A Look at 2022 and 2023-Audio from 90 minute Zoom Program


A 90 minute audio of the January 29th, Zoom program.  Loaded with information on why the US is experiencing dramatic and polarizing behavior.  It includes current conditions including what has led us to our angry and polarized action.  It addresses America’s “once in every 250 year Pluto Return”.

Society will have to change in America.  The questions is what kind of society does its citizens want?



I discuss how we got here, the importance of the big Pluto Return in America’s Chart and what to expect going forward during the next two years as well as through the 20’s  Pretty fascinating and includes even a look at the “Blue state-Red state” phenomena.  The trend that began with Reagan and ends in a few years includes the exposure of the aspects of our society from politics, healthcare, accurate history that have been in the works since the American Revolution.

This is a 90 minute audio and includes 30 minutes of Q and A.


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