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Your Days Are Numbered

Every once in awhile I believe it is healthy to return to the basics of life.  We are so wrapped up in “out there” and the

The Story of Your Life

The Story of Your Life

requirements of daily living that we forget our own true selves.  We live as if we are on the freeways of life, dodging and passing and trying to keep up or slow down with traffic.  We become frustrated when someone  doesn’t respect our space in the lane or is careless and puts us at risk.  Life can be like that, a series of offensive and defensive moves.  We run ourselves ragged trying to get up onto the onramp.

As a senior citizen who attended a book signing many years ago in California said, “people need to learn this stuff in kindergarten before we screw up”.  He was speaking about the individual and customized blueprint we carry with us at all times.  Who looks at it?  Who cares?  Well, actually, you do do care.  After wandering on the freeways of life using up gas, time and money, you begin to ask yourself is there some other way to do this?  A better way?  Why am I so worn out?  Why do I repeat the same type of person in relationships? Why is this job so soul-killing for me?  When will he/she change?  Why was I born?  We actually spend more time building a resume than reviewing the plan you created for yourself for this life.  What a shame!  You took all the time and attention to put your plan together to help yourself during your time here on earth and yet it is totally ignored.

Here is what your numbers will tell you.  You birthed yourself here with a purpose, a destiny (your entire full birth name), a timing device (your date of birth), talents (listed in the letters of your name), your issues or challenges (what’s missing in your name), a personality (told in the consonants in your name), your driver or passion (told in the vowels of your name) and the technique for success (combining the purpose, date of birth and full name).  Not only that, you can see what traits you have inherited from your family of origin (hidden in your last name).  It’s all there and more.  It’s pretty basic stuff but it is revealing and essential.  Would you consider building a building without using an architechural blueprint?  Why would you not use your own blueprint to build your own life?  Probably because nobody told you it was available, you forgot or the dog ate it.  Whatever the reason, before you step out and live with your choices, get to know yourself, your essential self and make choices based on your own plan.

Besides eating, breathing, moving and sleeping we need to include operating inside our own blueprint.  Self-examination is essential to understand why we do what we do, studying our blueprints is essential to living a life that is in sync with our true character.  It is my observation that in crisis, we always return to our true nature.  What is that underlying element of ourselves that we ignore?  Take the time to invest in understanding how and why you are living the life you live.  Use your time wisely and always remember that you are on your own time schedule.  You know what that is because you placed it beside you when you decided to live another turn here on earth.   A lifetime here can be very long or short depending on what you decided before birth.  We can, in an instant, exit this world of appearance and be in another plane of existance.  We don’t want to waste our energy, time and money acting as if we didn’t know we had a plan.  Here’s another bit of information, your birth name also tells if you are repeating a life over.  Very important information to know.  What can you do to correct and balance out what you said you would do while you are here?

Hooray, for your bravery in coming back to earth to live another opportunity.  Let’s help yourself to understand why you did.  It’s the basics of life and it’s all there in your numbers.

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  1. scott B says:

    awesome blog Gail, and I concur, lets do a reading since so much has changed and you’ve been a big help with past readings not to mention spot on!!!
    when convenient reach out and we can make time some time over the next few days, lifes an awesome journey even with all the distractions, roadblocks, regulations…once your hearts in the right place the right people show up !

  2. Hello Mary Ann,

    Start with my book “Divine Design–How You Created the Life You Are Living”. Reach out to other books and avoid the “Numerology for Dummies” type of materials. Anything by Faith Javane and Dusty Bunker is worthwhile. I would also suggest a private consultation to get the information laid out for you. If you are interesting in more information and are in the Los Angeles, Southern California area, I am doing an intensive on November 5th.

    Many thanks for your interest. It is extremely important information and it is important to not get into the hype of it. Each individual has many sets of numbers so when someone says they are a number one etc. that is only one piece of the plan. Each of us has many sets of numbers in key areas.

    Best regards,

  3. Mary Ann says:


    This is fascinating information. Where can I go to learn more about how to interpret the information from my name, date of birth, etc. ?

    Thank you,
    Mary Ann

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