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Blueprint of Amy Vivian Coney (Barrett)

In looking at this name and date of birth, January 28, 1972, we have an Aquarian woman with a number 3 life path.  The life path is the road a person takes to get to their destiny–represented by their entire registered birth name.  So Amy, with a number 3 life path, is moving towards the number 7, her destiny number.  Hidden inside her name is her personality type, the motivational factors that drive her and the destiny she said she would attempt to reach while living this incarnation.  Her name also points out her karmic corrections, challenges and deeper issues that will color her life.  In Amy’s name, she is challenged by the numbers 2 and 8, the missing numbers in her name.

A number 3 life path is about creativity and joy.  She only has one 3 in her entire name so this is another area that needs support.  By being born with the 3 life path, she was born to express beauty, harmony and the creative process  Many time people with a 3 life path are born into a family where they will encounter considerable inhibition or resistance to their creative talents.  In Amy’s family, she was born into a group that considered it taboo to speak of deep personal stuff.  You were not to discuss family matters and basically to play safe with your ideas.  There is a tendency, in this case, to color inside the lines.  The worst experience was to look like you don’t know what you are talking about.  The downside of this is that you do not explore areas you don’t know anything about.  The key is to play safe.

By having the name Amy and Coney both ending in the letter “Y”, this has created a dual personality.  The dominant personality is the number 7, the intellectual, the analyst, the “head” person, smart and critical. Reasoning power is quite good with a personality of the number 7.  She would analyze the situation and probably ask “why”.  To go along with this personality is her Saturn in the sign of Gemini.  In this placement, it usually gives the individual a high I.Q. and a sense of right and wrong.  This part, being right, can really be destabilizing.  It can result in your not being able to tell them anything.  The secondary personality, the number 3, is very pleasant, charming, nice looking and talkative.

The missing numbers 2 and 8 are definitely challenging.  Those missing a 2 can be very impatient and lacking in the ability to see the affects your own behavior has on someone else.  Missing 2’s can be overly cooperative and lose their identity.  I would assume that this is not the case for Amy.  My guess is rather the impatient side.  In this lifetime if she forces power or control, it will backfire on her.  Her way to success is through diplomacy, tact, cooperation and patience.  Beginning at age 52, she will enter her last (4th) pinnacle, the number 2.  Here she will be forced to cooperate to get what she wants.  During this second half of her life, tact and diplomacy will be her tools.  She will be forced to work with people she distinctly dislikes in order for her to learn the lesson of cooperation, patience and success.

The missing 8 is all about power, the correct use of the laws of manifestation and learning one’s limits.  The number 8 is ruled by Saturn, the Lord of Karma.  Having this placement creates a stubborn know-it-all at an early age.  They are extremely ambitious but will be forced to learn their limits.  They must understand Universal Laws and see advice as just that–advice.  Many times missing 8’s hear advice as criticism.  They are being instructed in power, the correct use and not abuse of it.  Part of their learning is all about understanding how to invest their energy, time and money versus spending same.  Having Jupiter in Capricorn in her energy package indicates a real love of power and hard work.  There is an interesting quality in her chart that there is a cheerfulness in her love of power.  Others sense this and help her become powerful.  The trick with the missing 8 is the correct use of this power.  Incorrectly used, it will backfire on her just as the missing 2 backfires on the person who forces power.

Her energy package at birth (the alignment of the planets in her birth constellation) indicates an earth and air direction.  Grounded and smart.  There was little water and fire in her energy package.  The tendency will be to intellectualize feelings and be grounded in emotional matters.  How this will play out, if she gets on the Supreme Court, is anyone’s guess.

Also hidden in this name are the numbers 9 and 4 as motivational numbers.  One of these, the number 9, is the humanitarian number.  This probably was behind the adoption of two of her children from Haiti.  Having a Downs syndrome child will also develop her own humanity and patience (the missing 2).  The number 4 is the traditional number.  Here you have the hard-working individual, traditional in thinking and not easily changed.  She is showing three number 4’s in her birth name indicating quite a bit of past life experience around work and tradition.

Her destiny is the number 7.  Here she is to strive to gain insight and advanced concepts.  She would definitely keep to herself and be very articulate on abstract matters.  She is to develop a meditative nature and become the thinker, the philosopher and deliver the mysteries of life to the world.  She could become a teacher of ethics.  She definitely needs time alone and I am sure the 2 hour train ride to Chicago from her home in Indiana was always an opportunity for her to be alone.  Until she goes through her 7th Soul cycle at the age of 49 (49 to 50), she is not integrated enough to really reach her destiny and free herself from her “should’s”.  Amy has a smart, grounded mind.  It depends on how she uses it if she gets on the Supreme Court.  To follow her destiny is to move beyond religion into the world of philosophy and higher awareness.  We are always at choice.  She can choose to go towards her destiny or play safe in what she has known from the past.  Right now she is in the number 4 pinnacle.  This is all about work.  I have no doubt she will do just that until at age 52 when her life will go in the direction of working well with others with patience and a cooperative nature.  Stay tuned.


9 responses to “Blueprint of Amy Vivian Coney (Barrett)”

  1. L says:

    Amy “Phoney” Barrett is the name that immediately comes to mind. Another woman who has betrayed women’s rights to autonomy, except her own powerful ambitions to the highest court in the land. Very disturbing. One can only hope she will be exposed in time as another tool of the GOP regressive machinery.

  2. Gail Hovland says:

    Thank you so much Gail for yourBlog. I so appreciate it. Hope you and your Husband are
    well and on to your goal of selling your house.
    I am very unhappy with Amy Barrett as the Justice to replace RBG. I don’t like her interpretation
    of our constitution. She wants to reverse all our rights we have fought so hard to institute .
    The majority of America does not want this reversal. I pray for a miracle and she does not get the position .

  3. Anne Sorin says:

    This was so interesting to read! Please post more often if you have the time. 🙂

  4. Gloria says:

    I don’t like her connections to some outfits that seem to suggest that she thinks it’s OK for women to be brood mares.
    “grounded” and “intellectualizing her feelings” does not sound very hopeful to me re: women’s issues and healthcare.

  5. Gail Minogue says:

    The transits are different now that it has moved out of an air sign. The damage is done and it will stay with us until we find a way to eradicate it or treat it similar to the flu.
    The earth sign is Taurus ruling the throat, thyroid. However, the negative set up for delivery in the air was the key to worry about. It moves slowly from now on but it moves away from Gemini. I can write more about the covid war and the lessons it has to teach us in another blog.

  6. lors spicher says:

    Hi Gail,
    Re: Covid. “COVID arrived in the air sign of Gemini, ruling the respiratory area of the body. On September 24th, it left the air sign and now is in an earth sign. ”
    What are the precautions now that the virus is in the earth sign. What area will it rule.
    Hope all is well with you…

  7. Thank you Gail for your reading of this amazing woman! I so appreciate how you so clearly illuminated not just Amy’s numbers, but her younger life, personality , life achievements as well as challenges. The summation of her life’s purpose today and in days to come. Excellent job!!

  8. Gina says:

    I like her – the circumstances surrounding the nomination aren’t ideal – BUT when women rule the world and we all get massages, there may be an end to war!

  9. Lorinda Oollack Donohoo says:

    I think she will do well. She will learn that Karma. I
    believe she is honorable and will be an asset to the Supreme Court. Glad you gave her information!

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