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Be Careful What You Wish For! - Jul 21, 2015

Just about everybody has said this or heard this “be careful what you ask for”. We forget how powerful are our words. I remember about 11 years ago when we bought our house and did the remodeling, the time and stress was huge. When it came near the completion of it, before it was completely done, guests wanted to use the house for a party. No problem, but there was additional stress to complete some projects. Then came the holidays and more house guests were going to come. I kept saying, out loud, I need a break so I can catch my breath. I kept saying this so finally one morning I slipped on the kitchen

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Self-sovereignty in a Time of Crisis - Jul 16, 2015

Did you see the recent Frontline on ISIS and the undercover filming of its organization? Its hard to believe that this group exists in today’s world. Have we advanced much? How did this all come together? Is there a purpose to this group at this time of the world’s progress? If you study cycles that cover large swaths of time, you can see how it came to be, why it came to be and what humans are doing with themselves.

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Discover Invisible Meanings of Numbers - Jul 8, 2015

We are all made up of various numbered vibrations. Science is built on numbers. All aspects of nature are made up of repeated numbered patterns. Even your eye glasses have chemical formulas for their creation. The Bible tells you “your days are numbered” and “every hair on your head is counted”. All algorithms are made of numbers. We appear random but we are exact. You may not, however, realize that invisible numbers are creating experiences for you. Here are a few items that might surprise you:

The number on your apartment or house (not street) affects how you will live in that space. Some will help you, some will hinder you. Never randomly accept a house number. Figure out what it means and how it will be affecting your own blueprint from your date of birth and birth name.

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