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2020’s Forecasts and Trends–What’s Ahead - Jan 26, 2020

Join us for a workshop on what to expect in 2020 and throughout the 20’s. It is a tumultuous 10 years ahead with many twists and turns but one that will pull us all forward–some kicking and screaming.

I will be discussing the changes to the political systems, the economic systems, the employment structures, the global implications, the cultural changes, the medical breakthroughs and much more. What a time!
Things begin to change as we enter the prominent number two for 10 years. What affect will that have on the world? We begin to balance and feminize the world. What will that do to our structures?
What happens to all these 70 something leaders in power?
When will be begin the breakthrough in health care that won’t just slow aging but will reverse aging?
Join us and bring your questions. I will be giving examples of how we can tell what is coming.

Where: Awakenings Bookstore

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