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What Women Can Do to Prepare for 2024 - Mar 25, 2022

I have been talking and talking about the powerful role women will be playing in our society when 2024 comes around. It seemed far away 10 years ago but it is fast approaching and women need to prepare for her leadership positions. This is not just an American phenomena but a world wide change. For the last 22 years, women have been gradually moving ahead. You find her role increasing in the business world, the political world, the medical world and just about anywhere that you have a human role. Some of these battles to gain recognition, respect and even acknowledgement, have been brutal. For all those women who were the “first” in their position, they need to be recognized for the trail they cleared and the doors they opened for other women to follow.

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Where is America’s Volodymyr Zelensky? - Mar 15, 2022

I read several years ago, Wallace Wattles book on the “Science of Being Great”. I look around at the US leaders and wonder where are our great leaders? Going back in time over our recent presidents. I don’t see any great leaders. We have Biden, Trump, Obama, Clinton, Bush, Bush Sr., Reagan, Carter, Ford, Nixon,

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