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The Basis of Greatness–Where is it? - Jun 18, 2019

I look at the headlines, I hear the chatter and the noise. Today it is a certain threat, tomorrow it’s another. We gather under the tree of disruption, uncertainty, exhaustion and fear. Some of us are angry, some resentful, some are sad, mad and tired. Our leaders are corrupted and we are fearful that our democracy will be eroded and permanently damaged by their long-lived deeds of corruption. We want it to improve yet we choose people to lead us who lack greatness and wisdom. We settle for promises and stay anxious, worried and fearful. It is almost like ground hog day. It just repeats and repeats and we wonder why it has become so polarized. I include some of the thoughts of Wallace Wattles the great philosopher from the early 20th century who wrote deeply on greatness.

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