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Numerology of Kamala Harris and Pete Buttigieg

Many of you ask me about all these democratic candidates. Most will fade from view but a few who will be the semi-final LOS ANGELES - DEC 04: Kamala D. Harris arrives to the 2014 Beatcontenders.  Among these will be Kamala Harris and Pete Buttigieg.  This week I am featuring Kamala Harris.   These are really unusual candidates.  Female and black and the youngest candidate to run for President and gay.  Interesting duo and a sign of our times.  I took a look at both of their Numerology blueprints and some of their astrological aspects.  Also their timing.

Kamala Harris has a 5 Life Path.  The life path is the total of your birth day reduced to a single digit.  Agents of change have 5 life paths.  America has a 5 life path from her date of birth July 4, 1976.  She is the agent of change for the world.  America is a 5 country and that is why it loves change, freedom and marketing.  It is very hard to say no to the number 5.  Same goes with Kamala.  She can use her verbal skills very well.  She can sell well.  This can be good and bad.  5’s are natural sales and marketing people.  They are always selling.

Her personality number (from her consonants) is the number 8 and represents power, ambition and leadership.  She truly wants to be the boss and will act bossy.  She can really never be in a subordinate position.  She wants to lead.  Watch her during the hearings.  She sounds like the boss.  I have no doubt she could handily take on Trump if she becomes the candidate.  She is also a very hard worker and doesn’t get credit for all the little things she gets done.  Her soul number from her vowels is the number 9.  This is the humanitarian number so down deep in her heart, she really does want to improve the human condition.  She has been a humanitarian in prior lives so it is a driver in this one.

She is missing two numbers in her name.  This indicates her karmic corrections for this lifetime.  They are the numbers 6 and 7.  The six is all about commitments.  Can she keep her commitments? Can she handle domestic responsibility?  Can she finish what she starts?  There is a tendency with a missing 6 to say all the right things but the other person may not know you really care because the missing 6 always stays heavily guarded.  If she wants to reach the people, she will have to remove this guard and sound more sincere and truly communicate affection and care.  Kamala has no children and only married recently in 2014 to Douglas Emhoff.  This was her first marriage.  It is not unusual for a missing 6 person to not get married (that commitment issue) or have children (too much domestic responsibility).  She will have to work on this issue to really reach the people otherwise, she will say all the right words, but the audience won’t really get the affection vibe from her.  That vibe is critical and sends the message that she really “loves” the citizens.

The missing 7 is teaching her to not take things at face value.  She must question, never assume.  She also has to develop a much deeper faith over her fears.  She can’t be superficial about her subject matter and  should always look deeper at the issues.  She cannot skate over important issues.  She must look beneath the surface and really know what she is talking about.  This can be a weakness and create stumbles and contradictions if she is not fully informed about what she is saying.

Regarding her energy package and timing,  at the emotional level, her weakness is the need to be liked.  That is something she has to get over.  There is also a tendency to jump in the pool before checking to see if there is any water in it.  She needs to study a subject matter and take time to do so before making a decision.  In addition, she has the emotional trait of “if I feel like doing it I will, if I don’t I won’t.”  That doesn’t go well with relationships or conditions in general.  Most of the time in life we are asked to do something whether we like it or not.  This is a weakness that should be observed and addressed by herself.

Her timing next year is less favorable than 2019.  It is not that it is bad; it is just that she will be more tired in 2020 and will probably be less strident, especially as she gets past the 2nd half of the year in 2020.  Of course, she may not be the candidate but she will have to take super care of her energy from spring 2020 onward.  Her Saturn in her chart is not conflicted all through 2019 or 2020.  This is a good thing.  She does have a weakness in friendships.  She is a better friend to her friends than they are to her.  She can correct this by making it easy for her friends to help her, receive more from them and in general see them as equals.

For all her strong talk and bossiness, she is born on a 20 day which gives her quality of the team player and peacekeeper.  She is not a loner, nor is she a moody or vindictive person.  She is brilliant in her ability to make others feel brilliant.  I think she can put a good team together.  Being born on  2o day (2) gives her the ability to see both sides of an issue.  That is one reason she was drawn to the law profession.  She can do very well in an advisory position.

I think she can be groomed for her candidacy.  The big thing going for her is her Saturn in Aquarius which aspects the citizens of the United States.  They are represented by the sign of Aquarius.  The other big thing is the number 5.  Americans are drawn to the 5.  Whether it will hold up for her is the questions.  She is well worth watching as we move forward toward the primaries.

Stay tuned to my next post on Pete Buttigieg.




15 responses to “Numerology of Kamala Harris and Pete Buttigieg”

  1. Destiny says:

    It’s fascinating to look back on these descriptions now, with the new perspective we have in 2021. Amazing how accurate this appears to be.

    peace and love 🙂

  2. dave says:

    i m in favor Kamala over Karen Bass for sure. but kamala now that she is VP with JB she might have a problem being heard. I hope not and that she is not used as a poker chip because of her race/and female…but is she really qualify for this and not used for the win for JB…and take a back seat…some VP do…and not always really liked by the President themselves…Example Eisenhower and Nixon

  3. Renate says:

    Hi Gail,
    I wonder if there is a mistake in the BD for Ms. Harris. Her B.D is listed as October 20, 1964, would that make a great difference in the reading you presented?

  4. sylvia pearson says:

    super! I am delighted with Joe Biden’s choice

  5. Sharon says:

    I love that Kamala Harris has a 5 life path (which also synchs so well with America’s life path). Change, adventure, freedom!

