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The Influence of the Heavens on Earth Events

The ancients were really on to something when they studied the heavens, movements of the planets and stars.  They valued it so highly that it was a requirement in academia.  Not today, of course, it has been marginalized to the reading of your daily horoscope, occasional astrology and numerology sessions and superstition caused by half truths.  It’s unfortunate that study of the geometry of the heavens and its movement is limited to astronomy.  Pythagoras had schools in Crotona that taught this information.  In was well known in the ancient worlds that we planted according to moon cycles and it was well known how full moon cycles influenced fluids, tides, swelling and even excessive bleeding.   Successful leaders kept full time astrologers and numerologists on their staff–J.P. Morgan, the wealthy mogul and banker, consulted each day.  Ronald Reagan consulted with Carroll Righter, the famous astrologer in Hollywood.  It was said he consulted with him regarding the best time to divorce his first wife Jane Wyman to marry Nancy.  He also used to get Carroll Righter’s fresh eggs as Righter raised chickens as well.  Reagan continued with an astrologer but it was under the label of his wife Nancy.

Flash forward to today and we can see events in perfect order as these events related to the heavens.  The big number 2 of the years 2000 to 2999 is an easy example.  Since the number 2 is our focus, we all will be learning to work more with female energy (the number 2 is feminine).  Female power is rising around the world.  We also entered the Aquarian Age introduced in preliminary fashion by the United States in 1776 and lasting approximately 2300 years.  Major changes of an Aquarian nature are science-dominated enlightenment, learning to be more practical than sentimental, learning about the “brotherhood of humankind”, detachment, study of the brain, freedom of the individual and its placement in the collective (the collective being the focus of the old Pisecan Age that is ending).

We also have exact dates when events occur such as the official collapse of the financial system November 26, 2008 and its redo and implications that last 16 years until spring of 2023.  In 2024 technology will rule our world and civilizations must keep up or get left behind.  2019 will be offering new beginnings and a fresh start for the US economy.

In 2015, an 8 universal year, time will be your most important asset.  Government, financial and social systems–you thought you could depend upon–will continue their breakdown.  The “parental” influence of government, insurance companies, employers and those who we depend upon to take care of us will be transformed.

Personally, what is going on in your own blueprint?  The heavens influence each of us as we relate to the arrangement of the heavens  at our time of birth.  Each of us is connected to it.  There is an invisible system that continues to guide us.  Pity that we ignore it.


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