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Influence versus Controlling Your Life

I have known for some time now that I really can’t control my life. I can manage myself as I live my life but I can’t control the now time or the days ahead. I can influence my life. I can try directing it but I really have to live it as it happens. The old Biblical versus that said you can be in this world but you are not of this world is very sound advice. I always add you can use this world but you can’t depend upon it. You wake up one day and your company is closed or there is a major earthquake and you have lost your family. Now how do you manage yourself and your life?

This week I went to the dentist for a teeth cleaning. I walked in the office and there was no one there. I went into the various rooms and the only person there was a dental hygienist who told me she would get someone to come and help me. This wasn’t my usual hygienist so I was curious as to what was going on. I have been going to this dentist since the late 80’s so it was all strange. Finally, someone came out and said the office was closed. No notice, no text. Before I could say a word, they said that the dentist was retiring due to back trouble and that I couldn’t get my teeth cleaned unless the dentist was there. She walked me down the hall and introduced me to another dental practice and they said they would love to have me as a patient. It was all quite a shock and I knew I wasn’t being told the truth. In speaking to the new dentist briefly, I learned that she was going to help him move out of the building and that he had been given a drop dead date to get out. This was an expensive building on a pricey street in LA so my guess is, he could no longer pay the rent or was behind in the rent. He was older and I am sure they had raised the rent. He had been in the same office since the 80’s so this was a very stable practice and at one time was booming.

I left the office and went to my usual auto repair shop as my tire light had come on. It was the big Firestone store that always has done service on the car. To my shock, they were gone. Completely closed up and not a sign indicating what they had been. Two places within a few hours. None of this was earth shattering but it supports my point that everything here is in complete flux. You cannot depend on it. You just adjust and keep adjusting. You let go and move forward.

I buy all the necessary insurance for car, health and home but I can’t predict or know if I will ever need them or how I will need them. I try to manage and influence conditions. I have my attorney create all the necessary paperwork in case I exit this earth or become incapacitated. I can’t control any of it. I just influence.

It is very important to know that you can rely on the “invisible world”, the world of divine intelligence. It always works. It is not dependent on bank accounts, jobs or anything in the world of appearances. Once you learn to rely, communicate and depend on this divine intelligence, you can let the pressure off from this man-made world.

It takes time to discipline your mind and emotions to keep your faith in this intelligence but once you experience the results from working with it, you will never feel lonely, anxious and fearful. The problem is most people are still doing all the controlling and don’t even understand the world of the wisdom and intelligence of this source. It is only when things go really south or there is a reversal of fortune or health that people begin the conversation with the sacred, eternal and divine.

I speak to it as my business partner and rely upon it to show me how or bring the people to me who will know how. You will find, though, that the discipline of the mind is the hardest work you will ever do. Your behavior and your mindset must be in unison for this to work. Otherwise, we slip into the world of doubt and control. Throughout it all, it is important to know what you want. After that, decide that it is going to happen and then act on this decision. Listen to your intuition and trust it. Stop trying to figure out the “how” it is to happen. Most people operate at the “how” level not the “what” level. To have what you say you want, you must be decisive and clear in your request. They will figure out the “how”. Your job is to keep the faith in it and the invisible world to bring it into the visible world. This can be a job, a car, a house or just a change in health. The importance of this discipline is essential. Be definite and don’t limit it by your probable reasons why it won’t happen. Stay out of doubt and control. Learn to be the a true influence in your life and above all keep the faith that your request is being created into form.

Remember, one of the first laws of the universe is “order”. Everything is law and order. Earthquakes, hurricanes and other acts of nature are part of the order of the planet. Droughts, floods are nature acting upon itself as it is adjusting to the order of nature. Man/women can destroy themselves but the planet will just keep on going on in divine order. Just as forest fires can burn down the entire forest. Over time, new green shoots come out of the ground to grow new trees. There is a natural order here and we are just learning that we cannot control Mother nature or really anything here. We just think we can. We, at one time, thought the world was flat. We thought smoking was safe and we knew nothing about germs. We are evolving and now we must begin the work of the mind discipline and the manifestation through other means rather than the world of competition. There is a supreme intelligence waiting for instruction from you. Let it know you have faith in it and lean into it with your request. Be decisive with it. Do not ask it to tell you what to do or what to choose. You choose and let it know your decision. Be definite, be sincere and be faithful. You are the influencer not the controller.

6 responses to “Influence versus Controlling Your Life”

  1. Beverly Wood Back says:

    Thank you, Gail. Just one of those days when I needed to read your blog, to readjust my thinking and my attitude. I appreciate you so much.

  2. I love synchronicity. I just responded to someone who asked for my opinion. Our conversation coincides with your blog. Thank you for the Spiritual validation. My opinion was to encourage her to be an influencer not a controller. Bless you, my friend.

  3. Christina says:

    Couldnt agree more and well stated. When I look around and see so many in chaos, fear or just lost, I look to the sky and say “thank you God for awakening me to the truth and continue my learning as a human”.

  4. Outstanding, once again;)

    BTW, Happy Belated Birthday!

  5. Jo Anne Shanks says:

    Wow, one of your best Gail! Love it…..and thanks.

  6. Sharon Warren says:

    So well expressed and excellent sharing and advice! Thank you,Gail!

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