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America’s Olympic of the Oppressed - Aug 29, 2017

I was listening last week to columnist Frank Bruni. He is a well-known and respected columnist for the New York Times. He mentioned that the United States has become the Olympics of the Oppressed. I never looked at it this way but I have begun to think that there is merit in this comment. I began to think of the groups that feel oppressed in the United States. Where do I begin? Should we give out gold, silver and bronze medals for the Olympic prizes?

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Post Eclipse World Events - Aug 22, 2017

Superstition and fear has been the ancient world’s response to such an eclipse as we had yesterday in the United States. This important solar eclipse wiped across most of the United States and the country exhibited “eclipse fever”. It is an awesome sight and it reminds us all of the control nature has over us. There is nothing we can do to slow or stop an eclipse. Just as night follows day, the laws of the heavens guide us here on earth.

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America’s Pluto Revisits the Civil War - Aug 15, 2017

We all have witnessed the white supremacists march this past Saturday in Virginia. We are all having the opportunity to feel the effects of our own Pluto in Capricorn transit that started in 2008. In some way we are revisiting the days of the Civil War and bringing out the parts of ourselves that need to be healed.

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America’s No. 5 Irritable Bowel Syndrome - Aug 1, 2017

It never ceases to amaze me of the accuracy of Numerology in everyday life. The Bible does tell you your days are numbered but we think that it means we have so many days to live. It actually means you are marked and coded by energy’s numbers. The heavenly system is accurate and dependable. Just as you were given a particular month, day and year of birth, you designated a particular body part to that number. Each of us has an area of our body that needs our attention more than another. A life path of the number 5 is the elimination and digestive area. America has to pay attention to how it takes in life, processes it and then eliminates waste.

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