    I was glad to learn Harris is a Libra Sun sign. It’s symbol is the Scales of Justice and that seems a perfect fit for her career path. In my experience, Libras are cooperative, diplomatic and fair minded. I would guess she may have some Aries in her chart, as she’s truly a trail blazer with strong leadership qualities.

    Glad VP Biden picked her as his running mate. Her speech today was inspiring and visionary for 2021, as well as grounded (which I suspect fits with Libra Sun sign…I’m just a lay person in astrology).
    Thanks for repostingt this blog,, Gail.

  6. Emma says:

    Hi Gail! Thanks for this very witty insights about these candidates that will soon lead the country. It’s nice that you have this analysis and explaining the significant numerology numbers related to them. This is like a ‘background check’ for applicants where we analyze and interpret relevant information about them and use it as a guide to either ‘hire’ them or not. I hope to read more insights from you about the rest of the candidates!

  7. Gloria says:

    ” She will have to work on this issue to really reach the people otherwise, she will say all the right words, but the audience won’t really get the affection vibe from her. That vibe is critical and sends the message that she really “loves” the citizens.”

    Boy, does that ring a bell. with me! From the start I have been saying to a friend that Harris is rather prickly and doesn’t seem approachable. In other words, there is something very strict in her aura, like she is a taskmaker. She seems very brittle to me I can’t seem to warm up to her!

  8. Gail Minogue says:

    Hello Julia,
    Thanks for commenting. The Life Path number is the essence of the person. When planning is going on before birth, we do create a personality number that we will use during our lifetime, it is located in the consonants. We also have a Soul number in the vowels that gives motivation to our lives. We create a destiny for ourselves in our full birth name. We may or may not achieve or strive for our destiny. It is free will choice. Many people on skid row have wonderful destiny numbers and never live them out. Our entry into a lifetime though is always through our date of birth. This is our most important number. This is how we will play out our lives. It is the “plot” of the story or the potential of your life. Yes, it will give you opportunities and experiences but you have already been shaped by choosing this number before birth. You make your grand entry with your date of birth. Each life path number will behave a certain way, react a certain way etc. It is your essence. So when looking at a person, a country, a city, a corporation look at its date of birth, or incorporation to understand what you are working with. You are not your personality (your consonants)but you use a personality while you are here. Numbers are vibrational and after you have worked with thousands of clients and talked to various strangers, you can literally “feel” their vibration and can pretty well tell what is their life path (also called your learning lesson).

  9. Gail Minogue says:

    Hello Caroline,
    Glad you are enjoying your sea voyage. Thanks for commenting on the my post. I will try to offer a few more candidates but in reality only a few will make it to the bigger debates. I did Bernie Sanders back in 2016 so you can google him for that info.

  10. Caroline Leban says:

    Great analysis of Kamala. I could not get Pete’s. We are on a ship, so will try later when we return.
    She needs not to have lashed out at Biden, for something which happened when she was 6 yrs. old. Was a mistake that it]
    happened, but let it go and talk to him privately. It is not necessary to approach it that way. Sure, we all would like to impeach Trump,
    but she played into his hands pulling something cheap like that. It will split the party again, I feel. there are many good candidates on that state,
    but Eliz. Warren did shine in many ways. I am not a particular fan, but think she did and does get stuff done. She is like the president of our Boosters club who put on and run the best fundraiser our school ever had raising tons of money. She is a true humanitarian. However, there are others too and each needs
    to be looked at. Can’t just give it away like Sanders wants to, so have work to do. Thanks for giving this some time. Will be in touch.
    Best to you

  11. Julia says:

    Gail, your posts are always very interesting. I’m always coming back to see your latest. However I think you tend to mislead your readers by talking about the life path number as if it was the essence of a person, or a country. It is not. As it says it is the LIFE PATH. The life path is the opportunities, the environment, the tone of one’s path in this life. A person is NOT his path but is his/her soul, personality and destiny numbers, those are the numbers telling us who the person walking the path is.

  12. Gail,
    An excellent Astrological & Numerological analysis of Kamala Harris. Energetically, I really like her energy and how she expresses that energy speech wise and personal presentation wise. She is forceful yet not arrogant, assuring yet not a pansy. Whether she can garner the support of the current Democratic Party back room Politics is a question I have in my mind. She seems more honest and straight forward than the “Party insiders”. She has agendas, but they seem to me to be more about what the people of America need – especially the disadvantaged people, not about her own needs, and not about the focus of the 1%ers, which is very refreshing. I truly hope that she can rise to the top of the heap, but I can yet see who her VP pick might be.
    I wish her well and look forward to your analysis of Mr. Pete Buttigieg. He is a much harder read for me, I believe because of my own views on gay men. . . . my own limitation which I am working on.

  13. Laurie says:

    She is a far way from being ready. Maybe in 20 years. Nobody on the Democratic side can hold a candle to Trump’s brilliance!

  14. My dad used to say, “Actions walk and bullshit talks.” Without getting into specifics and turning this into a political debate, like any other up-and-coming politician being “groomed,” it behooves us to pay more attention to what these people do and less attention to what they say. Talk is cheap, and the last thing we need is to vote in politicians who practice “do as I say not as I do,” sit on their hands and do nothing except vote themselves pay raises and collect on their cadillac-plan health insurance.

    BTW, excellent summary on Sen. Harris. I am also a change agent with a number 5 lifepath and was born on a number 5 day. And I am just getting started—watch out, World!

    I would like to see an analysis of Marianne Williamson— born July 8, 1952 the year of the dragon, just like Carolyn Myss!

  15. Excellent commentary on Kamala. I learned that she possesses the qualities of a leader, which includes the drive and warmth needed to lead effectively. My big question is, ‘Is the USA ready for a principled leader?’

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