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The Invisible System – Discover How the Secrets of Numbers

The Invisible System – Discover How the Secrets of Numbers and Other Ancient Sciences Direct Your Life



  • Academy Road Teachings and Unity of Oak Park present:
  • The Invisible System
  • Rare and Forgotten Knowledge — Ancient Science & Number Secrets
  • September 23 – 25, 2011
  • Friday Evening, 7 – 9 pm;
    Saturday, 10 am – 5 pm;
    Sunday, 1 – 4 pm
  • Don’t miss
    this rare
  • This information is not
    readily available in books
    or with most esoteric
  • It is essential to unlock the secrets of the universe and the
    environment in which you are placed. This is an in-depth seminar
    on the deeper meaning of ancient sciences (including numbers and
    sounds) that direct our lives.
  • **Why did you choose this place to reincarnate?
    Learn about your true identity, destiny, wounds,
    talents and timing.
  • **What are the higher laws and invisible system
    that is at work here? Esoteric information
    regarding the system that is in place in the universe.
  • **Ancient mystery school sciences, including occult
    information on myths, archetypes and astrology.
  • **Health issues, longevity, financial concerns, future
    direction and world trends.
  • **Understand the signs and symbols that surround
    us all the time. Learn to recognize the unspoken
    language and global changes.
  • **What emotional wounds did you choose to carry
    in this life and how can you discover them in your
    own blueprint?
  • Unity of Oak Park
    (a few miles from downtown Chicago)
  • 405 No. Euclid Avenue; Oak Park, IL 60302
  • 708-848-0960
  • For reasonably priced hotel accommodations call Unity
    or email, 800-600-0256
  • Register early and SAVE:
  • Advance Registration
    (before September 1st) $195
  • After September 1st $225
  • At the door $240
  • Register online using PayPal:
  • or contact Unity of Oak Park
  • About Gail Minogue
  • TV personality and author of Divine Design – How You Created the Life You Are Living,
    and the DVD “New World Renaissance,” Gail is a well-known professional in the symbolic
    relationship of numbers to our life experience. Her specialty as a Commodities Broker
    and Metaphysician is integrating “real world” experience with Holistic inner teachings.
    She has been studying ancient mystery school teachings since 1983.

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