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The Deeper Meaning of Osama bin Laden’s Death

The Ending of an Age

Goodbye Piscean Age

For over 2,000 years the world has been under the influence of the Piscean Age.  This Age is coming to an end and the next age is the Age of Aquarius.  We are in the transition period between these two Ages but we are very aware of one of them leaving and the other entering.  We will spend more than 2,000 years in this next Aquarian Age.  First though we have to leave the old Piscean Age.

The Piscean Age was characterized by symbols of water (baptism, walking on water, changing water into wine and fishermen–even eating fish on Friday) The Piscean Age pertained to fluids–including oil.  It is a bi-product of this Age.  It taught us how to deal with emotions (a water element) and guilt, martyrdom, suffering,  the surrender of personal desires in service for higher ideals–sacrifice for the church, vows of poverty, rewards in the afterlife.  Certainly the crucifixion of suffering is a central symbol throughout the Piscean Age.  It emphasized conscience and idealism.  During this period various religions were founded including Christianity and Islam.

Behavior of this Age

In the constructive form of the Piscean Age it gave us an awareness of the element of compassion and faith.  We were to turn the other cheek” rather than destroying our enemy.  In the destructive side of the Piscean Age we find an emotional emphasis on dogma, persecution and in the extreme, self-righteousness and the need to establish absolute rules and guidelines for everyone to follow.  In its darkest element it became one of religious intolerance.  The masses were expected to show allegiance to one’s belief system.  This is true today where we see extreme Islamic Sharia Law, the covering of the feminine (the burqa), the extreme exclusion and laws of  Orthodox Judaism,  Christian Evangelists and the old Roman Catholic Church (exposure of the church through priests sexual abuse of children).

Pisces is also the sign of self-imprisonment.  During this period the rights of the individual were entombed while the rights of the group and everything that was for the better of the group took center stage.  There are many signs in our society that show the breaking out of the imprisonment of this Age and the entry into the Age of Aquarius.  Remember, no change is done quickly.  Numerous events and hundreds of years are required to bring about the changing of one of these Ages.

The Signs of the Aquarian Age

Enter the Age of Aquarius Science and Technology

The birth of the United States ushered in the beginning of the transition to the next Age.  We are still in the transition but we see the changes already.  The Age of Aquarius is characterized by the element of air.  It is a detached sign and a sign of the mind.  We are now to learn to use our minds so everything will have a rational or practical side to it versus the old emotional quality of the Piscean Age.

We travel now by air–not boats, we listen to radio on air waves, we store our computer data on “clouds”, we meet through email, Facebook and Tweeter, all detached, non-emotional vehicles to communicate, we are developing the rights of the individual, we are ending the old religions as we know them.  Instead we are creating the New Thought Movement, Unity Church, Science of the Mind and other new religious groups that build a sense of community and provide social interaction rather than dogma.  People are now fighting in the Middle East for their freedom just as the French released themselves from the Bastille Prison, as Americans broke away from Mother England.  China will do the same as will all oppressed countries.  Women will become uncovered if they choose.

The emphasis of this period will be science and technology not religion and its dogmas.  It will not be based on suffering, guilt, or strict obedience to religious laws.  Aquarius itself is an impersonal sign so we will have “friends” whom we will never meet, be concerned with people across the globe but not even know your neighbors.  The dark side of this Age is its emotional detachment.  Robots and automatic controls will become more powerful and part of our lives.

So What Does this Have to Do with bin Laden?

Just as oil is dwindling and is leaving our energy supply (oil, a Piscean product), leaders of this era are leaving as well.  A very big symbol of this ending is the Piscean himself, Osama bin Laden.  He was a Piscean, born on March 10th,  and a strong symbol of the ending of an era.  Just as the terrorists will die off, along with the religious dogma of Islam, bin Laden represented the death of this Age.  He is a huge symbol of the closing of a time when we needed to learn the teaching tool of fear and to be compassionate and develop faith.  Now we must move on to develop our minds, to think, to become practical over the sentimental of the Piscean Age and to use electric cars, hydrogen cars, wind energy (air), faith based organizations that respect the rights of the individual to have freedom “from” religion.

It is even more fascinating that one of the largest symbols of the end of the Piscean Age–Osama bin Laden–was buried at sea.  He sleeps with the fishes of the Piscean Age.

8 responses to “The Deeper Meaning of Osama bin Laden’s Death”

  1. Penny says:

    Interesting. I seem to be surrounded by very emotional situations. Are you feeling the same and do you feel this is due to the change in the age?

  2. gail says:

    Follow the cycles and patterns and then link the signs and symbols. They are all around us.

  3. gail says:

    Thank you for your interest.

  4. maureen weaver says:

    Gail, that was a great and insightful message…I love your information Thank You

  5. Sharon says:

    This was truly “enlightening” comparisons between Pisces and Aquarian age,
    as well as people who are of those astrological signs. The fact that BinLaden was
    Piscean and buried at sea is really insightful and powerful. You are the first person
    to mention this that I am personally aware of in the flurry of online e-mails. I appreciate your
    sharing and linking this all together. Very impressive.

  6. Thanks Gail! As usual,I love and appriciate your deep insight. Thanks for your Direction!

  7. Carla says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed your insightful article and your ability to connect the dots. Wow.

  8. patty martin says:

    Well done Gail, as usual! Thanks for your thought-provoking writing.

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