed his church” that the church’s attitude changed.   Pretty amazing when you hear the ranting and raving of today’s anti-abortion critics.   Remember in numerology, the number 5 is considered the “quickening”.  It would make sense that the soul would enter the 5th month or the quickening.

It will all change and by the year 2080, religions will be relegated to the realms that we think of now as cults and oddities.  Hard to believe as they appear to have so much power in today’s world.  This doesn’t mean we won’t need to have a sense of community.  Humans are pack animals and like to be with the group.  Spiritual teachings are not the same as religions.   Spiritual teachings give us the deeper understanding of how the system works, the rational thinker, the enlightened thinker, respect for the individual as well as the group and respect for science and the natural world.

Aquarius is the disrupter.   It is a “mind” focus–brains, atoms, quantum leaps in lifestyles, sub-atomic world, the spiritual scientific person, brain diseases and even changes in art.  The art world is changing from romantic, religious art to art that depicts realism and worldliness.  Aquarius is the practical over the sentimental.  It is a grounded sentimentality versus otherworldly saviors.  There is no “sky God” in the Aquarian Age.  There is no God to pray to.  God is brought down to earth in everyday activities.

It is important to remember that Aquarius is ruled by two planets, Saturn, the stern taskmaster and father of time, and Uranus, the sudden agent of change and destroyer of the old to make way for the new and useful.  You will see this age marked by a respect for the law as well as acceptance of abrupt change that needs to be made.  Notice how we have lost the second-hand on our watches.  Our clocks and time pieces leap from minute to minute.  This is Aquarian leaping forward.

For those who cling to the traditions of the Piscean Age, life will become more painful.  Man-made religions are losing followers.  Fanatics in all the main religions, Christianity, Islam, rabbinical Judaism will tighten their grip to maintain power and control but it cannot last.  The younger generations are more interested in the rights of the individual, a sense of community, sharing, the greater good and a spiritual basis.  They are coming up now and standing in line to replace the Baby Boomers and Generation X.  Remember too, Aquarius Age respects the individual and the laws.  Countries that are lawless will continue to suffer as they are left behind to catch up.

The Piscean Age was always about the collective–the King to the Pope to the Feudal Lords to the Serfs.  Remnants of that showed clearly in the South of the United States with the old plantations.  There are still echoes of the plantation in its new form in parts of the country.  The teaching tool was “fear”.  Remnants of that fear show today in the superstitious teachings of religions.  “God will get you if you don’t do this or that”  We thrived on superstition.  We looked to intermediaries.  This was all part of the Age of Pisces.

Of course, the Aquarian Age is affecting governments and how countries are run.  You can easily see the signs and symbols of the old Age in power.  As we move further into the Aquarian Age, we will see less and less of the brute force power of a few older men in office.  Just remember, the Aquarian Age will not wait for you.  It is moving forward as human must pass on out of Ages and grow more aware of their own nature and connections to the source from which they were formed.

13 responses to “We Are Showing Our Age!”

  1. Karen says:

    “God is brought down to everyday activities.” Well stated as usual Gail! Big respect! Got rid of watches 25 years ago! TV 35 years ago. I want to be in “real-time.” A time that is connected with Mama! (nature)

  2. Nina says:

    Sure enjoy your videos and writing.

  3. p truman says:

    Loved this I, too, am so ready for more of the Aquarian Age as I am a double Aquarian and a number 5 – Bless, Gail – Patty

  4. Gail Minogue says:

    Hi Tricia,

    Thank you for commenting. I plan to do much more with my YouTube channel. Starting next Tuesday I will be filming. After that, I will be posting a new video each week on YouTube so stay tuned. I appreciate your interest.

  5. Tricia says:

    Love your Blog and your YouTube Channel, and your book! Thank you so much!

  6. Gail Minogue says:

    Hi Kayce,
    Yes, young people are not waiting for authority figures to tell them what to do. That is definitely an outward sign of the Aquarian Age. In past times, people stayed with one company for years, didn’t switch jobs and waited for promotions. Not any more. We are being pushed into the Aquarian Age of moving forward without permission to leave a job, try on different jobs and create our own jobs. The fading Piscean Age was a more structured period. There were certain logical steps to happiness. In the Aquarian Age you are encouraged to be more self-reliant. The time we are living now is both exciting and difficult. The only thing that is absolute is change.

  7. Kayce says:

    Change is not always comfortable but as I observe so many of the young people coming in now they seem more excited to be creators rather than waiting for someone as an authority tell them what to do. Yes, they need teachers but once they get the program they are off and running to experiment with the new and exciting. We just might all be forced to be the creators we were designed to be. I find your message rather exciting for the coming times, even with all the chaos it will create. You gave a great image to contemplate on and discuss with everyone. Thanks, Gail.

  8. Maawiya says:

    Thanks Gail!

  9. Sharon says:

    Holding the vision and intending for a brighter world . Your blog brings new information about our transformation
    both personally and for our planet! Thank you, Gail!

  10. Sue Davis says:

    Love reading your blogs. I understand them. When I see my changes, I understand why and try not to panic and look forward to new things. The universe will take away the old, and give us better than what we had. I know I won’t live long enough to see a complete transformation ,but i still have a few more to go and i am ok with that.
    Thank you for writing.

  11. Terry says:

    Thanks Gail

  12. Andrea Gold says:

    Change can be painful, as you said, Gail. We must choose to live life fully, with an eye to creating a positive future, no matter what fearful, concerning, or seemingly obvious trends haunt us today. That is the game of living. We need to choose to look forward and use our unique talents to make this a great community, a great world!

    We also need to tap into who we really are, beyond a parent, student, employee or business owner. Delver deeper into one’s true identity and get in touch with one’s real Purpose for living. Otherwise, life becomes a series of narrow, looking-backwards events, which can be very depressing and nonconstructive. Choose the Adventure and go forward with the changes! Better yet…BE the change! -Written by an Aquarian, excited to be living in a time where I can help contribute to that change!

  13. David W says:

    Aquarian Age can not happen fast enough for me!

    I do not how the pending environmental catastrophe timelines with what you write re 2080, when climate change destruction is forecasted for next 10-20 years

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