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Grow Where You Are Planted - Sep 19, 2018

Sometimes we may not like where we are planted. We find the soil is too hard, the nutrients are lacking and besides, the location doesn’t get enough sun. What we usually do is complain that there is no opportunity here. We say that the weather is awful and the people are too provincial or maybe too liberal. We want to go to the city or maybe we want to go to the country. It doesn’t really matter. You are where you are and you must learn to manage yourself right in this spot. What a thought? Often clients come to me because they want to change locations. They have outgrown an area, a relationship, a job or even a house. All they know is they want change!

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Brett Kavanaugh’s Numerology–very interesting candidate - Sep 6, 2018

This is a very significant candidate for the Supreme Court. On the face of it, it would appear the perfect Republican choice. He was born in Washington, D.C. and really never made it any further than working in Washington, D.C. In that regard he is definitely living up to his number 4 destiny number of tradition and order. However, when you look more deeply into his chart, this is a candidate who, after more seasoning on the court, could become the swing voter that prior Justice Kennedy was. I know the Federalist Society chose him and Trump loves him but his birth chart shows that this man will go through much change going forward and will become more open to the suffering of the human condition.

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John McCain’s Numerology Blueprint - Sep 1, 2018

We have just experienced the funeral of John McCain, patriot, warrior, peacemaker and worker of the light. It’s interesting how these light workers arrive in just random human forms. This worker helped the inner workings of a government whose imprint of change on the world vibrates over the earth. We tend to think that “light workers” or those with higher assignments here on earth should be consciously awake and aware. Many of them are but many are still a work in progress.

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