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And the Big Trend Is??? - Apr 15, 2014

Sometimes things sit in plain sight and we completely overlook them. This is true of trends in the world that seem to arrive suddenly but were a long time in coming. We are all poised at that moment in time. It is right under our nose–the early phases of the end of capitalism as we know it. It is not walking out the door all at once but it is definitely getting dressed to leave.

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Cancer and Foreign Treatments–3rd in a Series - Apr 9, 2014

The incident of cancer is touching more and more lives here in the United and many other parts of the world. Each of us knows someone who has died from it, is in treatment or is in remission. I almost never hear of anybody being “cured”. Then there are those who are the “survivors” of cancer. Just the term “survivors” conjures up some pretty negative images. Our society talks as if it is the “war on cancer”, I’m going to “fight” or “battle” this disease or how about “killing” it.

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